Dyes and scents for soap making

Create your own unique soaps using dyes and scents. We have a wide range of soap colours, pigment pastes and scents for soap making. See our large selection of colours and fragrances for soap here.



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Create unique soaps using dyes and scents.

When you head south in Europe, you don't have to drive far until you can find the first specialist soap shop with a fragrant selection of colourful soaps in all shapes and colours. There aren't that many of those kinds of shops in Denmark. Fortunately, it is fairly simple, fun and relaxing to make the soaps yourself.

Do you dream of making unique hand soaps for your own home, for the kitchen and bathroom? Or perhaps you'd like to make them so you can give them to someone special? The old and well-known art of soap making is a calm and fun activity for people of all ages. Anyone can join in and make their own personal hand soap. And it will make washing your hands thoroughly much more fun.

It's good that you found your way here. Because you’ve landed on a site where you can find a wealth of exciting and creative inspiration for creating your own, homemade soaps with scent and colour(s) however you like them, or customise them with a colour or scent that you know the recipient loves.

On this page we have gathered scents and dyes for soap making, so you can start your very own soap adventure.

Do you need creative inspiration to get started with soap moulding? Then it's a good idea to visit our large catalogue of homemade soap with lots of exciting step-by-step instructions

Add a feeling of extra wellness with essential soap fragrances

For some people, essential oils that add a feeling og fragrant well-being to soaps, are indispensable. For others, clean, neutral soaps are the most satisfying.

If you love scented soap, there’s really nothing like the fragrance of the natural drops wafting around the room. The sense of smell evokes memories. If several of you are making soaps together, you can enjoy sharing memories and creating the genuine feeling of presence that creative pursuits can often bring.

Adding a wonderful scent means you can also enjoy the fragrance after using the soap to wash your hands. It will leave a mild hint of the fragrance on your palms, giving you a feeling of having well nourished hands.

At Creativ Comany, you can choose between e.g. lavender scent and vanilla scent, which you can add to your homemade soaps – or candles. How much you add depends on the intensity of the scent you want. As a starting point, we recommend between 5-10 ml fragrance oil to1000 g soap mass.

Pssst... the soap mass and all the other accessories for home moulding your soap can of course also be found here in the shop.

Would you like to make your first soap using a guide? Then try, for example, making shea soap with lavender. The small soap bars you make here can also be used as a lovely host or hostess gift.

Get creative with soap dye

When your soap mass has melted and you've perhaps added a fragrance. Then it’s time to decide what colour your soap should be. When you buy your soap mass, it is either clear or white. If you want your soap to match e.g. your towel, wall colour or kitchen style, you can add one of our many beautiful soap dyes.

Give your handmade soap bars the most beautiful colours. Play with colour combinations, mix colours together, add colours in different amounts from pastel to bold or make small soap cubes in one colour, which you  add to a larger soap in another colour.

At Creativ Comany, you can choose dyes that have a paste consistency. They can be purchased individually or in packs. They have the unique advantage that they can be mixed together, so you can create many more colours and more fun. We also have soap dyes in practical blocks, where you just cut off a cube and add it to your melted soap mass.

Looking for colour inspiration? Then see this guide on how to make your own soap with tone-on-tone colour. The guide also shows you what other accessories you'll need when you want to start making hand soap yourself. Fortunately, here in our shop you can find everything you need for soap moulding at home.

We have soap mass, soap moulds, soap moulding tools and much more.

Play with shapes and figures

Now you've added fragrance and colour to your soap. This is when the fun starts. What shape should your soap be? In a holiday cottage by the sea, you could imagine seashell-shaped soaps. For small children’s hands, they might need to be smaller, have a name on or be in the child’s favourite colour.

Only your imagination sets the limits for how you can shape your soap. You can buy a wealth of different soap moulds at Creativ Company. If you already have some plastic chocolate moulds or silicone moulds at home, you can also use them.

Make round, square, muffin-shaped or hexagonal soaps. Make soaps that look like flowers, cats, ducks, hearts and much more besides.

If you’ve become hooked on making your own soaps, there are so many creative possibilities that you can go crazy experimenting with. You can play around with different layers of colours in the soap. Or try drawing patterns with a wooden stick in your soap. How about writing a name or drawing a shape? Let your imagination run wild

Or how about making a hole in the soap where, once the soap has set, you can insert a jute string. And don't forget to buy some dried flowers if you want to reinforce the feeling of a natural soap. For example, add lavender to a purple soap with a lavender scent.

Have you made a whole arsenal of beautiful, fragrant soaps? Instead of hiding them in a cupboard until they are needed, put them in a small bowl with some dried lavender, rose petals or other natural materials and maybe place a candle next to them. This creates an authentic spa feeling for your bathroom visitors.

We hope you have fun making your soap .

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