Artist quality paint

In the category 'Artist quality paint', you'll find paint for professionals, school and institutions, as well as for hobby artists. This is colourfast acrylic paint of the very best quality, with a high pigment content that retains its character after drying. Many of our artist’s paints have a paste consistency so they can be diluted with water.



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Our wide range of paints for artists

In this product overview, we have gathered all of our artistic paints. But you don't have to be an artist to make use of our quality paint. The paint you find here is acrylic paint and paste. This is a water-based paint that can be used for a wealth of creative projects. It is particularly characterised by its quick drying abilities, which makes it very practical to work with for both children and adults. If you have painted a stroke with one colour, you don't have to wait long to be able to paint over that colour.

Acrylic paint is a relatively cheap craft paint, which is why it is worth buying lots of beautiful colours at the same time. Remember that we offer free shipping on purchases over DKK 399. You can paint with acrylic in a wide range of different ways – and you can always adjust the strength of the paint by e.g. mixing it with water or painting thicker layers on top of each other.

Here at Creativ Company, we have a huge selection of artistic paints. We sell acrylic paints from different brands – when you click on the products, you can learn more about their specifications. For example, some are well-suited for younger children, such as our “Pigment Art School” products, which are primarily aimed at children’s use in schools and institutions – while other types of paint and paste are aimed at quality-conscious artists.

Our many types of acrylic paint can be used on a wide range of different materials – such as canvas, wood, plaster, and the like. Acrylic paint is composed of three main ingredients: glue, pigment, and solvent. The glue in the paint is an indispensable factor, as it allows the paint to be stick to so many of the above-mentioned surfaces and materials. Remember to buy brushes, sponges, texture combs, and other tools for your acrylic paint. All the products can be found in our large webshop.

Artist’s paint for both the professional and the amateur

Although the paint is fancily referred to as “artist paint”, it can be used by anyone who enjoys creative projects – no matter their level.

Acrylic paint is also a great hobby product for the little ones. You don't have to invest in expensive brushes to create beautiful pieces with acrylic paint, as you can use your hands instead. Very young children may struggle to paint with a brush.

Most children find it very fun to be allowed to paint with their fingers. Acrylic paint is ideal for making hand and foot prints on cardboard, fabric, or some other material. This gives children the unique feeling of having been a part of making something. These prints can be made by both older and younger children. After the paint has dried, it is a great idea to frame the prints and give them as Christmas or birthday presents to the grandparents, an aunt, or an uncle.

In order to avoid too much of a mess, we recommend that you use a brush to paint the children’s hands, so that you do not use more paint than is absolutely necessary. However, at the same time, it is also important to allow your children to develop themselves creatively and to play with all their senses.

Good quality acrylic paint in all the colours of the rainbow

All our acrylic paints are of exceptionally good quality, which can also be seen in the final result. Our paint is lightfast, which means that it will not yellow over time, but will keep the colour both sharp and beautiful for a long time.

In addition, all of our colours are highly pigmented, so that they retain their attractive character after drying.  In our range, you will find several types of paint with a paste consistency, which means that they can be diluted with water. This allows you to play with the texture and colours in a unique way, which is a special characteristic of acrylic paint.

Colours can be purchased individually if you require a specific colour. But you can also buy them in bulk, so you get several beautiful colours. We have a huge selection of acrylic colours, which will undoubtedly house your favourite. And if this is not the case, you are of course always welcome to send us an enquiry, or keep an eye on our range as we regularly update it with new products.

Are you going to be the next Picasso?

In our extensive catalogue of ideas you will find a wealth of different ideas that will allow you to unfold your creative abilities, like a true Picasso.

If you have not yet tried out many acrylic paints and paintings in general, we have provided some great tips and tricks below on how to immerse yourself in this exciting art form.

First and foremost, you will of course need to acquire some artist's paint and artist's brushes. Initially, it's a good idea to simply make do with the necessary primary colours, such as red, yellow and blue – possibly supplemented with white. When you have these three primary colours, you can basically mix them to create all the colours of the rainbow – such as orange, purple, green, and brown. However, it could be a bit tricky to blend the exact colour you want, but then, of course, you can just upgrade by getting more colours from our wide range.

Secondly, you will also need to buy something to paint on, such as a simple piece of white paper or a specific canvas. A palette is also a necessity when playing with paints.

Not sure which motif to paint? Just throw out your inhibitions and the rest will come naturally. Don't limit yourself with too many frameworks or rules, but rather let one paintstroke follow the other – and you’ll soon experience the amazing joy of painting. There’s no such thing as right or wrong when painting– just try it out. Perhaps you will be the next big Picasso or Monet?

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