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Browse our extensive selection of wooden storage boxes here. Choose between a wide range of boxes, such as: wooden boxes, bookcases, apple boxes, shoe shine boxes and small crates. All wooden boxes can be used as they are, or painted and decorated for a personal touch.



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Multi-purpose storage boxes

If you need storage space at home for one thing or another, our wooden boxes offer a stylish, practical solution with plenty of options. Storage boxes can be used for a wide range of things: storing books on the wall, tools in the shed, socks under the bed, etc. Our wooden boxes are a stylish choice for any wall or corner of your home where you lack storage space and want to decorate with something beautiful and different.

Storage boxes are also easy to stack, so you can use the boxes for practical storage on the floor, e.g., in a garage where you want to store this year’s apple harvest or save all the potatoes you have grown in the garden over the summer.

You can also use storage boxes for bottles that you have filled with various delicacies, or to store the homemade jam, which also benefits from being in the cold outside. For shoes and so much more, wooden boxes give you practical and durable storage, while all other conceivable things that need a practical storage space can find a new home in one of our wooden boxes.

Wooden storage boxes offer a wealth of practical options, so it’s just about being creative, and you’ll find something that these beautiful wooden boxes can be used for in your home.

At Creativ Company, we sell many different types of storage boxes, but as they all come in wood, there are guaranteed to be beautiful and stylish boxes that can be used as decorative elements inside the home, or for practical storage outside.

The wooden boxes are of good quality and can therefore last for many years on the floor and on the wall, where the natural wood will just look nicer and nicer over the years if you don't paint it.

We sell wooden boxes in different shapes and sizes, which is why you don't have to stick to a classic, square shape if you want something else and more daring to hang on the wall in the living room or in a child’s room.

Unleash your creativity and create personalised wooden boxes

Raw and natural wood is a gorgeous material in itself, so there is nothing wrong with hanging our storage boxes on the wall as they are. But if you love colours and want to add a personal touch to your wooden boxes, the bare wood is also a perfect canvas for your creativity.

Our storage boxes come in light wood, which you can paint in all kinds of colours to fit into your decor. For example, you can paint your wooden boxes red for a warm and inviting look in the living room, or you can go all out with your creativity and paint the boxes in different colours, or choose a classic white for a stylish, modern look.

You can also keep the big brush in the cupboard and start with the small details instead, so you can create an even more personal and unique look. For example, you can cut out a stencil with a pattern or a text of your choice, and then spray the motif on your box with a spray paint, for example, so that you end up with a motif with razor-sharp lines.

That’s why our storage boxes are also a good choice for children’s rooms, where you need some practical boxes for clothes, books, etc., and you want something nice and personal for the walls. There’s nothing better than freshly painted wooden boxes that will bring life and warmth to any child’s room wall.

Your children can even help paint the storage boxes for their rooms, so that they become even more personal, and your children can have a fun afternoon being creative with paint and wooden boxes. The boxes can be decorated with the child’s name, animal motifs and much more, making the boxes child-friendly and loved by the little ones.

It’s easy to personalise our storage boxes for both children and adults, which is why they are the perfect choice for anyone who loves to be creative and create unique objects for the home.

Once you have painted or decorated your wooden boxes to your liking, they can be transformed into decorative elements on a wall, where they can be used both for practical storage and  displaying the things you love.

You can place knick-knacks, photos of your loved ones and much more both inside and on top of the box, such as a lovely little rhyme on the wall that you will love looking at.

Create your own unique bookshelf with storage boxes

If you are looking for a practical and stylish bookcase, wooden boxes are a great choice. Our wooden storage boxes can easily be hung on the wall with screws, for example, allowing you to create a beautiful and inexpensive bookcase on your own terms.

You can hang wooden boxes in a pattern and at a height that suits your home, so you can always find space over a sofa or on another empty wall when you have books that need storage. You can hang the boxes next to each other, on top of each other or in any other pattern, so you can tailor your wall system to your specific needs and home.

The beautiful wooden storage boxes will match your books visually, and the ensemble will enhance the decor of any home.

At Creativ Company you will find many different storage boxes that can be used for book cases. You can choose the classic rectangular shape, which is visually attractive and has room for many books, or you can choose another shape, such as hexagonal or house-shaped. These alternative shapes can also be a good choice for a child’s room, creating a more lively, child-friendly style.v

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