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Find our selection of accessories for watercolour painting here. Choose from watercolour blocks with paper, brushes and canvases with gold print on them. Watercolour paper is available in a range of different sizes, quantities and qualities.



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Find your watercolour accessories at Creativ Company

Painting with watercolours is a popular activity for all creative souls, because there is almost nothing more fun than creating your own artwork from scratch using beautiful watercolours. Watercolour paint lets you unleash your imagination and use beautiful colours to paint some gorgeous motifs. With our lovely watercolour paint, you are almost always sure to end up with a good result.

Watercolour paint is therefore a popular choice for professional artists, hobbyists, and children, as watercolour painting is just a lot of fun.

With watercolours, you can create beautiful works of art on stretched canvas and empty paper, and you can also use watercolour paint for a wealth of other creative projectsthat require beautiful colours. For example, you could use it to make Easter eggs, or for any other creative project that needs to be decorated using some beautiful colours.

If you also want to get started on painting with watercolours, all you need to do is buy some watercolour paint and get started. Of course, you also need the right accessories for watercolour paints, because paint alone won't get you very far.

That’s why we’ve put together our wide range of watercolour accessories right here on this page. Here you will find all the accessories you need to start painting with watercolours. Of course, our range includes a lot of different watercolour papers, as well as all the brushes  you need for your creative projects.

There are also other accessories, such as paint markers and watercolour stretched canvas, both of which give you plenty of opportunities within your watercolour painting projects.  

We have a large selection of watercolour paper

For the avid watercolour painter, a good selection of watercolour paper is just as important as paint and brushes. Watercolour paper is special paper that provides the best canvas for your creative designs, and therefore a pad of watercolour paper is a must for all avid watercolour painters.

Watercolour paper gives your watercolour paints the best conditions for showing their beautiful colours, and you are therefore guaranteed a much better result on watercolour paper than you are if you use normal paper for watercolour paint.

At Creativ Company, we sell pads of watercolour paper, which gives you ample opportunity to be creative and unleash colours when you get a great idea for a motif or a very special colour scheme.

The smart thing about a pad of watercolour paper is that all the sides are glued together at the edges. It may sound like a hassle, but it actually means that the paper does not buckle and bend when you apply the wet watercolour paints. If you have tried painting with watercolour on a single piece of paper, you know how buckles and bumps can quickly destroy your creations. You can avoid this by letting keeping your watercolour paper in the pad while painting.

When your creation is complete, just cut the paper out of the pad at the edges, and you’ll be left with a beautiful motif on a flat and even piece of watercolour paper.

Watercolour paper is also strong and has a structured surface, which also makes your motifs and colours even more attractive than they would be on a normal piece of paper.

That’s why a pad of watercolour paper is a safe way to create some incredibly beautiful works of watercolour art and, with the wide range of watercolour papers in different sizes and colours, you can always find some watercolour paper to suit your project and taste.

Beautiful creative projects using watercolour stretched canvas

Watercolour paper is a safe way to make your watercolours shine, and it is a good choice if you feel that you may be an artist and you would like the best conditions to achieve some great results from watercolour paint.

But watercolour paper is not your only option when painting with watercolours. On this page, for example, you can find beautiful stretched canvases, or you can choose one of our watercolour colouring books.

A stretched canvas is a fun watercolour accessory for those who like to paint with watercolours and want to try something other than the classic watercolour paper. Here at Creativ Company, we sell special stretched canvases, which are available with gold prints and white lacquer, which will give a very special look to your final project.

The white lacquer and motifs prevent the watercolour paint from penetrating the canvas, which will make both the gold and white motifs stand out in your watercolour artwork, even if you paint colours all over it.

Get inspired for your next painting project

Watercolour paint is a fun way to be creative, because it is easy to create incredibly beautiful things using watercolouors, and is perfect for everyone regardless of level of experience. If you want a fun hobby, or if you already love to paint with watercolour, you will get more out of your projects by choosing good quality watercolour accessories.

Your projects will never be better than the paints, brushes and paper you use, which is why it is worth looking at our selection of good quality watercolour accessories right here on this page.

When you’ve bought brushes, watercolour paper, etc., all that's left is to just get started and create some beautiful motifs on your watercolour paper. However, you can also paint on many other things using watercolour paint, and therefore you and your children have many opportunities to be creative when you have watercolours and good accessories at your disposal.

You can paint on small figures and other things using watercolours, or you can use watercolours on wooden surfaces for a very special look. If you need inspiration for using watercolour paints and watercolour accessories, take a look at our catalogue of ideas, where you will always find lots of exciting projects to be inspired by.

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