Jewellery clasps and end pieces

Jewellery clasps and end caps are used to assemble and secure your homemade jewellery. Here, you'll find several types of click clasps, end caps, magnetic clasps, spring locks, carabiners, jewellery clasps, screw clasps and end caps. Choose from many different shapes and models with gold and silver plating and in metal or plastic.

Take good care of your jewellery

  • Store jewellery in a jewellery box
  • Remove jewellery when playing sports, taking a bath, sleeping and cleaning
  • Avoid getting hairspray, perfume, lotion, etc. on jewellery



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Create your own homemade jewellery with jewellery clasps

If you love being creative and using your hands and ideas to create beautiful things, jewellery making is definitely an activity to try. Jewellery making lets you create your own jewellery to suit your personal style, which is why it’s a great activity for those who can never find any jewellery they like in the stores.

If you like to express a unique and personal style, jewellery is a good place to start, because there's nothing like jewellery when it comes to adding edge and character to an outfit. With your own homemade jewellery, you can create precisely the look you want to create, and a homemade piece of jewellery will therefore give your outfit much more personality than a piece you went out and bought.

What's more, jewellery making is fun to do and a cheap way to produce beautiful and professional-looking jewellery. A homemade bracelet doesn't have to be a garland of woven yarn and beads, because with the right jewellery pieces, you can make some beautiful jewellery that looks like it could have been bought in a store.

That’s why we sell a wealth of different jewellery elements here at Creativ Company, together with all the necessary jewellery clasps and end caps. Jewellery clasps and end caps are indispensable components of homemade jewellery, which must be able to be opened and closed in an easy and effective manner. For example, necklaces and bracelets can be finished with jewellery clasps to make it easy to take them on and off.

At Creativ Company, you'll find a wide range of different jewellery clasps and end caps that match together, so you're sure to find a clasp to match your jewellery and style.

Large selection of jewellery clasps for your jewellery

An end cap is not just an end cap. If you'd like to make a necklace or bracelet, you need to decide how you would like to finish the jewellery so that it can be clasped together. You can find many different options, including a classic carabiner. A carabiner or snap hook attaches to the end of your necklace with a round jump ring, for example, and the end cap fits at the other end of the necklace so that the carabiner has something to grip when you close the necklace.

Another classic choice is a spring ring clasp, which is similar to a snap hook, and is fitted in the same way. A spring ring clasp is a more discreet choice, which makes it good for small pieces of jewellery where a large jewellery clasp would stand out too much.

For an even simpler solution, choose jewellery clasps with magnets where you just need to align the two ends to create a strong bond between the two parts of the necklace or bracelet.

At Creativ Company, you can find a large selection of jewellery clasps and end caps within each category, where you can also find great variation in the design of end caps and carabiners. You can choose from several different shapes and colours, so you always have a good chance of finding jewellery clasps and end caps to match your projects.

Choose click clasps for modern and safe jewellery

If you want to make a more modern piece of jewellery that also uses jewellery clasps and end caps, check out our selection of click clasps. Click clasps are those small plastic clasps that you may know from bags and clothes, and which are also available in a jewellery version. Click clasps consist of two parts, which are easy to click together and which can easily be taken apart again with a gentle squeeze on the clasp. This makes it much easier to open a bracelet with a click clasp compared to other types of clasp.

Click clasps are also easy to fit, although the precise technique depends on what kind of jewellery you're making. For example, if you make a knotted bracelet, the click clasp can easily be linked to the rest of the jewellery through the large openings located at both ends of the clever click clasp.

Click clasps are a good choice for jewellery where there's room for a bigger clasp and where it's fine for it to be part of the design of the jewellery. Click clasps add a modern touch to any jewellery piece, which is why they're such a good choice for a beautiful knotted bracelet.

There are so many creative options with click clasps, so it's just a matter of putting your creative thinking cap on, and you're sure to come up with a good idea for how to use click clasps in your jewellery.

Fun play for the whole family

Jewellery making is an almost guaranteed hit with most children. Children love to be creative, which is why they're bound to love being able to make their own jewellery, whether it's as gifts or for them to wear themselves.

Naturally, our jewellery clasps and end caps can also be used by children so they, too, can create beautiful and professional looking jewellery pieces.

If your children are finding it hard to work with traditional jewellery clasps and end caps such as carabiners or spring ring clasps, you can choose a magnetic clasp or a click clasp. The latter in particular is a good and safe choice for children to use for opening and closing their bracelet or necklace.

Find inspiration for your next jewellery piece

If you want to start making your own beautiful jewellery, it’s just a matter of unleashing your imagination and getting started. Sometimes, though, it can be nice to have a good idea to get things going.

That’s why we’ve put together a wide range of different ideas for you to be inspired by. You can find all our ideas in our idea catalogue, where we've put together a range of different guides for making all kinds of different jewellery.

You can always find something in here if you need a good idea for a jewellery project, and as all the projects contain both shopping lists and comprehensive guides, it's easy for everyone to get involved.

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