Browse our selection of practical artist palettes that make it easy to keep track of your paint and mix the paint together. Choose from a variety of palettes, including plastic palettes, wooden artist palettes and disposable palettes made from waxed special paper.



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Mix your paint in palettes

If you want to get stuck into something creative, then there are a wide range of hobby activities to choose between. One of the classics is painting. Most people will have tried their hand at painting at some point, for example in their school art class. Painting is a hobby that's easy to try. Everything you need is simple to get hold of and easy to store in a typical home. You can put together a small painting corner in your living room without much trouble if you have the space – or simply use the dining table to get in touch with your creative side.

The most important art supplies you'll need to start painting are paint, brushes, canvases or paper, and some palettes. Once you have all these things, then you're ready to unleash your creativity and apply your first brushstroke to the canvas (or paper).

A paint palette makes it easy for you to dispense a sensible amount of paint. Plus, mixing the colours is so much easier when you use a paint palette. If the paint palette has indentations, you can also easily keep the different colours separate. Paint palettes can be washed after use so that you always have a nice clean palette, ready to start mixing new colours for a fresh project.

Manage both acrylic and watercolour paint in palettes

A palette can be used for many different types of paint. Whether you prefer painting with acrylic paint or watercolour paint, there are many advantages to using a palette.

If you have big pots of acrylic paint, it's much easier to dispense the amount you need for your project into a palette. Simply squeeze or pour out the amount of paint you think you'll need onto the palette and get painting. It's easy to keep the different colours separate and mix new ones, as there's plenty of space on the palette. The palette also makes it easier if you prefer to stand up to paint. Standing up can be very convenient if you're painting on a large canvas or directly onto a wall, for example. It's easy while standing to hold the palette in one hand and a brush in the other.

Palettes are also useful tools if you're painting with watercolours. Watercolour paints come in a variety of forms, both solid and liquid. Either way, your watercolour paint needs to be mixed with water. A palette allows you to mix the amount and the colour you need. It's a good idea to have a range of palettes if you paint a lot with different kinds of paint. That way, you'll always have the right tools to hand for the project you're about to embark on.

Get paint palettes in plastic and wood

Paint palettes come in many different types. You can get them in both wood and plastic, for example. They can be both round or rectangular. There are also differences in the size of the pallets. We stock small as well as large palettes, so you can choose whatever size you need.

If you paint a lot and tend to use many colours at a time, then a large palette is the right choice for you. You’ll also have plenty of room to mix lots of new colours when you need to. Plastic paint palettes typically come with indentations that make it easy to separate the colours. You can also get palettes made of wood. These are generally flat boards without indentations. A wooden palette is therefore ideal for those who really like to mix their colours.

You should choose the palette that's most right for you and your painting style. If you tend to use a lot of different types and colours of paint, then a plastic palette with plenty of seperate little troughs is ideal. It's often a good idea to purchase a few different palettes so that you have a variety of options depending on the purpose.

In addition to wooden and plastic palettes, you can also use disposable palettes.

Be creative with paint, palettes and paper

When working on creative projects with paint on paper, it's a good idea to protect the table and floor from drops and splashes of paint. Palettes help you minimise the risk of paint getting anywhere other than on the canvas or paper. Palettes are also a very practical solution for children as they get creative with brushes, paint and paper. A palette makes it easy to pour out a reasonable amount of paint. This means pouring out much less paint in one go, and minimal waste.

We stock a wide range of palettes for you to choose from, so you're sure to find one to suit your needs. You can buy them individually or choose from handy multi-packs if you need a few.

Creative supplies for the whole family

When it comes to making a painting, naturally you'll need more than just a palette. If you don't already have all the supplies you need at home, then you'll need to get hold of some canvases or paper and brushes in a variety of sizes. If you'd like to stand up to paint, then you might also want to get a large easel. If you prefer to sit down to create your masterpieces, a table easel is another option. As already mentioned you can find both wooden and plastic palettes, so you can order the type you like the most.

If you need some inspiration for what to paint or use your palette for, take a look in our huge idea catalogue. Here, you’ll find creative ideas for every taste. Painting supplies provide ample opportunities for creative projects. They have something to offer adults and children alike. Get the whole family together for a weekend art project, where you can enjoy each other's company as you paint and immerse yourselves in other creative activities. Creative tools such as palettes, brushes and canvases are also ideal for giving as presents. Plus, the finished paintings are also a great gift idea for Christmas or birthdays.

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