Cheese wax

Cheese wax is another modelling material that's well-suited to making sculptures. Cut the cheese wax with a flat cheese slicer, soften and form with your fingers, possibly around a wire skeleton. Check out our range of cheese waxes below.



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The perfect material for the creative soul

If you love unleashing your creativity and making beautiful figures and other things from scratch, you’ll love working with cheese wax. Cheese wax is a very special material that can be used for modelling and has a lot of good properties compared to other modelling materials.

There are no limits to what you can create with There is no limit to what you can make with it, so if you long to try something new and have a good idea for a sculpture or figure, cheese wax will provide you with a means to let your fancy flow through your fingers.

Thus, we are delighted to offer a varied assortment of cheese waxes for modelling on this page, with several options when it comes to colour, for example.

What is cheese wax?

There is no reason to fear that 'cheese wax’ is so named because it is made of or smells of cheese! It has borrowed its name from the substane that it is also used to cover.

Cheese wax is a form of paraffin applied over hard cheeses, and has the advantage of remaining easy to work with after it has been applied to the cheese. It can be melted in a pot, making it easy to pour over the cheese. 

Its purpose is to protect the cheese from external threats such as bacteria, and help to retain the cheese’s moisture while it is aged and stored.

That was the original purpose of cheese wax, but it was discovered to have characteristics that make prove advantageous for all creative hobbyists who love to model and create things from scratch.

Cheese wax has the advantage of being easily pliable under normal temperatures, which is a perfect characteristic for modelling.

That is why you don't need to heat up cheese wax very much to work with it, because it is pliable at slightly above normal room temperature. Moreover, cheese wax has a nice look, which also makes it a sought-after material for modelling.

It has a beautiful, shiny surface, perfect for any figure or sculpture, where the wax will add a modern, different look to your artwork.

How to model with cheese wax

It’s easy to get started making sculptures, etc. with cheese wax. First of all, you need a good block of it, and then you need a good, flat cheese slicer, which you can also find in the assortment on this page.

You’ll need a cheese slicer to shave off small pieces of wax to make it easier to work with. This is done specifically by planing small chips of your cheese wax until you can collect a handful. Your hand heat helps to make the wax softer and more pliable, and then you can start modelling exactly as you wish.

Cheese wax becomes harder when it leaves your hand and returns to normal room temperature, but it is a sensitive material, so you must be careful not to expose your cheese wax creations to too much heat. Avoid placing them above a hot radiator or in direct sunlight on a hot day.

Make your own beautiful cheese wax figures

heese wax is an optimal material for all kinds of modelling. You can form a figure from cheese wax alone, but as it is fragile, your options for creating detailed artworks in this way are limited.

Hence, another popular technique is to build your figure around a framework. You can make a framework from steel wire or any other wire, or you can use chicken wire or similar on larger surfaces.

Once you have put together a framework of suitable materials, you can easily mould your cheese wax around it with your fingers. and-warmed cheese wax becomes very pliable, and you can easily form fine details around the arm, face or hands of your figure, to end up with a detailed, elegant sculpture. The framework reinforces thin parts, bracing arms and legs, for example, which would not be possible without a framework.

With cheese wax and some steel wire, you have a wealth of modelling possibilities, and with those two items on the table in front of you, there are almost no limits to the figures, sculptures and other things you can create.

Your homemade cheese wax figures will fit well into a modern home, where the beautiful material adds style and edge to your decor.

Cheese wax is easy but also fun to work with, which is why it is also a good activity to get started with if you have older children who also love to be creative and make their own artworks from scratch.

Be inspired for your next cheese wax project

If you want to get creative with cheese wax, it’s all about getting started. It is a good idea to seek inspiration in advance so that you have a clear starting point if it's the first time you will be working with cheese wax.

That is why we have put together a lot of ideas about what you can create with cheese wax. You can find inspiration for your next project in our idea catalogue, where you can see what is possible to create with cheese wax. You will find detailed guides to help you on your way to making your first work with cheese wax a success.

As an experienced sculptor with cheese wax, you can also use our idea catalogue to be inspired and get good ideas for your next project.

In the catalogue, you will also find a shopping list for each project, so you can easily start creating a sculpture. 

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