Clock parts and movements

Clockwork and hands for making homemade wall clocks. We have everything you need to make your own beautiful wall clock, including both the hands and complete clockwork with battery, ready to be integrated with your own items. Design your own clock for the wall.



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Create your own clockwork

When it comes to creativity, there are no limits to where it can end. Only your imagination limits what creative projects you can throw yourself into.

A clock, or clockwork, doesn't necessarily have to look the way you are used to it looking. If you’ve ever looked at a clock and thought that you can do better, you now have the chance to prove it. At Creativ Company, we have gathered the necessary parts for you to create your very own personal clockwork. That way, you can hang the clockwork at home in the living room, in the office, at the workplace or wherever you need to know the time. With your personal touch, you are sure to end up with a clock that your guests will notice and comment whenever they need to check the time.

Complete your home decor with a homemade wall clock

Do you have a dream of making your own personal wall clock or clockwork? Then you’re one step closer to your dream here at Creativ Company. We have created a small world with many options for you to make your very own clock, which can be part of your home decor. Having a clock that stands out because no one has one like it is sure to attract attention when your friends or family come to visit. 

Nothing beats a personal clock because you can make it exactly the way you like and to match your home decor. When you are about to make a wall clock, you can decide what it should look like and what materials should be used. You can choose whether it should be a traditional wall clock or a dial that you can paint yourself. Embarking on a homemade wall clock can also be a fun activity with the children if they want a clock for their rooms. 

Give a homemade clock as a personal gift

Are you a creative soul who loves to make homemade gifts for the people you love? Then surprise the next one with a homemade clock. It could also be a personal gift from your creative children to their grandparents or other family members. That makes the gift more meaningful, as it is evidently something that has been given a lot of thought and time, making it more meaningful than if it were a traditional clock. 

When you are about to start your project, you may choose to create a clockwork that is placed on a painting panel. The painting panel can either be painted by you or your children. In that way it will serve as a painting and a clock at the same time. 

Unleash your imagination and make a homemade clock

There are many ways to create a beautiful, stylish and personal homemade clock. You may even choose to purchase modelling clay, which you can form with different castings: anything from animals, people or other figures. By placing the clockwork in the centre, your creation can function as a clock for the nightstand, desk or shelves. 

You might also choose to purchase a 20 x 20 or 30 x 30 cm painting panel and paint a picture on it to match a wall in the living room, kitchen, office or children’s room. This will add more personality and character to your home decor, as the clock will become more vibrant with the colours, patterns or whatever you come up with to paint on it.  

Need inspiration to create your own clockwork?

If you have decided to replace your wall clock with your own personal clockwork, we may be able to help you with some inspiration. When it comes to it, fortunately, nothing is right or wrong when you throw yourself into making a clock. It therefore gives you free play to try different solutions and experiments that you think would be fun to test. 

To find fun creative ideas for making your homemade clock, start by looking at our 'Creative Ideas' section. You can do this by writing 'clock' in the website search field. Then you can explore our small world of creative solutions for creating a clock that can be placed on the nightstand, hung on the wall or placed in a child’s room. 

Find everything you need to make your own wall clock

At Creativ Company, we have gathered a wide creative range of different tools and components to create your own personal clock. As we strive to be your preferred hobby shop, we do not compromise on the quality of the products or the service we provide. This is also the case when you contact our competent staff by either calling or writing to us, or visiting our physical shop in Holstebro. 

We focus on providing you with a wide assortment of clock faces and other products, so you always have several options from which to choose. Of course, we focus on ensuring that the materials are at competitive prices, so you are always motivated to gather your purchases from one place – here at Creativ Company. 

Fast delivery and helpful customer service

In order to make it easy and attractive for you to shop with us, we always offer fast delivery so that you can have your order delivered to your door or the nearest pickup point within a few days. This makes it easy and quick to get started with your creative project. 

If you have any questions about our products, delivery or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help and guide you in the best possible way, so you can resolve your questions. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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