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Find our wide range of artist brushes here. Artist brushes are really good brushes with both nylon and hog bristles. They're excellent all-round brushes that can be used for both thin and viscous paints. Choose from many different sizes and types. Brushes are sold both individually or in sets with multiple artist brushes.



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A quick guide to brush selection

Not sure which brush to choose? Read on below, and we will guide you. Because there are some parameters that are important to consider.

  • Round, sharp or flat brush head? This depends on what you need the brushes for.

    • The flat brush head is great for painting larger areas, to ensure a uniform look.
    • The round brush head is great for thin lines and smaller details, as it provides extra care.
    • The sharp brush head, also known as the angled brush head, is ideal for strokes that need to be expressed finely and perfectly.

In the range, we also have fan brushes, which give a completely unique look to your painting or drawing. The fan-shaped brush means that the hairs are spread, which makes it especially good for mixing colours on your work of art.

  • Nylon hair or hog bristles? As a rule, artificial hair can usually handle more wear and tear than natural hair, and is therefore naturally more durable and resistant than brushes with e.g. hog bristles. Nylon/artificial hair works well on coarse and rough surfaces. Natural hair is softer and suits surfaces with a finer texture – a brush stroke using natural hair will often give a more uniform look. Please be aware that brushes with natural hair are more likely to lose their hair as time goes by.

So our range is nothing less than packed with different kinds of brushes. Each brush has been designed with a focus on different painting tasks and the type of paint chosen. In our range, you will find watercolour brushes, varnish brushes, and many other types of brushes for artists and amateurs.

Remember that you can always learn more about each brush by clicking on the product descriptions. Here you will be informed about exact specifications and use of materials. Otherwise, you are always welcome to contact our skilled customer service team, who can answer all your questions about brushes.

We sell our brushes individually, as well as in bulk packages. Some of the packs contain up to 100 brushes, so you have a brush for every painting situation. When you buy brushes in bulk, you have the opportunity to find your favourite brush among them, as well as the brush that gives you the best results.

Good brush maintenance

Like everything else, it is important that you take good care of your brushes and maintain them correctly. This ensures that you get the most out of the brushes and can use them for many years to come. Naturally, our brushes from Creativ Company are always of good quality; however, it is always a good idea to practice habits that will extend the life of your brushes.

Correct maintenance naturally depends on the type of brush that you select. As a rule, each product description will contain a written description on how to best clean each individual brush. Some brushes require more cleaning than others – and of course this also depends on the type of paint used. In general, it takes more work to clean brushes that have been used with acrylic paint.

Three tips for cleaning your brushes:

  • Always clean the brushes while they are still wet. If the paint hardens too much, it can quickly make the process more difficult.

  • Be patient – it takes time to clean brushes, as a lot of colour can hide in between the hairs. Feel free to squeeze the brush to make sure that you got all the paint out.

  • Do the hairs bristle after cleaning? If they do, you can wrap the small pieces of masking tape around them, so that you assemble the hairs again.

  • Store the brushes upright in a pot with the hairs facing upwards, so that the brushes retain their best shape – and you can enjoy them for a long period of time.

The artist’s essential tool

A good brush is a necessity if you love to paint. The brush helps to determine the end result of the work. Brushes are a silly place to save money, as they help to determine whether your artwork will be a success or not.

A brush isn't just a brush – it’s the artist’s most important tool. Most people who have tried painting know the importance of brushes. Therefore, it may also be a good idea to buy some different types of brushes, so that you have many to choose from.

All of the artist brushes on our webshop are of extremely good quality and very durable. Fortunately, this does not mean that the prices are sky high – you will also find that all our brushes are reasonably priced.

At Creativ Company, we sell several different brands that specialise in the manufacture of brushes. This also helps to strengthen the quality, as you are always guaranteed good artistic brushes when you shop at our store. Buy your new artist brushes today – or add them to your wish list right away.

Don't forget the palette!

Now that you have found your new favourite brushes, you should also browse our range for other painting tools – we promise that you won't be disappointed. Our range is brimming with tools for the avid painter. Search our range right here and fill up your cart. Remember that we offer free shipping for purchases over DKK 399, so there is no excuse for shopping to your heart's content.

The brush’s best friend is the palette, allowing you to freely mix and match colours. We have several different types of palettes in our range – in plastic, wood and, not least, single-use variants. If you want to play with different expressions on your next painting, we recommend that you invest in a foam brush and stencil sponges, which give a completely different look.

Have fun painting! – and remember, if you are left with any questions about our artist brushes or any of our other product categories, you are of course always welcome to contact our skilled and competent customer service, who is ready to help you.

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