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Large selection of good quality canvas panels. Find canvas panels in many different sizes and formats here. The canvases are mounted onto a rigid cardboard board and glued in place.



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Painting boards are versatile platforms for creativity

Many good creative projects can come to a halt because there is a lack of material to provide a solid structure for the pictorial surface. They may start on paper, but it’s not easy to transfer it to where it should be. Ordinary and corrugated cardboard are too soft, and regular wood panels from the DIY store or workshop are too hard and unsuitable for the purpose.

If you have tried something similar, you will surely see many possibilities in our handy paint boards.

Painting boards are hobby items that everyone can use, and which can form the basis for bringing countless fun and creative ideas to life. Here you can see our wide selection of painting boards, and you can read about some of the exciting and fun things they can be used for.

What is the difference between a painting board and a canvas?

Perhaps you think that painting board and canvas are just two words for the same thing. The two products obviously have a lot in common, but there are also differences.

In everyday speech, 'canvas' may refer to both the surface you are painting on or the fabric itself that comprises the surface, in other words, fabric along with the frame or board to which it is attached, or just the fabric, respectively.

On a traditional canvas, the fabric is tightly stretched over a wooden frame and nailed or tied to the back. Most of our painting boards also use canvas, but it is glued to a whole panel of solid and form-fast cardboard.

The two types of paint surfaces and backgrounds also have different advantages and limitations. It may be easier to find a classic frame for a painting canvas that is a bit thicker. Of course, the painting boards can also be framed, but this places some other requirements on the design.

The boards, on the other hand, are easier to shape and can be adapted for a variety of purposes. For example, they can be attached to other surfaces, holes can be drilled in the board, or the corners can be cut to size.

On the other hand, the two product types have the same good qualities with regard to the painting surface. 

What types and sizes are there?

There are more than 24 different painting boards in our assortment. This means that no matter what size and dimensions you need, we will certainly have the boards for the purpose.

The smallest ones measure 10 x 10 cm and the largest  are 60 cm on one side. You can also choose between square and rectangular boards.

A difference from the classic painting canvases is that many of the boards are also available in the familiar paper formats. We are used to seeing the A4 format in front of us when writing, drawing and painting, and it is only logical that our hobby articles reflect it.

In addition to the A4 format with the familiar 21 x 29.7 cm, you can also find boards in the smaller A5 size of 14.8 x 21.

The A2 boards are also the largest painting boards in our entire assortment. They are ideal for poster art with collages and large picture surfaces.

In addition to the sizes, there are also several quantities and packs to choose from. 

Our huge pack of over 100 boards is suitable for schools, associations and institutions. It contains boards in many different sizes, so everyone can use the format that best suits their ideas and projects.

We also have brown masonite sheets measuring 30 x 30 cm, which you can paint yourself with primer or cover with a canvas. It is an obvious material for small crafts projects, such as custom toy boxes that can be painted and decorated. Of course, the single boards can also be used for ordinary paintings or children’s bulletin boards.

In all the different versions and formats, painting boards are a super-versatile product that can be used for almost everything. They are also easily accessible and inexpensive products that you can easily obtain in quantity, so you needn't be afraid to fail – there are more boards where that one came from! Painting boards are an obvious backdrop for the many fun and creative ideas that just need to be tried out.

Find inspiration in our big idea catalogue

At Creative Company, we believe that hobby and creativity must be accessible to everyone, and we are not afraid to think outside the box.

They are called painting boards, but of course you can also do much more than just paint or draw on them.

We have a huge idea catalogue, full of good ideas and lots of inspiration for all the products. If you click on the tab 'Creative Ideas', you can see all the exciting things that the catalogue contains. The procedures are described in detail, so that you can see everything that needs to be done and what needs to be used in your project. There are ideas for both children and adults, and these are all pleasant things you can do together.

For many of our products, you can also see the ideas they are part of. This also applies to painting boards

In relation to paper and cardboard, painting boards are also very firm, which opens up a lot of exciting opportunities. For example, you can add an extra dimension with modelling compound and relief. 

Build your own personal clock with a painting board

A good example of the versatility and the many options offered by the simple painting boards is the fun personal wall clock, which you will also find in our idea catalogue.

It sounds very complicated, but it isn't at all. You paint on the painting board as usual, to create a self-portrait or one of the whole family, for example. You paint or glue the numbers on the clock face, and then drill a hole through the plate for the hands and mount the small electric clock itself on the back. The instructions are illustrated with pictures and explain all steps of the entire process.

We also sell the small and practical clockworks and hands that match. A whole set costs less than DKK 40, so it is really something everyone can do.

Painting boards combine the best of the painting and creative crafts projects. They give you the chance to think in terms of both the visual and the design when exercising or cultivating your creativity.

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