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Creativity in a Box gives you creativity, immersion and learning all in one. It comes with everything you need for creative time - and Creativity in a Box is also perfect for those have never been creative before. Our Starter Craft Kits teach you all the techniques from scratch - so get ready to immerse yourself in our world of creativity and enjoy a break from your busy everyday life.



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Craft kits packed with creativity

Do you need creative activities to work on in your daily life – or to take out at weekends or festive holidays? Then try our exciting Starter Craft Kits, where you can learn new techniques, absorb yourself in something and get creative, all in one package. Each kit contains everything you need for one creative project – and everything is carefully selected and combined, so you can spend less time searching for supplies and more time creating. The preparatory work can quickly become a big job on its own, which means that you never really get started with the many DIY projects you dream of doing. However, we believe that it should always be easy and straightforward to be creative – and this is where our Craft Kits and Starter Craft Kits come in. They contain all the craft supplies and instructions you need, so it’s easy to go from start to finish with your creative activities.

But what if you don't know exactly which creative activity you want to try first? Luckily, we have many different Mini Craft Kits, Craft Kits, and Starter Craft Kits, so we’re certain that you can find one or more to suit you and your creative curiosity. Perhaps you'd like to weave your own hanging decoration, make some flowers out of crepe paper or paint with watercolours?


Starter craft kit filled with learning

When was the last time you sat down and learned a new craft, tried a new technique or started a new hobby? In a time when everything has to go really fast, the need for quiet absorption and intimacy has only increased – and this makes craft boxes, like our Starter Craft Kits, very popular. These kits let you immerse yourself completely in a creative project and experience the joy of doing something from scratch – something that would normally be difficult in a hectic working day filled with practical tasks and fixed activities. Our Starter Craft Kits are made for anyone who wants to find their way back to the old, handicraft traditions and make beautiful, practical things from scratch. Sometimes it might look complicated, but in reality, most of the old handicrafts are pretty straightforward – because our starter kits teach you the fundamental techniques and guide you all the way from start to finish. So whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced crafter, you can easily learn a new technique with one of our many Starter Craft Kits.


Activities filled with cosy moments

And the joy of creativity isn't just yours to experience – many of our Craft Kits and Starter Craft Kits pave the way for some real family quality time. Both children and adults can experience calm, absorption and contemplation in the creative activities that our various craft boxes offer. Weekends and holidays, in particular, make the perfect time to gather the whole family for creative activities. Try diving into our Craft Kits that match the next holiday that's coming up. As Christmas approaches, you can cut and glue out all the classic Christmas decorations, and at Easter you can throw yourself into making Easter chicks, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs.

Check out our selection of Craft Kits, which let you make lots of decorative items for these much-loved holidays.


DIY projects packed with personality

What does DIY actually mean? You can see the word everywhere these days, especially within creative circles, where it has almost become a fixed part of the vocabulary. DIY is an abbreviation of the term, 'do it yourself', and that's exactly what it means. The word is used for small and large hobby projects that you can do yourself without the help of professionals. For us creative souls in particular, there is great joy in doing things ourselves and seeing the beautiful results. You can use your small DIY projects as decorations in your home, but you can also share them with your loved ones – because there's nothing that warms the heart more than homemade gifts.

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