Folding boxes

Keep track of things, create creative storage solutions or make your own personal gift box. Explore our wide range of folding boxes here and discover a wealth of creative decoration options. Our cardboard boxes and fold-your-own boxes are made of sturdy card and cardboard and come in a range of sizes and colours.



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Storage boxes

In our assortment, we offer fold-your-own boxes in different sizes and colours. The boxes can be used for storage in e.g. a child’s room, the office, or in the living room. The boxes can help you to keep track of small items, such as hobby and office supplies.

Our fold-your-own boxes come in different colours, and in a simple design. This gives you ample opportunity to decorate the boxes yourself, to be exactly as you wish. In our range, we have , paint, and much more to help you decorate the pretty and simple fold-your-own boxes. So before you finish your order completely, remember to buy some of our decoration items – we also have a lot of glitter and glimmer.

The good thing about folding boxes is that they can be reused countless times. If you give away a fold-your-own-box as a gift, the box functions as a small extra item that the recipient will be able to find great pleasure in.

A creative project for the little ones

Folding boxes can be an excellent project for the little ones, as it is not too challenging. For example, the boxes can be assembled with the help from the parents, but otherwise they are also relatively easy to use – even for the younger children. When you receive the boxes, you will also get a detailed step-by-step guide.

When the boxes are folded, that's when the fun starts! The actual decorating of the boxes. It’s an activity for both adults and children. For the children, the boxes are more fun to paint on than a blank piece of paper. They can play with different levels – top, bottom and sides. A good tip is also to colour in the inside of the box, as this creates a more three-dimensional experience.

Of course, you can also keep the boxes simple and stylish just as they are, and use them in your decor. But if you want to give decorating them a go, there is always plenty of opportunity to decorate them exactly as you would like, according to your own personal taste and interior style. Let your children choose the decorations they want to use when decorating their boxes. Hours will pass by in a flash when you spend time decorating these pretty boxes. If your children participated in the project, then why not put the boxes in the child’s room afterwards.

Folded boxes as table decorations

The folded boxes are nothing less than perfect for your table decorations. But how do you incorporate the boxes into your table decorations?  A good idea is to place the small boxes around the guests’ plates, where they can function as small, pretty place cards. Why not decorate the boxes for the specific occasion. For example, if it’s for a wedding, decorate the boxes with tulle fabric. If it’s for a children’s birthday party, decorate them with colourful beads in different shapes instead.

And what about the contents of the box? There is also a wide range of different options here. For example, the boxes could store a cute little personal story that is linked to the recipient and party's guest of honour. It could also be a small box of sweets to enjoy during the party. If it’s New Year’s Eve, the box could also be hidden in a small New Year’s cracker or New Year’s streamer . The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is unleash your creativity – and give your guests a little extra surprise.

Boxes used to wrap gifts

Folding boxes are the perfect gift containers for smaller gifts, including cash and gift cards. It can be a bit boring to receive a gift that is simply wrapped in an envelope. Therefore, make some extra effort by using folded boxes to hold a gift, as this will give the recipient great pleasure.

The folded boxes can be decorated based on the contents and occasion of the gift. Below we have outlined some ideas to inspire you. Our boxes have a relatively neutral design, making them easy to decorate and personalise.

  • Box for concert tickets. When you receive the gift box, you can indicate the contents of the gift without revealing too much. For example, write a line from the musician’s big hit, or attach a concert picture. You can also use small stickers of notes or figures/motifs that are displayed in the band’s logo.

  • Gift box for money. Roll up the banknotes with pretty yarn, or fold them into creative shapes. Then decorate the boxes with colourful motifs, e.g. using watercolours, which provide a completely unique gift box that cannot be found in stores. The recipient can then use the gift box to store various small items.

If the boxes need to a little bit of extra decoration, you can also find a wealth of curling ribbons in our range, which can add the finishing touch to any gift wrapping. If you need the boxes to hold money, gift cards, or tickets, then there's often space left over in the gift box – which is why it’s a good idea to fill the box with colourful tissue paper. In our range, you can find tissue paper in all the colours of the rainbow.

NB Remember that we also sell ready-made gift boxes, which are available in all kinds of beautiful motifs. The advantages of these folded boxes, however, are that you can add your own personal touch to their look, and decorate them exactly as you wish.

Brave enough for an extra challenge?

In our range, we have put together some pre-cut boxes that you can fold yourself. They come with a guide to help you fold. But are you brave enough to embark on an even bigger creative project? If you are, then click on our cardboard and paper page, where you will find in a wide range of colours and thicknesses.

Here you have the opportunity to create your own foldable boxes in different patterns, shapes and sizes than the ones we currently offer on this page. In our catalogue of ideas, you can find inspiration for creating your own folding boxes in your preferred motifs.

The boxes can be made to the exact size you want – and can be used in a number of different ways. For example, you could use it as part of your interior design, to conceal the clutter that you do not want to look at every day. The boxes can also be made without a lid and used for storage of e.g. pencils and markers for the home office and hobby room.

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