Crafting concrete

Hobby concrete is a fine-grained concrete that's suitable for hobby use and can be used for casting and modelling. You can either cast with hobby concrete in moulds made of acrylic, plastic, silicone, papier-mâché or similar, or you can choose to model with the hobby concrete freehand using modelling tools. Choose between ready-mixed hobby cement/hobby concrete, or buy concrete powder that you can mix up yourself in water for softer models.



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Start making shapes with concrete

When you either cast or model using concrete, you use both your body and your brain. When working with liquid concrete, you can choose to cast it in many different items and materials.

A mould can take many forms, and you are free to choose between  silicone moulds, or e.g. wooden boxes, rubber gloves, and the like. The moulds can be made of everything from rubber to papier-mâché and plastic, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you don't want to use a mould for casting, you can also buy concrete which is stiffer, and which you can mould using your hands or tools.

Here on our webshop you will find e.g. concrete for casting and modelling, and you can also find concrete paste. The concrete is typically available in the sizes 1.5 and 5 kg.

What is concrete?

Concrete is slightly special, as it is designed to look nice. As it is more finely grained than standard construction concrete, it is perfect for making everyday objects and decorations. Ordinary concrete and cement are coarse-grained and very raw looking. It is perfect for floors in industrial buildings, where the look is intended to be a little rustic, but when it comes to the home, one prefers it to be pretty and easy to work with.

The concrete has a smooth, comfortable and hard surface when cured, making it suitable for painting, so you can give your cast or model a beautiful and colourful look. However, you can easily leave the cured concrete in its “naked” state. It is obvious to cast shapes for the garden, which can be left unpainted with their natural concrete look.

What can you use concrete for?

We have already discussed what concrete can be used for, but in this section we will delve more into specific examples. If the examples we mention here do not catch your interest, then there is no need to worry. You can find more ideas in our catalogue of ideas. The catalogue of ideas includes many other ideas than merely ideas for using concrete.

Here are some ideas on how you can use concrete:

  • Geometric candlesticks (for taper candles).
  • Geometric tealight holder (for tealights).
  • Bowls cast from concrete (can be painted using metallic acrylic paint on the inside, which gives a beautiful look).
  • Shapes of small houses cast from concrete and plaster (they can either be painted or decorated in some other way, or you can leave them as they are).

All the items listed above can either be painted or retain their concrete look. Some of the ideas encourage you to paint all or part of the object, while others encourage you not to paint the DIY project. But you can do it any way you like. The ideas are just intended to inspire you.

What other materials should you use when casting concrete?

At a minimum, you must use water when working with concrete, both when modelling or casting. If you want to cast a simple thing – such as a round concrete sphere to decorate your garden – then you need something to cast into. Even if you are good at shaping the concrete with your hands, you will probably need something to keep the concrete in shape so that it can harden in peace and quiet.

The more complex the DIY projects you make, the more materials you’ll need. If we use one of the examples from the inspiration section above, you can prepare yourself to need more items. Perhaps you already have some of the items, and therefore don't need to buy them.

If you want to make  concrete bowls, you'll need concrete, water, balloons, brushes, paint and rubber gloves. Other things that are simple to make may require more or fewer items, but once you have purchased things such as rubber gloves and paint, you will have these items at home to use for other projects.

Should you use concrete for casting or modelling?

Both types of concrete have advantages and disadvantages. Whether you prefer one or the other depends entirely on your wishes and what you want to make. However, it should be mentioned that you can use concrete casting for partial modelling.

Some of the inspiring ideas you'll find in our catalogue of ideas require you to roll up your sleeves and work the concrete with your hands. As concrete can make a mess, it is a good idea to cover the surface you're working on well, and to use rubber gloves.

Most of the concrete modelling products, if not all, recommend that you wear gloves while working with them, and also recommend that you allow the modelling concrete to cure in the mould.

You can choose modelling concrete when making small decorative objects that have many fine details. If, on the other hand, you work with larger, rougher items that have no significant details, you can happily choose concrete for casting.

The many advantages of cement

Cement is not reserved for construction. There are many reasons for this. There are therefore many reasons why it has become a widespread hobby among private individuals and in schools, as well as after-care centres. Concrete is quite cheap to buy, quite easy to work with, and it has a durable and attractive result when finished.

Why you should buy your cement from us

Cement is a versatile material, and you can use it for many different purposes. You can safely buy your cement/concrete from us, as we give you 14 days’ return, and that period only comes into effect once you have received your goods.

In addition to the 14 days' return, you also have a 2 year warranty, which you can use if you discover defects or deficiencies in the product that you are not responsible for.

Another advantage of shopping with us is that you receive free delivery if your purchase reaches a certain amount. This purchase amount depends on whether you are a private individual, or if you are buying for an institution or company.

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