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Explore a wide selection of candleholders for home decor here. Buy beautiful tealight and ball candle holders as well as glass candle containers for all types of candles, from pillar candles to tealights. We stock candleholders in wood, glass and porcelain. Use the candleholders as they are or decorate them creatively for a personal look.



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Create your own candlesticks, tea light holders and candle glasses in unique designs

Candles add something very special to the home, and the warm, light-up flame of a candle can create joy and romance all year round. To give your candlesticks, tea light holders and candle glasses a more personal touch, it is a good idea to start decorating them by your own hand, e.g., by painting them or decorating them with feathers, glitter, beads or something else entirely. The only limits are those of your imagination!

Before you start your DIY project, it is a good idea to be aware of the type of candlesticks, tea light holders or candle glasses you need to buy:

  • Material - We sell products in wood, glass and porcelain, each of which fits into a unique interior. When you have selected your candlesticks or tea light holders, it is important that you buy paint or markers that can be used on the material. You can also find them here on the website.
  • Design - Do you need a single candlestick, a set consisting of several parts – or do you want to combine the different candlesticks, tea light holders and candle glasses in different ways? Already now you can start to think about where they should be in your home and how you want to decorate them in terms of colour. In addition to ordinary candlesticks and tea light holders, we also sell a little more creative candle shapes, like letters of the alphabet or a high-rise building.
  • Accessories - You can find all the necessary accessories for your DIY project here on our website, where you can buy glue, paint, , beads, glitter and much more.

In addition to the individual sale of candlesticks and tea light holders, you also have the option of buying a set of candle glasses and markers so that you are ready to get started immediately. This set is also perfect for kids who love to immerse themselves in the creative universe. You can therefore give these as Christmas or birthday gifts, etc.

Learn to make your own candles

Do you want to take the plunge and spice up your homemade candlesticks and tea light holders with your own homemade candles? You can make your candles in countless ways. For example, you can make them from paraffin, stearin or beeswax. Making your own candles has many advantages:

  • Choose your own colour - You can add any colour you like. In addition, you can give your candles several different colours or stripes so that they stand out in the crowd, and you can also add fragrance.
  • Choose your own shape and length - In recent years twisted candles have become particularly popular, and you can easily make them yourself at home. Moreover, you choose the diameter and length of your candles yourself, so they are exactly as you want them. Please note that our candlesticks and tea light holders are made for candles with a diameter of 2 cm.
  • Reuse and sustainability - Did you know that you can recycle old candle remnants and melt them into new candles? That way, you can use all the small pieces that you would probably throw away otherwise. It is also cosy and creative to get started with.

At Creativ Company, you will find all the equipment you need to get started casting candles from scratch. We have dipping racks , paraffin wax and wicks, which you can order directly from our website. Our accessories let you make homemade candles that match your decorations all year round.

Find inspiration for more light in your home

Need inspiration for adding more light to your home decor? Candlesticks, tea light holders and candle glasses all too often end up standing alone on a windowsill, dining table or dresser, but our range of products allows you to think outside the box when decorating your home. We have compiled a small list of ideas for how to use your candles at home:

  • A wreath after the season - A wreath doesn't necessarily have to be an advent wreath. If you take a walk out in nature, you will be able to find beautiful flowers and plants all year round, which you will be able to braid or make into a decorative wreath to match the season. Alternatively, use fresh or dried flowers that you can wrap around a single candlestick.
  • Wire with decoration - It is a good idea to decorate candle glasses with steel wire that can be purchased in different colours. On the wire, you can hang natural decorations, pearls or other objects all the way around to create a beautiful and decorative edge.
  • Unique table decorations - Candles arean indispensable part of any table decoration – no matter the season. With candle holders, tea light holders and candle glasses in different shapes and colours, there is plenty of opportunity to give your table a unique touch. To create a good variation in the table decoration, we recommend buying candlesticks, tea light holders and candle glasses of different heights.
  • Lanterns - For more light outside, you can easily make your own lanterns from recycled jam jars, etc. With our markers, you can easily colour them yourself or with your children, and with the wire loop, you can make a handle to make the lantern easy to move.

A wealth of versatile products and creative ideas

At Creativ Company, we believe that you can never be too old for creativity and play. Therefore, through our website, we want to make it easy and manageable for you to find everything you need to get started with your next DIY project.

On the website you can use our search function to find individual products or creative ideas. We regularly publish several creative idea catalogues, where you can find inspiration and specific ideas for your next creative project. Many of our catalogues are also divided into seasons and holidays, so there is always something to start with. All our catalogues can be found on our website.

We deliver our products to the whole country within 3-5 business days. Order your tea light holders, candlesticks and candle glasses now so you can get started on your next hobby project.

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