Self-hardening clay

We carry a wide selection of self-hardening clay, which is a flexible, natural modelling clay that doesn't require firing. Due to its low weight, self-hardening clay is ideal for making small hanging ornaments on tree branches, Christmas trees etc., but can also be modelled into bowls, figures, tealight holders etc. just like traditional nature clay. Choose from self-hardening clay in a range of colours below.



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How do you use self-hardening clay?

You may already be familiar with self-hardening clay in connection with annual Christmas decorations. The decoration clay that you typically find in supermarkets during the Christmas period is a type of self-hardening clay. But there are other forms of self-hardening clay in different colours, which you can find on this page. The advantage of self-hardening clay is that it is easy and straightforward to work with, and moulds into whatever you want. It also becomes light after drying, which makes it perfect to make hanging decorations out of.

Drying time for our modelling clays varies, but it will typically take 1-2 days. If you feel the clay and it is cold, it is because it's still releasing water. Feel it continuously and remember that, the thicker it is, the longer the drying time will be.

After drying, you can keep the clay in its natural colour or paint it with special paint, which you can find in our webshop.

Try out new and exciting DIY projects with self-hardening clay

Decoration clay is a fantastic material to work with at hobby level, as you can make almost everything out of it.

  • Candlesticks and tea light holders - self-hardening clay is great for making your own homemade candlesticks and tea light holders. You can make them as all-season candlesticks or candlesticks inspired by certain seasons and holidays – for example, pretty mushroom candlesticks for autumn and elf candlesticks for Christmas. In addition, you can also start making candle and tea light holders according to certain themes – e.g. as a table decoration for a themed party. Last, but not least, with decoration clay you can easily shape your tea light holders and make holes in them so that they cast beautiful shadows in the room.
  • Hanging decorations and ornaments - with modelling clay, you can easily make your own decorations, hanging decorations and ornaments at home. For example, you could make your own key rings, figures for hanging on window frames, or standing decorations for the table – e.g. roses.
  • Foot and hand prints - use your decoration clay to capture your children’s foot and hand prints just as you would have done with playdough. The advantage of using self-hardening clay, on the other hand, is that it is more decorative and somewhat lighter in weight. You can therefore easily hang it on the Christmas tree as a decoration.
  • Bowls - make your very own fruit bowls or anything else from ordinary decoration clay, that you can then paint and decorate. You could also use stencils to paint different motifs or patterns on them. You could make both classic bowls or wire baskets.
  • Pots - with self-hardening clay, you can make your own pots in exactly the size you need. Being able to give your pots a certain design, a pretty pattern, or another decorative design is easy, inexpensive and fun. You can also use markers or paint to create beautiful patterns on the pot.
  • To-and-from cards - if you want to decorate your wrapped gift with a unique to-and-from card, you can easily make one from modelling clay. You can shape the card as a heart, a star, a Christmas tree, or some other motif. Colour and decorate as you wish. An extra tip is to use a fork or knife to cut a specific pattern as a frame on the card.
  • Decorations and place cards - you can create beautiful, unique place cards and decorations using self-hardening clay, which you can mould exactly as you like. You can cut them out yourself or use one of our cutters. The clay is ideal as an extra decoration on a napkin holder, which can also be labelled.

Modelling clay and quality time with your children

Many children love to immerse themselves in the creative things, which is why it makes sense to involve them in various hobby projects. Modelling clay is a fun and child-friendly material for children of all ages to work with. Therefore, it is a good idea to gather the whole family and make your own projects and figures – or you can collaborate on one big project. A day of modelling clay is therefore a great indoor activity during school holidays or the weekend.

  • Animals and figures - using modelling clay, you can make pretty animals and figures, which can be used as homemade pieces for board games or as an active part of various games. You can make your own zoo, farm, or grocery store using small pieces of self-hardening clay.
  • Ornaments and decorations with cutters - with cutters for modelling clay, your children can easily cut out figures that they can then paint or decorate with glitter, beads, and other pretty details. Just remember make a hole in the figure so that it can be hung up as a decoration on the Christmas tree or in the window.
  • Dollhouse accessories - with decoration clay, your children can easily make their own accessories for their dollhouse in the shape of mini porcelain and tableware, laundry baskets, irons, and much more. The dry clay can then be painted and decorated, allowing your children to decorate their dollhouse with unique accessories.

Get more inspiration for hobby projects using decoration clay

At Creativ Company, we love to explore the creative universe. That’s why we’ve also created a webshop that has all kinds of decoration clay and other hobby accessories that allow you to start your next DIY project. But how do you find inspiration? On our website, you will find a selection of catalogues of ideas that are published in connection with different seasons and holidays. Explore them and find lots of great ideas on how to use decoration clay for your next project. In addition, you also have the option of searching for ideas in our search field at the top of the page. Search for modelling clay or existing materials from your hobby box at home.

Are you looking for a specific type of modelling clay? Or do you have questions about how to use it specifically in your project? You are always welcome to contact us so that we can guide you towards the right product.

Order your decoration clay in just a few clicks – we deliver within 4-6 business days.

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