Lanterns and lights

Browse our selection of lanterns, lamps and rice paper lamps for decorating your home here. Large selection of lanterns in glass or porcelain for hanging or standing, and for both outdoor and indoor use. Browse lanterns for a range of candle shapes, including tealights and pillar candles. Decorate lamps and lanterns yourself with glass or porcelain markers.



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Create a cosy atmosphere with candles

Do you also love to be cosy? Nothing says cosy like candles. Danes are large consumers of stearin candles, and for good reason. In the winter months, we have an incredible number of dark hours per day, which gives us a good excuse to light up the candles early.

This is why, here at Creativ Company, we naturally have a whole category focused on lanterns and lamps. Our lanterns are available in different styles in both glass and ceramics. Some types of lanterns are intended for tealights, while others are intended for candles instead. Our candles and lanterns can be used to decorate your home all year round.

Lighting is an essential part of your home decor – and our lanterns and paper lamps can help to create the framework for a cosy glow that will decorate any home.

Rice paper lamps – for your interior design

Rice paper lamps have been around for an incredible number of years. For many years, they were primarily used in children’s rooms, as they are relatively inexpensive lamps. But around the world, rice paper lamps are being seen more often in various home decor magazines, and more frequently in large parts of interior design.

The rice paper lamp is actually one of the biggest trends in interior design right now. It is attractive, decorative, and incredibly modern. It is a relatively simple lamp that provides just the right balance of tranquillity in your decor.

A popular phenomenon is to hang the rice paper lamps at different levels from your ceiling, which gives an incredibly cosy look. Our selection includes rice paper lamps in different sizes – so mix and match to your heart's content. This difference in level and size between the rice paper lamps provides a dreamy and imaginative look, which can be used in your living room, bedroom, and children’s rooms. If the lamps are to be placed in the latter – the children’s room – let the children take part in the decorating. They will burst with pride at having helped to create the decor for their rooms – which they can happily show off to all of their friends.

If you feel up to it, decorate the rice paper lamps with watercolour paints. In this way, you can create your own unique rice paper lamps in your favourite colours.

Decorate the neutral lanterns and lamps

As you scroll through our selection of lanterns and lamps, you won't be blown away by colours. But this is actually for good reason – we want to leave the decorating and painting up to you. Search through our selection of glass and porcelain markers, which are available in all the colours of the rainbow – and even in more distinctive shades such as metal and glitter.

The painting of lanterns and lamps is also a fun activity for the little ones. Maybe they can create their own cosy little lantern to keep in their bedroom? Place an LED tealight in the lantern to avoid possible accidents and fire hazards.

Do you need ideas on how to decorate the beautiful lanterns? Then visit our large catalogue of ideas where you can be inspired. You do not necessarily have to use the above-mentioned markers, but you can also try your hand at using other types of materials. For example, you could decorate them with dried flowers, which creates a romantic look. The transparent lanterns can also be decorated using patchwork fabric.

There is no party without decorations and lights

As the heading says so well, no successful party can be held without a lot of decorating. It's the decorations that help to create the perfect setting for the best party. Our lanterns can be used as excellent party decorations for the table, where they will shine nicely during the late evening hours.

As rice paper lamps are so cheap here at Creativ Company, they can also be used to decorate a big party. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, wedding, or something else entirely. Hang them at different levels from the ceiling, as this will create an incredibly dreamy, playful, and harmonious look. Rice paper lamps also ensure that the light is not too bright, which is why these lamps are also well-suited for cosy moments.

Our lanterns can be used both outdoors and indoors. Especially in the winter, it can be nice to place them on the balcony or by the front door, so that the candlelight warmly welcomes your guests. Many of the lanterns also have handles to hang on trees and shrubs in the garden. With our lanterns, you can create the most cosy garden party ever. 

Remember that we also have a lot of string lights in our range, which will harmonise well with the lanterns.

Elevate your home

Have you made and decorated lanterns and paper lamps for each room and corner of the home? Then it may be a good idea to look further in our range, which is brimming with various decorative items and ornaments for your interior decor. Click here and have a look – but be warned that your virtual shopping basket may fill up quickly.

Our range includes flower pots, vases, jars, coat racks, storage boxes, small furniture, and so much more. Yes, there's hardly anything that we don't have here at Creativ Company. And if we unfortunately don't have what you’re looking for, you’re always welcome to make enquiries.

Homemade and self-decorated interiors will brighten up your home. This is how you create personality in your home. Of course, your children can also be involved in this process, and can help to decorate pretty objects for their own bedrooms. For example, a cute photo frame, which your children can paint in all their favourite colours.

Do you have questions about any of our lanterns, lamps, or anything else? Then you are always more than welcome to contact our skilled customer service, who will be happy to help you. Contact us by telephone, email, or live chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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