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Selection of tools for soap casting. Our range includes melting pots for use in soap making.



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Unleash your creativity and make your own soap

Would you like to experiment with soap making to make your own fragrant soaps? Then we’ve made sure you can find everything you need at Creativ Company. Making soap is an extra fun project to throw yourself into, whether you want to try your hand at it yourself, or you want to find a hobby activity to share with the rest of the family. 

The great thing about making soap is that you can start a fun and creative activity that you can also immerse yourself in. Because who doesn't need a creative break from everyday life, from time to time. At the same time, you'll also end up with different soaps that you can either use in the bathroom or give as a gift. 

At Creativ Company, you won't lack any tools for soap production 

If there's one thing you shouldn't lack when it comes to hobby projects, it’s tools. Because with the right tools, you can go a long way. This is especially true if you want to try to make your very own soap. Because when you have good tools at your fingertips, you have the perfect opportunity to make lovely fragrant soap in the forms you want. 

We've made sure that you can buy all the necessary things for your soap production here, to make it easy and manageable for you to get started. Because it's nicer and more convenient for you to gather all your purchases in one place. 

If this is your first time working with soap, of course we have different tips for you on this page. Among other things, you can look under 'Creative ideas', where we provide more good, free advice that will help you get started making your own soaps. 

Make many different soaps with soap moulds 

When it comes to finding equipment for your soap project, buying some soap moulds is pretty much a necessity. Soap moulds ensure that your soap ends up as you want and imagine. You can choose in advance what kind of mould you'd like and then make a bunch of them. 

The great thing about soap moulds is that they are specially made for those of you who want to make soap at home. You'll also find that the soap is easy to remove once it has set. Because once you’ve experimented with all the different soaps, the process should run as smooth as butter in the end.

Make soap for many different occasions 

One of the fun things about making soap is that it can be made for many different occasions. Perhaps you and your children would like to make homemade Christmas gifts, gifts for Father’s Day, Mother’s Dayi, a birthday or maybe just as a surprise to someone who deserves a kind thought. One thing you can be sure of is that the soap will be received with delight. 

There doesn't necessarily have to be a special reason to start making soap either. Maybe you just need a creative project that you want to throw yourself into? Perhaps you want to spend extra quality time with your friends or family? Or perhaps you need to find a fun activity for a child’s birthday party? The youngest members of the family can also participate in soap making projects, as long as there's an adult to supervise. 

It's up to you how your soap should smell and look

Something you can decide for yourself when making soap is how it smells. Your only job is to choose a fragrance that you like. And if you can't decide, you can always split up the soap mass and create different scents – because then you can try a bit of everything. This means you don't have to limit yourself either – because it's difficult for most people when choosing things for a hobby project. 

If you'd like a soap in a special colour, this is also an option when you start your own production. So you can have lots of fun with colours that are bright and eye-catching. Because they'll definitely be something that your bathroom guests will notice straight away. 

If you want your soaps to contain an extra surprise, you can also experiment with putting small animals or figures in the soap. Because in addition to being decorative, they'll also be extra fun when you, or others, pick them up. Halloween, for example, is an ideal opportunity to use small plastic spiders or other items that make the soap highlight this special occasion. If there's time in your calendar for a creative project, you can also purchase items for making soap suited to e.g. Easter or Christmas.

Throw yourself into making soap at Creativ Company 

Are you ready to throw yourself into making some soap? Then you've got the opportunity to buy everything you need on this page. We’re well stocked up, so you can choose from many different tools for the process, soap moulds, colours and fragrances, and much more that can make your soap making process fun. 

You can always choose to shop for your soap project online if it suits you better. Otherwise, you are also welcome to drop by our physical hobby store in Holstebro. Whether you meet us online or in-store, you can expect friendly and service-minded staff who are always ready to help you. This is regardless of whether you need help with buying materials or tools, or if you need good advice on how to get started making soap. 

Our range also includes materials for all kinds of other projects you can get started with. So there’s no need to hold yourself back. Because if you've got the time, we've got a wide range of hobby activities worth trying. 

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