Wooden boxes

Find wooden and veneer options as well as sets of boxes for gifts or storage. There are a range of models available. Use the wooden boxes as they are or paint and decorate them for a personal touch.



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Unfold your creativity with wooden and veneer boxes

Do you love being creative and need a new project you can throw yourself into? Then our selection of wooden and veneer boxes could be just the thing for you. Boxes open up a world of possibilities, as you can decorate and paint them as you wish. You have the freedom to decide how the boxes should look. Fortunately, there are no rules when it comes to being creative.

We sell boxes in several different shapes and sizes, giving you rich possibilities for going with the variant that best suits your project. Whether you’re looking for a box to use as a gift, or a cosy project for you and your little ones to start on. 

In our assortment, you will also find a wide selection of hobby items, so you can decorate the wooden or veneer boxes as you wish. The chances are excellent that you will find the exact accessories you would like for your very own box.

Make personal, unique boxes 

Whether you get your hands on our wooden or veneer boxes, you will certainly end up with a uniquely personal box. Could you use inspiration on how to decorate them? Then we will do our best to help you get started. 

Decorate wooden and veneer boxes with hobby paint 

On this page you will find a wide selection of hobby paints for painting the boxes. Hobby paint is good to use, as in no time you can transform the appearance of the boxes. If you would like to make an extra colourful box, don't hold back on giving the lid and base different colours, for example. Alternatively, you can also paint patterns, figures or people in all kinds of beautiful colours. 

Give boxes beautiful patterns with stencil templates

If you would like to decorate wooden or veneer boxes with beautiful patterns, you can consider using stencil templates. You can use templates with punched holes that you can paint over. In a very short time you will have a box with the finest pattern, in the exact colour(s) you prefer. 

Decorate boxes with stickers 

One fun thing you can also throw yourself into is decorating boxes with self-adhesive stickers. Of course, you decide for yourself which motifs to use, how many to use on the boxes and which ones. The good thing about decorating boxes in this way is that you will quickly have a box with a completely new look. Stickers can also be quite fun for children to play and work with. 

Remember that you can always find inspiration for creative projects in our “Creative ideas” section, where we provide pictures and detailed guides on how to decorate different boxes. It can also make it even more tangible to work with boxes, so you have a sense of how a creative project with boxes can end up.

Should you choose wooden or veneer boxes? 

Not sure if you should choose wooden or veneer boxes? Then you can start by considering what the boxes will be used for and afterwards, how they are to work with. 

A wooden box can be a good choice if you want one that is extra sturdy. These boxes are often both thicker and harder than veneer boxes. If you want a box to be used for storing something extra special, you know that the wooden box can provide that protection. Wooden boxes also have a completely rectangular design, which can make them even easier to paint and decorate. That is a point to consider consider before buying a box.

A veneer box can be a good choice when you want to use the box for storing several items, since they often come come in slightly larger sizes. That means even more room to be creative when painting and decorating. 

Get inspiration for using wooden and veneer boxes

Once you have placed your personal stamp on a wooden or veneer box, only your imagination sets the limits for what it can be used for. Perhaps it will be used for storing toys in a child’s room, storing jewellery as a work of art that can stand out, or maybe the box will be decorated and serve as a secret treasure chest to be found at a child’s birthday party. 

Wooden and veneer boxes can also be an extra nice, thoughtful gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or for grandparents. There is no doubt that the boxes will be a reminder of the person who made it. 

Of course, there doesn't have to be a specific occasion for making boxes. You may also want to take on a nice project that can give even more quality time during a holiday. And it’s always extra exciting to see how the boxes end up – there are endless options forpersonalising them. 

Buy boxes and accessories from Creativ Company 

We have done our best to ensure that you can find everything for your creative project at Creativ Company. Our wide assortment offers you many options to choose from in wooden boxes, veneer boxes and general boxes that you can decorate for a fun break from the daily routine. In addition, our selection also offers a wide range of decorative items that you can also use.

If you have any doubts about which boxes to choose or how to work with them, please contact us. We always do our best to help and advise you, so that you have an extra good experience decorating boxes. And whether you shop online or in our physical shop, you can look forward to competitive prices, a high level of service and accommodating staff.

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