Glass and porcelain pens

Here, you'll find our selection of glass and porcelain markers that are dishwasher safe. Create eye-catching illustrations on glass and mugs, write your name on your own cup or decorate porcelain with beautiful patterns. These markers are ideal if you want to wash your glass or porcelain piece at a later date in the dishwasher. Choose from several colours and thicknesses as well as marker sets.



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Brighten up your day with glass and porcelain markers

Our webshop offers a huge selection of everything related to creative things and hobbies. We put DIY high on the agenda, and our mission is to make it easy for you to be creative.

On this page you will find a wide selection of markers for drawing and colouring on glass and porcelain, and they come in many different colours, packs, and thicknesses.

For example, you can buy a single marker, or you can choose a pack of 5, 10 or 12 markers. It all depends on your needs and budget. We sell a wide range of colours, so you can easily draw and colour many different patterns and motifs on your glass and porcelain items.

You can find information, such as opacity and line thickness either in the product’s sub-heading/clickable text or on the individual product’s page. Whether you want to draw or colour on porcelain or glass, we have a suitable selection.

Our large selection of colourful markers for glass and porcelain

Colours are wonderful, regardless of whether they are bright or toned down. As we sell many different colours and types of markers, you will find variants with and without glitter, and you can also choose between several different line thicknesses.

Some designs require simple, toned-down colours such as brown, green, blue, grey and orange, while others require colourful, eye-catching designs and patterns of purple, pink, red, yellow and silver.

We try to have a broad spectrum of markers in different colours, but it you may find that some colours are not available in the webshop, or are not in stock. We often restock, so if you need a marker in a specific colour, please return to the shop a little later, or contact us to find out when we expect to have the item back in stock.

It is also important for us to be able to offer markers in several different line thicknesses. You will usually find glass and porcelain markers with a line thickness of 1-2 and 2-4 mm, but thicknesses in the intervals of 1-3 and 2-5 mm are also something we sell.

What type of porcelain or glass marker should you choose?

The colours and line thicknesses of the individual markers are not their only differences. There is also a difference between whether a marker provides full or half coverage. Coverage can be referred to as both coverage and opacity. If something has a high opacity, it means that it is less transparent. If something is called 'opaque', it means that it is not see-through.

It is completely up to you whether you choose markers with high or low transparency/opacity. If you have a beautiful mug and would like to draw small hearts on it, while still being able to use the porcelain, then it is a good idea to  choose half-opaque markers. If you would like to paint a mug entirely, so that you cannot see what the mug is actually made of, then it's a good idea to choose opaque markers.

The advantages of colouring with glass markers and porcelain markers

Buying printed mugs and glasses can be quite expensive. And you can't always be sure whether they will withstand hand washing or dishwashing. It would be a shame to buy a nice, expensive mug with a beautiful motif, just to watch it break.

The advantage of buying blank mugs and glasses, and some good, durable markers is that you can decide on the design yourself.

Many of the markers for glass and porcelain that we sell on our webshop are so durable that they can be washed by machine or by hand. All you need to do is use a quality marker and make sure that the mug or the glass’s beautiful drawing dries completely before you start using it. On each product page you'll get tips on how best to dry the mug or glass.

Some markers can even be used to draw and colour on metal and dark ceramics. This makes them even more versatile, making them a good choice if you think that you'll eventually want to draw and colour on something other than porcelain and glass.

What can you use porcelain and glass markers for?

Many porcelain markers can also be used on glass, and vice versa. As mentioned above, a few of them can also be used for dark ceramics and metals. Therefore, there are almost endless possibilities of what you can do with this type of marker.

The markers designed for porcelain and glass are also very versatile, as you can do many different things with them. Some examples include giving your old porcelain a new look by drawing patterns and figures on them, or you can draw on terracotta plates. You can also make decorative trivets from porcelain, and you can colour and draw a terracotta elephant.

You can find many more ideas for using porcelain and glass markers for by browsing our extensive catalogue of ideas. In our catalogue, you will find a wide range of ideas for drawing on glass and porcelain. If you are looking for porcelain markers in the catalogue of ideas, you will be inspired. However, we also have a comprehensive catalogue of ideas for using glass markers.

Buy your glass and porcelain markers at Creativ Company

We want to be your preferred place to shop for creative things, materials and tools for DIY projects. You can easily buy your glass and porcelain markers from us, as we focus on good products, our customers, and the environment. As a workplace, we have a strong focus on employee well-being and the joy of working.

Hopefully you will find the exact markers you need, or that you would like to use for a specific DIY project. As a private customer, when you order goods from us for more than DKK 399, shipping is free of charge.

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