Large selection of baubles for decoration, hanging displays and creative projects. Browse baubles in a wide range of materials, from cotton wool and polystyrene to wood and glass, as well as traditional Christmas baubles.



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Balls – a wealth of possibilities

When you look up the word “ball” in the dictionary, it has a lot of different meanings. These include the following:

  • Regularly round, most often solid objects or figures.
  • A round object that can roll and be used in games.
  • a spatial figure with a surface that has the same distance (radius) to the centre of the figure
  • And many, many more.

Just like the word has several meanings, our selection of balls here at Creativ Company have several creative expressions. In our range, you will find a large selection of balls in many different sizes, materials, and colours. No matter what creative idea you’ve thought of using balls, you’ll be able to find the right ball for your project in our range.

Our balls are available both individually and in bulk packs. Feel free to buy some extra, so you always have some available. Also remember to look through our range for additional shapes, eggs, and animals that can be used for decoration – and that can be added to our ornamental balls.

Balls in different materials

At Creativ Company, we have balls in a wide range of different materials. But are you unsure of which type of ball to choose? Below we will introduce our range, which will hopefully help you to make a choice.

  • Wooden balls. These balls are made from sturdy materials, and can also be hung outdoors on the terrace or conservatory, where they will serve a great decorative purpose.
  • Glass balls These are great as Christmas ornaments and, in some of them, there is an opening in which you can place items, such as spruce or a cute little elf.
  • Cotton balls. Has a sturdy quality that is especially recommended for children to play with.
  • Polystyrene/styrofoam balls. Lightweight and easy to work with. Here you can really decorate to your heart's content by adding leftover fabric and the like.

We sell all the balls in different sizes, so you will have ample opportunity to find the exact type and size of ball that you need for your project.

Make your own Christmas baubles and ornaments

In our range we have a wealth of different Christmas baubles. They are available in the classic Christmas colours – red, green, gold and silver. We also have more neutral Christmas baubles, which you have can decorate in your own preferred patterns and colours.

You can personalise the Christmas baubles and give them away as sweet calendar or Advent gifts. Buy some of our markers or paints and write a cute message on the Christmas bauble, such as “I love you”, “the world’s best dad” or something else entirely.

The range also includes large balls made of polystyrene and cotton, which are excellent for making a cute snowman for your elf landscape. If you take a closer look at our selection, you’ll also find a stunning glass snow globe that you can decorate yourself.

Make balls for kids’ games

As we initially wrote, balls are round objects that can roll and be used for entertainment, games and play. So roll up your sleeves and create variously coloured balls for your kids to play with. Even better, invite your little ones to join in the creative process, and allow them to create their own unique and colourful balls.

If your children are going to play with the balls, it's a good idea to consider what type of material they are made from. In this case, we particularly recommend our cotton balls, which are soft to the touch and easy to colour in with a . Let your children have free rein and decide for themselves how they want to decorate the balls – and which types of shapes/people/animals/monsters they want to make out of them. When your children are not playing with the balls, they can add a nice decorative touch to the children’s rooms.

Many of our cotton balls are equipped with a hole, which makes it possible to connect several balls to each other using string, yarn or pipe cleaners.

Decorate your home with balls

In our large catalogue of ideas, you can find a wealth of ideas on how to use balls decoratively in your interior decor. Homemade items can really add the final touch to your personal decor. Because this is how you can create a unique home with innovative things that you cannot find in interior design shops.

Below we have outlined two great ideas on how you can use our balls in your interior decor:

  • Create beautiful decorations. Decorations are good for all year round, and can be changed depending on the season. For example, make some colourful pastel balls for the summer months, and replace them with some darker shades during the winter months. Place a large candle in the middle and decorate it with abies cones, dried flowers, and the like.
  • Place the balls on twigs or in windows. You may often struggle to find decorative objects that can reach different heights and create a variety of levels in your interior design. But one great idea is to place cotton or styrofoam balls of different colours on twigs and in the windows.

Not only can you decorate your home with the pretty balls, but you can also use them for party decorations and table settings. Feel free to buy some balls in different sizes and paint them in your favourite colours. Let them hang from the ceiling to create a dreamy and fairytale-like look. It can also serve as an excellent table decoration, as e.g. place cards – sew or embroider the guests’ names on fine cotton balls, or buy a glass variant and paint on it using glass paint. This can make some unique and fun place cards that will really excite all your guests.

So there are plenty of ideas. It’s just a matter of throwing yourself into it and letting your creativity run wild. It’s worth putting a few hours of each week into creative play, so you can get a little break from the busy feeling of everyday life. Your soul will thank you.

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