Christmas figures

Large selection of Christmas figurines for hanging displays and use as Christmas decorations. Browse a variety of figures, Santas, elves, stars and bells in terracotta, glass, acrylic, wood and papier-mâché here. Our Christmas figurines can be custom-decorated to create your own unique Christmas decorations.



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Cosy Christmas shapes for ornaments and hobbies

Our range is very broad in general, and we also have a wide range of Christmas shapes. In our webshop, you can find many different shapes, both flat and with a 3D effect. Similarly, you can also find Christmas shapes in different materials. These materials include glass, acrylic/plastic, papier-mâché, wood and terracotta.

With our range's wide selection, you’ll be well-covered and ready for Christmas by decorating the items in their natural colours, or you can make it extra festive by painting them in your favourite colours, or colours such as green and red, as they are often associated with Christmas.

When you decorate your home with Christmas orhaments, you turn up the cosiness to another level. Some of our products on this page even have built-in lighting, which is perfect during this dark period when you need a bit more light, or just like the extra cosiness it brings. When things light up beautifully, you can really enjoy them to the fullest.

Here in our webshop you will find both small and large packs of Christmas shapes, as well as slightly larger shapes that you can buy individually. You will save money if you buy many items at once, and this is particularly useful if you are buying products for a school class, after-school care, or kindergarten. Then you can easily let the children enjoy themselves, and together you can make your own personalised Christmas decorations.

Our wide range of Christmas shapes

Some of the items on this page are more Christmassy than others. If you want to go full steam ahead on your Christmas decorations, you can choose shapes such as Santas, elves and reindeer, but there are also products that will suit you if you prefer something a little more toned-down and wintery instead of too Christmassy.

Some of the less Christmas-centric shapes include bells, garden gnomes, and packs containing shapes such as snowflakes, hearts and stars. Hearts and stars can easily be used for e.g. New Year's Eve as well. And the hearts especially are also perfect for Valentine’s Day.

You may also be lucky enough to find other items, such as egg-shaped, flat shapes with floral patterns that you can use for e.g. easter. It all depends on the context and the paint colour(s) you choose. Last but not least, you can also find small hanging decorations that resemble ceramic plates. These may have cute text on them that is not necessarily intended for the Christmas season.

Do you want your Christmas shapes standing, hanging, or lying down?

We do what we can to have a wide range of Christmas shapes. This means that you can always count on being able to find products on this page that can either stand, hang, or lie down. Many of the products will be suitable for more than one position, and it is therefore up to you how they should be placed.

Some of the products suitable for hanging already have a string attached. For others products, a string is included for each item, so you can attach the string yourself if you want to. For other products, there will only be a hole, and then it is up to you to find some string if you wish to add some.

The smaller the shapes, the more suitable it is to hang them on the Christmas tree. If you have the right equipment, you can also hang the slightly larger shapes on the Christmas tree, even if they do not have a string or a hole for a string in advance. You can do this by making a hole in the shape, or by gluing an eyelet to a string at the top of the shape.

What can you do with the shapes?

Let your creativity run wild when you buy Christmas shapes from our webshop. We love decorative things, hobbies, and all the different holiday seasons of the year. As this includes Christmas, and because Christmas is a popular tradition in Denmark, as well as a very cosy time, it is a good idea to decorate your home with items that signify Christmas.

The obvious items for this are the shapes that are perfect as ornaments. Some of the items can stand on their own, while others are so thin that they need to be hung. A home that isn't decorated for Christmas can look a little sad if you compare it to the many other homes that have lots of decorations. However, there is no reason to despair, because you can easily decorate your home on your own.

Many of the shapes from our webshop are ready to use, as they are ornamental just the way they are. However, you may want to do something creative to the different items, which is always possible. If you would like specific ideas about how you can use the Christmas shapes, you can either scroll over to our catalogue of ideas immediately, or read more in the section below.

Make your own Christmas decorations

If you are creative, or you have the courage to try something new, we have good news for you. Here at Creativ Company, we live and breathe for everything that is cosy, creative and smart.

When you make your own Christmas decorations, you get full control of the finished result, and you end up with some decorations that you can be proud of.

You can either decorate your own home using your homemade Christmas decorations, or you can give them away to someone you love. And if you’re very productive and talented, you may even be able to make good money by selling your creations to people who are either not as creative as you, or who just can't figure out how to make their own.

Some solid ideas for what you can do with the Christmas shapes are:

  • A mobile with a 2-in-1 suspension mounted on thin natural hemp
  • Different tags on gifts
  • A polystyrene Santa Claus coated with Foam Clay
  • ooden, hanging Santa decoration
  • Papier-mâché Christmas ornaments, painted and decorated
  • Standing angel, painted and decorated with sequinned ribbon
  • An elf made from a terracotta bell and polystyrene ball, covered in Foam Clay glitter and Silk Clay
  • An angel with Foam Clay glitter and Silk Clay
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