Angel figures

Angel figures for decoration, hanging or creative decoration. You'll find angels in plastic, wood, papier-maché and polystyrene. They're perfect if you want to make your own Christmas decorations or angel decorations.



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Create angel figures for your home and as gifts.

Angels can be cute, pretty, fun, friendly and beautiful. Can they also be cheeky and crazy? It's up to you when you make your own angel. On this page you’ll find everything you need to create the kind of angels you like best.

You can find angel figures to decorate yourself, or you can find different kits if you'd rather make your own angels from scratch. In fact, only your imagination can limit what an angel can look like and what it can be made of. So get stuck into our page and look at our idea catalogue to find inspiration.

Angels in papier-mâché, plastic, wood and styrofoam

If you want an angel figure to decorate, you can find it here. At Creativ Company you can find angel figures in all kinds of different materials and shapes. You can find angels in papier-mâché and plastic and in wood and styrofoam. Some angels have legs showing, others have legs hidden under their gowns. Some angels are big, others are small, and some can hang on a string. Find your favourite angel figures and decorate them however you like.

You can also make your angels from scratch with whatever you have tucked away at home. Perhaps you have a plastic cup that you can use, or maybe you've got a new scouring pad that can be used for the angel’s body. You might be a whizz with crochet needles and knitting needles, and can perhaps make your own angels out of yarn. Maybe your angel should be a little fat pompom angel?

In fact, only your imagination sets the limits for how you can make the most beautiful angels. If you have young children, you can make angels from prints of the children’s feet and hands. Or maybe you can make prints of your own feet and hands for a funny 'adult' angel. Things can be as fun and quirky as you like when you’re creative. Everything is permitted.

If you like working with clay, you can make angels from self-hardening clay, or from Fimo clay. Then you can make beautiful patterns in the clay and use steel wire to attach a halo above the angels' heads. Your angels can also be made of paper, cork, foam rubber, cardboard, glass, porcelain, pine cones, stones and whatever else you can think of!

Decorating your own angels

When decorating your favourite angel, you can use all kinds of different materials. You can paint your angel figure or you can colour it with markers or coloured chalk. Maybe you'd rather dress it up with fabric. In which case you'll need glue to attach the fabric. If you want to make your angel sparkle, you'll need some glitter that you can glue on. Or maybe you can sew beads or sequins onto your angel.

If your angel is a natural angel, you can go out into nature and find materials to decorate it. Perhaps you can make angels from beautiful autumn leaves and twigs. Or maybe the beach is where you'll find treasures to make your own unique angel. An angel with seaweed hair and seashell wings?

When decorating your angel figures, the most important thing to be aware of is that you have the right materials for the figure you have chosen. Depending on what it is made of, it might make difference to what you should paint and glue with. Paint that can stick to papier-mâché might not be able to stick properly to plastic.

If you're in any doubt, you are welcome to contact our customer service, who would be pleased to answer your questions. Perhaps you can also find answers or inspiration in our huge catalogue of ideas. It’s brimming with ideas, patterns and instructions for countless cosy and fun creativity projects. 

Angels for Christmas and all year round

Angels can be found all year round. No one says that angels are only for the Christmas season. Some people say that angels are creatures who always take care of us. Whatever you believe, angel figures can easily be decorated all year round. Especially if you make them from materials that aren't too Christmassy.

You might like to make your angel out of leftover fabric, which you can stick to an angel figure made of papier-maché and attach some wings made from card. If you make your angel in colours that fit in with your other interior decor,  you can easily leave it hanging all year round as a beautiful decorative object.

You can also make an angel from natural materials. This would be perfect for hanging or standing outside, so you can enjoy looking at it whenever you're in the garden. Perhaps you can decorate it with flowers in the summer. In this way, it stays relevant no matter what season it is.

Peace and (Christmas) calm with creative angels

Getting ready to make Christmas decorations and decorate the house for the holiday season is one of the cosiest things to to. Perhaps you can do it together as a family, with friends or have fun doing it alone. In the run-up to the holidays, things can become hectic and many of us get stressed by all the things we need to get done and the Christmas parties we don't want to miss.

When the stress is at its greatest, this is the best time to get out the Christmas decorations and set aside some time to just sit and enjoy quality time making your lovely homemade Christmas decorations. It’s healthy for your body and mind to unwind and relax and just immerse yourself in something you like doing. This can actually recharge you, so you can get through the rest of the Christmas month and all the numerous chores and things on the to-do list.

When we are creative, it creates peace and extra value in our hectic everyday lives, and we have time to immerse ourselves in the company of those we love. It makes it easy to stay in a cheery Christmas spirit – even in the summer months too. 

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