Moulds for casting

Large selection of moulds for casting. Choose between plastic and silicone moulds for concrete, plaster and soap casting. We have a wide range of shapes and figures for you to choose from.



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Good quality – moulds that can be used again and again

In our range, you will find several different moulds for casting. When you click on each product, you will be able to read more about the product and its specifications. Among other things, you will be able to find out which temperatures the mould can withstand, and whether it is designed for concrete, plaster, or something else.

All of our moulds are of good quality and can be used again and again. When you buy a mould for casting here at Creativ Company, you will receive hours of play and entertainment, allowing you to unleash all your creative abilities. We are constantly expanding our range, so please keep an eye on this page – your new favourite mould may be just around the corner. We have moulds that are suitable for both adults and children.

Let your children make their own toys

In our assortment, we have several moulds in fun and crazy shapes that your children can play with. Among other things, we have a selection of moulds with cars that can be cast using concrete or plaster. Your children can benefit from being involved in the actual creation process, although it is a good idea to be a bit careful and e.g. wear disposable gloves. In this way, your children get an insight into how to create things from scratch – which is something that will really catch their attention.

The cars can then be painted, and the children can really take part. Let them choose the colours themselves and let them unleash their creativity. This will presumably increase their interest in playing with the cars afterwards. In our range you will also find a selection of animal figures, so there is plenty of opportunity to find moulds based on the child’s interests. It is a good idea to let your children choose the moulds they find interesting.

It’s about including children in the process – which is how they learn the best. Click on our creative  catalogue of ideas for inspiration on modelling and casting for children.

When your children are not playing with the figures, they can decorate the shelves, windowsills and bedside table in the child’s room.

For many hours of play in the sandpit

Of course, you will also find lots of plastic moulds in our range, which can be used in the sandpit. At an early age, children start playing in the sand, which greatly stimulates their senses. Their sense of touch is activated when playing with sand – as you can play with both wet and dry sandpit sand.

While children are entertained through play and creativity, their fine motor skills are also strengthened. This fine motor skill is challenged when e.g. the sand has to be pushed down into the moulds and then pushed out again.

Kids can free their imagination in the sandpit and build fascinating sandcastles, bake sand cakes, and immerse themselves in play using our plastic moulds. You’re basically never be too old to play in the sandpit – this is something that both big and small children find interesting.

If you don't own a garden, or you just have a balcony, the moulds can also be used in the bath while playing with water. The moulds can also be taken to a day at the beach, where your children can be entertained while you, as a parent, can sunbathe and enjoy a good book.

Create beautiful home decor

As you may have already understood, your children can benefit from playing with casting moulds. However, casting is also a creative activity for adults, where they are free to explore their own imagination.

In our range, we have several silicone moulds of pretty floral motifs, beautiful hearts, and feathers in various sizes. This gives you a wealth of opportunities to create stunning interiors that will make your home decor truly unique. Homemade items can make your decor incredibly personal, and casting can be used to make e.g. a hanging decoration for the window, etc.

Click on our catalogue of ideas for inspiration for beautiful interior design items made from casting. Using our casting moulds, you also have the opportunity to create your own fragrant soap – which will really add the finishing touch to your home decor.  Right here you can find everything in our range that you need to make your own soap. Homemade soap also works very well as a nice hostess gift.

Casting plaster and concrete can be a longer process, which is why it is important that you are equipped with a little bit of patience. The process can create a sense of immersion and tranquility, and is a creative project that everyone should try out. When you use your hands for something creative, you tend to let go of your bad thoughts and worries, while instead you sit in deep focus. Being creative is almost like a form of meditation.

Make your own Christmas tree decorations

In our range, you will of course also find several silicone moulds that are suitable for the best time of the year –  Christmas. We have moulds shaped as snowmen, elves, hearts, stars, Christmas trees, and much more. These moulds can be used to cast concrete and plaster. When the casting process is complete, you can search our large selection of ,  paint, etc. which you can use to colour in the small shapes.

The Christmas ornaments can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, or be hung up in the windows, where they will bring joy to the entire family – and to passersby. There’s something amazing about homemade Christmas decorations, and they can be made with the entire family and then be kept for generations. Remember to add the year to your beautiful creations, so that you can always remember the exact Christmas that you made your own Christmas decorations for the tree.

One good tip is also to use the shapes as to-and-from cards, which will then serve as a little extra Christmas present for the recipient. This is where you really add a personal touch to your gift wrapping.

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