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Large selection of metal or plastic shape cutters for your hobby projects. Find shape cutters, embossing tools and plungers for use with cake dough, clay, Silk Clay and much more. Choose from many different shapes and figures.



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Create fun figures with Shape Cutters 

At Creativ Company, we love hobby projects and activities where we can be creative. That’s why we’ve also put together an assortment of Shape Cutters for you to try at home. Shape Cutters are an ideal tool to have close at hand for making fun shapes in cake dough, clay or maybe , because by placing them on the surface you are working on, you get exactly the figures that are on the cutters. It doesn't get any easier than that, and you can use the moulds anytime you like. 

The good thing about Shape Cutters is that they do not require any practice to use. Both you and the youngest members of the family can easily start working with them. And the great results will speak for themselves. 

Shape Cutters can be used in many ways

There are many options when it comes to Shape Cutters. They can be used in the kitchen on cake dough if you need to make cookies in different shapes, perhaps to decorate afterwards. You can also use alphabet cutters if you have a baptism, naming party or wedding in sight, to print the person(s) of honour's initials onto cookies. It is a small, nonetheless eye-catching, detail that many will definitely notice.

If you want to make the lunchbox extra fun, you can also cut out the bread that goes in it. It’s sure to be a hit with your child and school friends. It can also be a sweet little surprise you send from time to time.  

Shape Cutters are also fun to use if you have a child who loves to cook in a play kitchen, as the moulds can be used to make different clay figures, which can then be served with play food.

If you, or your children, know a little about silk clay, you  already know how popular this colourful clay has become. Silk clay is ideal for decorating, modelling pendants and much more. Fortunately, Shape Cutters are also ideal for use on this clay, and that is probably something that the youngest members of the family will be particularly enthusiastic about. 

Should the Christmas decoration include extra-personal elements this year? Then you can use ordinary clay and shape it into motifs that would fit perfectly. Because if you still have clay for the decoration, it’s a good idea to add some extra Christmas motifs to the picture. Don't forget to wash or wipe the Shape Cutters after use to get the most precise motifs or shapes possible. 

Get started with Embossing Tools and Shape Cutter Stamps, too 

On this page you will also come across Embossing Tools and Shape Cutter Stamps – but what exactly are they? Embossing Tools are ideal for making small, fine details. You should imagine that you almost have a pencil in your hand, but with a metal point at each end that you can use to make lines, dots, etc. It can be for the smaller details of a face, hair, flower, etc. 

Shape Cutter Stamps, on the other hand, can be described as Shape Cutters with a small handle that makes them extra-easy to use. Of course you will find them in many different patterns. Shape Cutter Stamps are also quite detailed, which is why many people choose to use them when they need to shape flowers, as they can then reproduce the fine markings of the many veins on the leaves. So the level of detail is extra-high when you use Shape Cutter Stamps. 

Creativ Company has Shape Cutters in many sizes and variants

We know all about how difficult it can be to limit yourself when buying materials for a creative project. That is why you will also find Shape Cutters in many sizes and variants. Naturally, you need to find the exact variant(s) you need. So please go exploring on this page or in our physical shop in Holstebro. Don't be surprised if you come across moulds that are perfectly suited to the project you are about to start.

If you find it difficult to choose which moulds to choose, there are several packages that include different cutters. That way, you can also try out a few different things until you find shapes you like to work with. You can also look at the creative project the Shape Cutters will be used for. If you’re going to use them for Christmas, there are of course variants with Christmas motifs that will be the ideal choice. Of course, we are always available to answer questions, guide you or anything else you might need. Don't hesitate to give us a shout when you need it. 

If you are interested in seeing projects where we have worked with Shape Cutters, please visit the “ Creative ideas” page. Here we have done our best to inspire you to achieve your goals. You can also see examples of different materials that can be worked with, and not least, many fun things to start with, if you want to find time for a creative day at home or with friends working with cake dough, clay, silk clay, etc.

Find your Shape Cutters today 

Interested in working with Shape Cutters? So don't hesitate to order your favourite variants on this page. We offer fast delivery so you don't have to wait longer than necessary, when your hands are already itching to get started. 

Of course, we should also mention that you can expect competitive prices on the things you find in our range. That is another reason why you are shopping for your creative project at Creativ Company. Good prices allow for even more accessories for the project you want to throw yourself into. Because it can be difficult to limit yourself when shopping – especially when it comes to the many fine Shape Cutters available. 

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