We have a large selection of mugs and coffee cups to decorate yourself. Buy single mugs or a complete paint-your-own set with mugs and markers. Paint-your-own mugs are perfect for those who want to create their own design or who want to make homemade gifts with their children.



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Create your own unique style

Have you searched through one interior design store after another, for the perfect style that suits your own interior design style? Stop searching, because we have the perfect opportunity for you here at Creativ Company. Because you can create your own unique style using our coffee cups. This way, you can decorate and paint your cups in any way you like. 

You can make the cups in the same style, patterns and colours – but you can also make each cup unique. In our range, we have different types of coffee cups, both those with handles and those without.

The mugs are made of porcelain, and are of good quality. They are available individually, but also in bulk packs – such as a 12-pack, so you have cups for both everyday and guest use.

A small work of art in your interior design

Mugs can act as their own work of art. Place them in a visible place – such as on a shelf or in a cupboard with glass doors, where people can clearly see them. Sometimes you create such a beautiful mug that you hardly feel comfortable using it as a drinking mug. But fortunately, there are other ways to use your mug – so that it becomes a permanent part of the decor. Below we have outlined three good suggestions:

  • Use the mug as a flower pot. Plant your favourite herb in the mug and place it centrally in the window.

  • Use the mug as a pencil holder. The prettiest mugs can be used as pencil holders, as they can be clearly seen – and it means you'll always have a pencil at hand.

  • Use the mug as a toothbrush holder. Create your own unique cup in wonderful colours that can stand out in the bathroom.

If the cup isn't going to be used for coffee or other hot drinks, then you can be even more creative when decorating it, as it won't need to be washed daily. For this, you can look at our selection of glass mosaics and other wonderful things that decorate mugs beautifully. 

Decorate the mug as you wish

Decorate pretty neutral mugs with glass and porcelain markers, or glass and porcelain paint. You will find both colours and paints that can be wiped and washed. The paint is available in a wealth of wonderful and fantastic colours, which will decorate the mugs in the prettiest way possible. You can also use several glass & porcelain stickers to create a beautiful look for your mug.

After you have painted your cups in the desired motifs, the cups must be glazed in the oven. Correct instructions are included when purchasing the porcelain paint. If, on the other hand, you only use felt-tip markers, then they just need to dry for a few hours before use.  In general, it is always a good idea to wash the cups in the dishwasher using the gentle cycle, so that the beautiful porcelain lasts as long as possible.

The little ones can easily help to paint their own cups. This will practice both their fine motor skills and stimulate some fantastic creativity. Let the little ones make their own pretty cup that will significantly improve their drinking enjoyment.

Make a creative workshop for all your friends

Buy a large batch of our neutral, paint-your-own mugs and various accessories– such as paint, markers, beads, and much more. You'll have quickly set the framework for a cozy night in with friends.

When you sit together as a group and make something creative, a very special atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy arises. This isn't a feeling you'll get if, for example, you’re all gathered around a meal or a football match on TV.

Around the country, various creative workshops have started popping up, where you can book a table for an afternoon in the spirit of creativity. But, with a few aids, a workshop like this can also quickly be set up in a private home. Within our range of mugs, you can find several packages containing both mugs and porcelain markers. They are available in both white and black. So you’ll get a large number of neutral cups that are ready to be painted by you and your friends.

The perfect homemade gift

A personalised cup is the perfect gift. The recipient can use it in any way they like – either as their new favourite cup or as a permanent part of their interior decor.

Denmark is one of the countries with the most coffee-drinkers in the world, and many of us walk around with a coffee cup in our hands most of the time. Therefore, a cup is also an excellent gift to give – regardless of the age of the recipient. Decorate the cup in a personal way. For example, you could write a sweet quote or the words “the world’s best father” or “the world’s best friend”, which are very popular options.

Our range also includes a thermos cup, which is the perfect gift for someone who is often on the go. Commuting time can be long, and it’s always nice to have a lovely cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee that can stay warm for hours. We regularly update our range, so please keep an eye on the page – your new favourite mug could be just around the corner.

Tips for decorating mugs

You can decorate mugs in a number of ways – and you decide for yourself how to go about it. Below, however, we have compiled a handful of our best tips for decorating your newly purchased mugs.

  • Always remember to wash the mug before decorating. This ensures that the surface is completely clean and grease-free, so that there is no risk of unevenness under the paint.

  • If you have chosen a mug with a handle, don't forget to decorate the handle. This is something that most people forget – but which gives the cup an incredibly pretty and harmonious look.

  • If you are already working on creative projects, we recommend that you embroider some coasters, so that the mugs don't leave marks on your table.

Remember that you can also always find more inspiration in our extensive catalogue of ideas, which is packed with fun, entertaining, and creative activities for all ages.

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