Semi-covering fabric paint

Semi-opaque textile paint in excellent quality that covers well. A large assortment of colours available. This paint can withstand machine washing and is best-suited to light textiles. Opaque textile paints are better for dark textiles. Also available with pearlescent and metallic effects. Choose between individual colours or buy a set of textile paints with assorted colours.



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Spice up your old T-shirts with semi-opaque textile paint

If you have old T-shirts that you’re thinking of throwing away, just take a moment before you head to the recycling bin. Why not give your old T-shirts new life with a touch of fresh paint? Textile paint gives you the opportunity to create your very own designs with new and fresh colours. This gives you the opportunity to wear those pieces hiding at the back of the wardrobe again with new and interesting motifs.

This also applies to sweatshirts and much more, as there are so many different possibilities with textile paint. It's just a matter of being creative and designing clothes that suit you. With textile paint, you can customise your clothes with your own logos or personal motifs, or you can decorate your garments with your name or something completely different. 

You can also choose to start from scratch and buy a T-shirt or sweatshirt purely for this purpose. A basic plain white T-shirt is cheap to buy, so textile paint can help you create a unique wardrobe pretty cheaply.

This makes textile paint the perfect choice for those looking to make their wardrobe more personal, because semi-opaque textile paint lets you create professional-looking prints. This way, your T-shirts don't have to look homemade if you don't want them to.

Textile paint for all your textiles

Of course, textile paint can be used for many other textiles than just clothes. If you look around your home, you’ll find that you’re surrounded by different kinds of textiles that are just waiting for your creative treatment.

This could be tea towels, tote bags or pillow cases, to name just a few, all of which can be decorated and personalised with textile paint. For example, you can create a cosy and personal style in your living room or other space by painting on a plain pillow case. You can do the same with all the textiles you can think of, which makes textile paint the perfect option for all creative souls who love to decorate the home with beautiful and homemade elements.

The possibilities of textile paint are almost endless, so it’s all about unleashing your imagination and creativity and exploring your home to find out which textiles and spaces you'd like to decorate with textile paint.

How to use semi-opaque textile paint

It’s easy and fun to make T-shirts, pillow cases and everything else, and you don't need much to start creating unique textiles in beautiful colours.

Just find the piece of fabric you want to paint on and start applying your textile paint with a brush. You can also dab it on with a sponge or similar, and if you want to create a very specific pattern or a very precise figure, you can use a stencil made of masking tape for example, which you can stick onto your T-shirt or other textile piece first.

It's also important to remember to place a plastic bag inside your T-shirt, pillow case or other textiles before painting onto them, as this will prevent the paint from seeping through and dyeing the other side.

Once you're done painting with the textile paint on your T-shirt or whatever else you're working on, first, wait for the paint to dry. You'll then need to heat-set the paint with an iron, which makes sure that the paint bonds properly to your T-shirt or other textile. Ironing is done by placing a piece of baking or parchment paper on both sides of the T-shirt you're painting on. Now, iron on top of the baking paper at a high heat for 2-5 minutes, and your textile paint will have set firmly to your T-shirt or other textile. Once you've heat-set your textile paint, the paint will stay bright and can handle being machine washed at 40 degrees.

Semi-opaque textile paint can be used on all types of textiles, but it works best on lighter textiles such as a white T-shirt or a light cushion cover. If you paint on darker fabrics, you'll find that the colours will not stand out as clearly.

Fun and creative play with the whole family

If you think it’s fun to paint on clothes and other textiles yourself, there’s a great chance your kids will love it, too. Painting with textile paints is a great activity for letting kids get really imaginative, and makes an ideal creative project for a weekend or on holiday.

Here, the children can paint on their very own T-shirts, or they can make a beautiful and unique T-shirt to give to Mum or Dad. You can also involve your children in making beautiful pillow cases, tote bags and much more. Textile paint can also be used by your children to make beautiful decorations for their own rooms. You can try painting curtains and other fabrics in the children’s own personal designs.

Be inspired for your next textile paint project

As mentioned, semi-opaque textile paint offers a wealth of opportunities for both children and adults. So it's just a matter of finding a boring piece of textile and painting away. But if you need a good idea to get started with textile paint, why not take a look in our idea catalogue first?

Here, you'll find a wealth of exciting ideas for creative projects involving semi-opaque textile paint, so you can always find inspiration for new projects to try, whether your own or with your kids.

Our catalogue of ideas includes a little bit of everything, and since all the ideas contain detailed guides on how to complete your project, it's very easy for everyone to make unique objects for the home and wardrobe with textile paint. Our guides also include a complete shopping list, so it's easy to order everything you need.

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