Animals and insects

Browse our wide selection of animal and insect-themed hobby figures here. These beautiful animal figures can be used for decoration or children's creative play. Our decorative figures come in a variety of materials, for example polystyrene, papier-maché, wood, terracotta and glazed ceramic.



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Animals and insects

Do you want to paint your own cow? Or make your own decorations for the seasonal holidays and parties? Then delve into our wide range of decorative figures. You’ll find figures of everything from animals and insects to Easter bunnies.

Our decorative figures are made from different materials, so you can find whatever suits your project best. The range includes figures in papier-mâché, glazed porcelain and wood. You can also buy large quantities of our figures if, for example, you are going to hold a children’s birthday party with a creative activity or if the children in daycare or school want something fun to paint on.

We strive to offer a wide range of decorative figures that match all the seasonal holidays and events. Therefore, you can find elves and Easter bunnies, or pumpkins if you want to make your own decorations for seasonal holidays or other special occasions. If you’re into dinosaurs, you can also be lucky enough to find figures that are ready to be painted, glued or decorated any way you like. In fact, you can also find eggs that can easily be used for dinosaur eggs if they are painted in your favourite dinosaur colour.

Decorate your own animal figures

Animals and insects have always appealed to both children and adults. And our decorative figures enable you to make your animal or insect look exactly how you want it to. Maybe you'd like your cow to be pink with stars or your butterfly to be gold? Only your imagination sets the limits for how you can decorate your figures.

And who says that the figures have to be decorated with paint? You can use whatever materials you want. Why not find leaves in the forest that you can glue onto your animal figure? Or give your butterfly wings made of twigs and fabric? If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our huge catalogue of ideas, where you’ll find lots of patterns, ideas and suggestions for creative projects.

When choosing which materials to use for decorating your animals and insects, it’s important to consider what kind of material your figure is made of. If, for example, it is made of porcelain, you should of course use materials that stick to porcelain so that your lovely decoration does not fall off or become damaged if you touch it. 

Use animals and insects for decoration and playing

You can find decorative figures of animals and insects in many different sizes. Once you've decorated them, there are almost no limits for what you can do with them. For example, you can use the figures as table decorations if you are holding a party. You don't often see a table adorned with beautifully decorated farm animals. Or perhaps the guests might like to help decorate the animals themselves? This will create some fond memories from your party, which will remind you of a nice evening.

You can also use the figures to decorate your bookcase, and the great thing is that you can decorate them in exactly the way that suits your home best.

If you have children, you can give them the job of decoratíng their own toys. The animals and insects may well become the children’s favourite toys if they've helped to decorate them themselves. In this way you give the children ownership of their toys, as well as giving them the opportunity to have fun with each other and you, while you all get creative together.

And the playing doesn't have to stop with the animal or insect. An old cardboard box can be used to easily make a farm for the farm animals or perhaps a fence for the dinosaurs. It can also be used to store the figures.

Be creative together

When you are creative together, your relationship becomes strengthened because you are making something nice and having fun together. Lower your ambitions so there is no need for perfection and let your inner artist run free. Often imperfect things are most beautiful in their imperfection.

When you’re being creative with a child, try to have your own project so you’re creative next to each other. This gives the child the opportunity to be creative on their own terms. Let your creativity unfold together and give each other good ideas and inspiration.

Who knows, maybe you'll end up with a brilliant work of art. 

You can also try to give each other a challenge in your creative projects. Perhaps you are only allowed to use red colours or only natural materials? Perhaps you can only use recycled materials or things that are striped? Or you might have to sit with your backs against each other to see if you can create something matching. Maybe your child will describe how your figure should look, and then you have to try and make two identical ones without looking at each other’s?

A creative session doesn't have to be lengthy and complicated.  Perhaps just 15 minutes after school is all it takes for you to find a peaceful time to spend together in the afternoon. You could also include going for a walk together to find materials for decorating your animals and insects with.

Creativity brings calmness and extra value to everyday life

A creative project gives you time for playing and reflecting. A way to liberate yourself without words and express yourself in a unique way. Creativity provides a break in everyday life, where you you can give your mind a rest and just see what comes up.

If you need some ideas for being creative inside, our decorative animal and insect figures can give your creative expressions an end goal. This allows you to start with a figure that you make your own in your creative process.

Creativity has a positive effect on the the minds of everyone - both children and adults, boys and girls. Everyone benefits from releasing their creativity once in a while. To see what comes up when a free rein is given. It brings peace to both your body and mind when you make room for immersion at regular intervals. When you lose yourself in a creative project so there's no space to think about packed lunches or laundry, it’s healthy.

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