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Create your own personal gift box or storage solution. Browse our range of cardboard and papier-maché boxes, which can be decorated in a wealth of different ways. The boxes are made of sturdy card, cardboard and papier-maché, and are available in many sizes and shapes.



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Decorate your cardboard boxes with fabric

Do you like decorating and making things by combining different materials? Then maybe the next craft project you should throw yourself into is fabric decoupage.

If you have some scraps of fabric left over from a sewing project, you can use them for fabric decoupage. You can use a few different pieces of fabric on the same box. For example, use one colour inside the box and another on the outside to achieve a beautiful and unique look. You can use both plain and patterned fabrics. It’s entirely up to you what you like best.

Besides fabric, you can also decorate your cardboard boxes with paper. For example, it could be some thin paper or gift wrap that's easy to cut out and shape around the box. You can also cut the paper into different shapes like hearts, stars or flowers and stick them on the box.

You can make different boxes to use for different purposes. If it's Christmas, you can make a festive-looking box using red fabric or paper. Try decorating it with hearts or stars. The more kinds of paper and fabric you have, the more options available to you for making some really special, decorative boxes.

Draw and paint on cardboard boxes

Cardboard and paper are ideal materials to use for drawing and painting. If you want to try drawing and painting on something other than a flat piece of paper however, then painting on cardboard boxes is a really fun activity. You can use markers, crayons, pencils and paints to create beautiful boxes. Then you can either draw on the box using a stencil or draw freehand. You can draw animals, figures or other motifs, but you can also use abstract designs or patterns.

Painting and drawing on boxes is something everyone in the family can do. It’s a cosy activity that doesn't require complex materials. This makes it easy to get started. You can also combine the paint with other materials. For example, you can also decorate your box with beads, glitter or fabric after painting on it first.

After you've decorated your boxes, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can use them to store small items such as pencils, little toys, hair accessories, beads and much more.

Make beautiful and decorative gift boxes

Homemade and personal gifts are always a hit. It's nice both to give and receive something that has had time spent on it and has been made specifically for a certain person. There are many things that lend themselves to being packed inside a box, for both practical and decorative reasons.

You can decorate homemade gift boxes in many different ways. You can use glitter, beads or paint. A box covered in fabric decoupage can also make a really nice gift presentation. When you make a homemade gift box, you have the chance to personalise it to suit the recipient. The gift box can be decorated with ribbons and bows to make it look extra inviting.

Gift boxes can be used for Christmas gifts, birthday presents and other special occasions. Things that are ideal for presenting in a homemade gift box include  jewellery creations such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets. You can also put home-baked or homemade sweet treats in the boxes and gift them to friends or family.

Gift boxes can be made in many different sizes, depending on what you need.

Storage boxes in unique designs

We all need a lot of storage. And you probably need even more if you have lots of craft supplies like beads, pencils and paper – in which case it's nice to have some boxes for you to store your things in.

Cardboard boxes can be customised to make your very own storage boxes. You can design boxes to fit all the different rooms in your home. If you like to work with a range of patterns and festive colours, then you can make cardboard boxes with different colours, perhaps using glitter. For instance, find some paper or fabric in striking patterns, glue it onto the box and then sprinkle on some glitter or glue on some beads.

You can also design cardboard boxes to suit the different seasons and holidays. For example, when it’s Christmas, you can make boxes with yuletide stars and festive hearts. If you have a big box, you can even use your Christmas-themed box to store Christmas decorations. For Halloween, you can paint a pumpkin on the box and use it to store candy in. And when Easter approaches, a homemade cardboard box with a design of eggs and bunnies is great for storing Easter decorations or Easter eggs.

Boxes are always practical to have lying around. You can store edible things such as caramels or sweets in them, or you can use them to keep small items safe like hair accessories, jewellery or beads.

A variety of boxes in many shapes and sizes

Here at Creativ Company, you have ample opportunity to find many different decorative boxes in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can get heart-shaped boxes that you can decorate with red fabric or paint, for instance. A small heart-shaped box is great for storing jewellery pieces like earrings or a bracelet. It's also cute to use as a gift box.

In addition, we stock boxes in round or oval shapes. A round box is nice and elegant and can also be used for many things. For example, it can look great if you have several round boxes in different sizes that you stack on top of each other. Decorate them with fabric or paper and place them on a shelf where you can see them. Decorative boxes are both practical and lovely to look at. They can be used in the living room, hallway or in the kid's room.

Naturally, we also stock boxes in the classic square shape in a wide range of sizes. You can also decorate these however you like. If you need inspiration as to how you should decorate your cardboard boxes, our large idea catalogue is packed with creative ideas.

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