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Here, you’ll find a wide selection of vases, jars, baskets and tubs for home decor. Browse our range of attractive vases made of glass, terracotta or porcelain. Or buy wooden tubs with handles or storage baskets woven in seagrass.



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Design your very own pot, vase or basket for the home

Vases, pots and baskets are a natural part of home decor. This is where you place beautiful flowers in water when you want to create more life in your home. Vases and pots come in many different sizes and variants. There are tall, low, wide, narrow, angular or round vases and pots. Just try to notice that there are rarely two vases that are the same when you visit your friends and family members. This is also what makes vases, pots and baskets personal and exciting, because they are so important to your home interior design without you even thinking about it. 

If you dream of making your own vase, pot or basket that you can use in your home decor or give to someone special, you’ve come to the right place. At Creativ Company, we offer you the unique opportunity to create your own variants. This way, you can release all your crazy ideas and wildest imagination to create beautiful, fun, stylish or creative vases. 

We’ve put together an exciting selection of vases, pots and baskets for you to breathe new life into. This allows you to create your very own, which you can place on some shelves, coffee table, dining table or on the windowsill. If you have a larger plant, it's a good idea to choose our baskets that you can place on the floor. 

Personalise your home decor with a homemade vase or pot

A vase or pot doesn't have to be boring or traditional. Your personal touch will only add the extra details that elevates the atmosphere in your interior design. When it comes to choosing the materials you want to work with, you can, for example, choose glass or porcelain, depending on the look you are going for. 

There are many fun ways to get started on designing your own vase. For example, you can either choose to paint directly on the vase or you might like to make a thin layer of plaster around it. Among other things, this allows you to stick different things on the vase. This could be seashells, dried flowers, beads or anything else that creates a beautiful effect on the vase. 

A vase or wicker basket offers loads of great interior design options because it can be placed in so many different places around your home. This could be anywhere from the hallway shelf, dining table or even the bedside table in the bedroom. It adds a personal touch to your home decor without overshadowing the rest of your home. 

Give a personal gift that will be remembered

If you want to surprise someone special with a personal gift, then a vase, pot or basket is a great idea. It’s a gift that will delight the recipient, as it’s something that shows you’ve spent time on and given a lot of thought to. It is also a useful gift, as you can either put flowers or candles in the vase. This means the recipient will be reminded of you every time it is used  for putting some vibrant and beautiful flowers in it. 

If you want to give a personal gift made by your creative children, a vase or pot makes a lovely present. And it will also be a fun and educational activity that you'll enjoy doing together. The children can throw themselves into a fun project, which will also make a great gift for their grandparents or another family member. Whatever the outcome, you're guaranteed to have a fun experience that will provide good memories for the whole family. 

Find inspiration for making creative vases and baskets here

Are you planning a creative day in childcare, school or at home, and need some inspiration for what you can end up making? Then you should take a look at our exciting idea catalogue. Here we have several different suggestions and ideas for how you can breathe some extra personality into an ordinary vase or pot. There is something to find for both adults and children, so all the family can enjoy the fun activity of creating a vase or basket.

As a starting point, there are two different ways in which you can access our idea catalogue. One way is that in the menu item on the website, you click on the section 'Creative ideas'. Then click on the sub-category that corresponds to the subject. You can also choose to search for a vase, pot or basket in the search field. Here you will find a couple of suggestions from our idea catalogue, which you can then click on. 

Get help finding the right vase, pot or basket for your project

At Creativ Company, we sell a wide range of high-quality vases, pots and baskets that you can personalise. We strive to be your preferred hobby store in Denmark. Therefore, you will also find a wealth of different accessories and equipment that will help you to develop your creative skills. On this page, we have tried to create a creative universe where there are no limits to what you can do and create. You have therefore ample opportunity to realise your ideas with the tools and products we have gathered in our range. 

If you have any questions about one of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can either call us on +45 96 13 30 10 or write directly to our customer service at You are also always more than welcome to visit our physical hobby store in Holstebro, where you will be met by our competent and creative staff. 

We take great pride in our service and advice. You will therefore always be greeted by our friendly and service-minded customer service, who will do their best to help you.

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