Craft and acrylic paints

Add some colour to your creativity with our different hobby paints. Our assortment includes our opaque hobby and acrylic paint Plus Color hobby paint, which is available in a wealth of colours. Common to all our acrylic paints is that they make good hobby paints that are easy to use and clean off and not least, they dry quickly. Choose from many different colours, sets and sizes.



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Craft and acrylic paints for creative souls

We love parties and colours. Last but not least, we also love creative things and hobby projects. You can be creative using many different things, but if you want versatile and basic equipment for your DIY projects, you can't go wrong with craft and acrylic paint.

Here in our webshop, you will find a wide selection of paints for crafting. There is a difference between wall paint and paint for wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. We sell different types of paint in our webshop, and we would like to give you the opportunity to choose paint both with and without acrylic. However, we cannot rule out that most products in this category contain acrylic.

Among all the products in craft and acrylic paints, you will also find finger paints suitable for children that can also be used by adults. You can rest assured that all paints we sell are eco-labelled and thus as gentle as possible, both in terms of your airways and skin.

Our wide range of colourful craft paints

Paint is not just paint. There are different types of paint, and you should always buy the type that most suits your project. Craft paint is characterised by being placed in small tubes, bottles or pots and, as not much is used at a time, it is advantageous to have small containers. Paint may dry out over time, and so the smaller the container, the less craft paint will be wasted.

In our range, we focus on colourful shades in the basic colours of red, blue, green and yellow, as well as white and black, but you can also find craft paint in other colours. When you buy a set of several colours, you can mix and match the colours to get exactly the shade you want. Some of the kits even come with a colour guide to help you mix colours.

In addition to the basic colours, which are available in either sets or individually, we also sell craft paint with a metallic effect. This effect is due to the fact that tiny metal pieces are mixed into the paint and, when the paint dries, the small pieces of metal are stuck and reflect the light, which gives a shiny and interesting effect.

What is so special about craft acrylic paint?

A lot of paint intended for walls, windows and woodwork also contain acrylic, but the reason why craft paint contains acrylic includes that face that it gives the paint high coverage and good elasticity. In addition, craft acrylic paint generally dries quickly, and it can also be quite easy to remove.

The items that you want paint using craft acrylic paint should not be washed or cleaned, but if you are careful, you could probably wipe things painted with acrylic paint with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

As acrylic is a plastic material, it has a high coverage. However, precisely because of the paint’s ability to completely cover the painted items, it is not open to diffusion. This means that the object will not be able to dry if you paint over it while it is wet. Therefore, make sure that the surface is not only clean but also dry.

How can you use paint for hobby purposes?

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to inspiration for using craft paint. In our catalogue of ideas, you can find several hundred ideas, and you can click on each idea to see both the method and the materials you need. You can easily buy the items in stock that are included in each idea in the inspiration page.

Specific examples for the use of paint for hobby purposes are painting stones, wooden Christmas tree shapes painted in beautiful colours, painted insect hotels and cardboard suitcases that can be painted red with white dots.

You can also search for inspiration on what acrylic paint can be used for. If so, you’ll probably find hundreds of ideas, but it should also be more than enough to give you a good starting point.

The advantages of having a wide range of craft paints

Painting is wonderfully relaxing. It’s a time that you can spend just sitting still and enjoying painting shapes or other things. There is a big difference between sitting still and painting and running around painting a wall of a house.

When painting a small object, you don't need much paint, but if you just paint a few things, it’s a good idea to have several different colours of craft paint available, so you don't have to worry about running out or lacking a specific colour.

You can easily buy a set of basic colours so you can mix them to create other shades, but you can also buy other colours that are ready-mixed. Craft paint is generally easy to work with, both when mixing and painting. If you also buy metallic craft paint, you have the opportunity to add some extra fun to the colours of the things you create.

How to shop with us

You can shop with us in several ways. However, the actual completion and payment of the order takes place identically. Either you add items to your basket by clicking on the field under each product, or you can click on quick order in the top right corner.

On the quick order page, simply enter the item number or product name, enter the quantity and press 'Add to Basket'. You can also enter several numbers at a time in the field to the right. Alternatively, you can upload a CVS file. The file should contain the SKU and QTY columns, but if that sounds confusing, don't worry. You can download our template. Then you’re ready to fill it out and make an easy, complete order in that way.

You can shop on our webshop 24 hours a day, except when the webshop is down for updates/maintenance.

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