Blue, red and white clay

We have a large selection of clay for modelling, throwing pots (using a wheel) and decoration. Choose from a variety of clay types, including stoneware clay and professional-quality clay. Our range of clay comes in raw white, white, blue and red. We also carry air-dry clay for making decorations, for example Christmas decorations. See our selection of clay below.



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Be creative with blue clay, red earth clay and white clay

For most people, grey-brown clay like that found in nature is what comes to mind at the mention of clay. There are many different types and colours of clay however, and we've gathered together various products on this page that are either clay or accessories for clay.

Clay is a fantastic natural material that can be used to make a wide range of things. Some clay dries and hardens on its own, while other types need to be fired in a kiln. Traditional clay, which hardens at room temperature, can be used to make an attractive base to secure decorations or candles firmly onto.

Other types of clay are perfect for making stoneware, and this can be used to make bowls, pots, figures and many other things.

In addition to the different types and colours of clay, there are also differences in the number of kilograms in each package. We have some small packs containing just 5 kg. Others weigh as much as 12-15 kg, while most weigh around 10 kg.

Since most of the packs are larger than what you'll need for a single piece or two, it can be a good idea to share the clay with a few other people or another person. For example, decoration clay is available in packs of 5 kg, so unless you're planning on making a lot of decorations, there should be enough clay for you and a couple of others.

Paint your fired clay in exciting colours

Fired clay can have a fairly boring appearance, with a finish that's typically matte and a bit rough. In which case, you can liven up your clay pieces by painting them. The paint can be a type with a matte finish that doesn't need finishing in the kiln. Alternatively, you can add a glaze to your pieces. This will give the clay figurines or stoneware a nice, shiny surface in one or more beautiful colours.

It's entirely up to you whether you want to leave your clay pieces with their natural fired/self-hardened appearance or whether you want to give them a glaze or a coat of paint. Fortunately, we sell accessories for blue clay, red earth clay and white clay, including glazes. We sell glazes in many different shades and hues, and you can choose between colours like purple, green, yellow and black. You’ll also find white and transparent glazes. So there's no reason why your clay pieces should remain colourless.

Common features of the different clay types on this page

Blue clay, red earth clay and white clay are all designed to be fired in the kiln so they become firm or hard. Not all the clay we sell here in our webshop needs to be fired, however: you’ll also find decoration clay that hardens at room temperature.

You can find self-hardening clay here in our webshop, but if that's what you're looking for you should head over to our category with self-hardening clay and modelling clay. If you're searching specifically for clay accessories, then look no further than our wide range of tools for modelling.

What temperature the individual clay types need to be fired at varies. You'll often be able to see temperature limits for the different colours and types by clicking on the product. Under the specifications for each product, you will be able to see the quality, if any (hobby or professional). For some products it will also tell you how you can work with the clay.

See our large idea catalogue and get plenty of inspiration

The obvious thing to do with clay are pottery, which includes making everything from mugs to cups and plates. But you can also use clay to make decorative items and other everyday items such as vases and flowerpots. A perfect idea for a party or just to turn up the daily cosy factor is to make tealight holders, napkin holders and trivets.

Other ideas include cut-out figures that you can punch holes in, and then hang up when the clay is burnt or self-hardened.

You can enjoy exploring our idea catalogue, where you can find many different ideas for a wide range of creative things. You can read our Natural Christmas with clay section on our Natural Christmas decorations page , but you can also search for the word 'clay' on our page and then click on search results with specific products. Alternatively, you can select search results within creative ideas. A few products mention specific ideas for things you can do with these types of clay.

Large physical store in Holstebro and more than 12,000 product numbers

We're not just an online seller, as we also have a physical shop in Central Jutland. Our store address is Nørregade 60 in Holstebro, where you will find more than 6,000 items. On our webshop, you'll find double that figure.

You're welcome to visit our physical store in Holstebro, where you can look at the products before you buy them, but you can also order the products from our webshop. If you live near our shop in Holstebro, you can order online and pick up your items in-store. See opening hours and similar on our store info page.

If you live a little further away or just prefer to order our exciting products from the comfort of your own living room, you'll be pleased to know that you can do that, too. We offer fast delivery for a small additional cost – or for free in many cases.

Do you like to keep up with all the news on creative and exciting products? With us, you don't need to miss a thing. You can subscribe to our newsletter and get good tips and tricks as well as information about offers and workshops. If you can't get enough of creative things, you can also join our customer club. You only need to be 16 years of age or older. Both the customer club and subscription to our newsletters are free of charge.

We take good care of all our customers, whether you shop in our physical store or our webshop, and we take pride in providing good customer service to everyone.

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