Window paint

Window paint is paint that can be used directly on the glass in windows and is used to create decorative designs and figures. Window paint comes in both small bottles or as markers, and is a chalk-based paint that can easily be washed off again. Check out our selection of chalk markers and bottles below.



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Create unique artwork with window paint

Looking for a fun project for your home? Then there’s an excellent reason why you and your family’s youngest members should try your hand at using window paint. Because hardly anything is more fun than being able to create your very own artwork on your home’s windows. Window paint can be a fun hobby activity that you can introduce to your children – or which you can start doing yourself. 

You can use window paint to decorate the window's panes. This means that you can let yourself loose in almost every room in your home. And of course, it's totally up to you how large or small your pieces of artwork should be around the house.

Find window paints in beautiful colours from different brands

At Creativ Company, we've made sure that you can choose window paint from many brands. There is also a good variety of colours you can get your hands on – because of course you should have the chance to use your favourite colours. 

You can buy window paints individually or in a multi-pack if you find it difficult to choose. Either way, you can be sure of enjoying some fun hours decorating your windows at home. If you are looking for a specific colour that you can't find in our range, you are always welcome to contact us. 

Find both window paint and chalk markers in our range

Our range includes both window paint and chalk markers. The tricky question is, of course, which ones to opt for. Both types can be used to decorate window glass. And both are super easy to work with, so you'll also be able to achieve equally good results. However, there is a slight difference in how you use them. 

When working with window paint, you first draw a motif or text on a plastic pocket. The advantage of this is that you can place a drawing or something else in the plastic pocket that you can use as a template. Your creation should be dry in about 24 hours – but it's worth the wait. Afterwards, you can pick up your beautiful artwork and place it directly on the window glass. And just try to notice how the sunlight enhances the beautiful colours even more.

If you choose chalk markers, you can draw directly on your windows. This means you'll be able to see the finished result immediately. Having said that, one variant doesn't have to exclude the other. You can easily combine both window paint and chalk markers. Chalk markers, for example, are ideal for drawing extra objects around the figures you have made with window paint. They can also be good to use if you want to draw a quick greeting or message if you want to surprise someone at home. You can also use them to draw directly on porcelain, boards, plastic and metal. So feel free to have a go on the many surfaces you probably have at home. 

Create fun and creative figures with window paint

Window paint gives you a fun way to make figures and messages at home. If you need a little inspiration, you can throw yourself into everything, ranging from Disney, animals and flowers, to letters and numbers. Only your own imagination sets the limits for what can be made. And since people of all ages can join in, you're guaranteed some fun and cosy moments together, where you can all release your inner artists.  

One good to know about window paint is how easy it is to remove. You can just peel off the window paint and the window will be completely clean again. However, if you use a chalk marker, you can just use a wet cloth to remove what has been drawn directly on the window pane. Since window paint and chalk markers are easy to remove, you can also replace your artwork on the windows on a regular basis. 

Make it a tradition to use window paint on special occasions 

If you're into celebrating the numerous holidays and special occasions during the year, then you can make a tradition of drawing motifs on the windows that go with everything from Christmas, Easter and Halloween. This ensures that new and personal decorations are constantly being added to your home, as well as being a fun activity that you and your family can look back on with a smile. Window paint can of course be another thing you, or you as a family, can do together. 

Window paint can also be a fun and personal way to decorate the windows at birthdays or when it's Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It's a great way for writing small greetings and other messages that make the person of the day feel extra special. Because there’s almost nothing better than surprising someone you love with cute drawings.

Have a go using window paint from Creativ Company

Are you interested in trying your hand at using window paint? Then you can have the materials delivered directly to your home if you order online. And you can expect a short delivery time – because it’s always a little more fun when you can get started with your project quickly. We are ready to be contacted by phone or email if you have any questions about your order, our range or other matters. Remember that you can also find inspiration for a number of creative projects if you click around on our website and who knows – perhaps you'll get ideas for more things you can throw yourself into. 

You are also always more than welcome in our physical hobby store in Holstebro. We are here to help and guide you when you want to start a new hobby project. So don't hesitate to tap us on the shoulder to make sure you find the right paint for you. Of course, we can also tell much more about how the paint can be used – and you'll soon see how easy it is to get started.

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