Hair slides, barrettes and hair bands

Decorate your own custom hair bands and hair clips. We stock a range of neutral hangers and barrettes that can be used to make your own personal hair accessories. Choose from a variety of hair accessories such as hair bands, hair claws, barrettes, hair elastics, barrettes and hair clips.

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Get ready for day time or party time with hair clips and hair bands.

Having a suitable hair decoration for all situations and different ages is perfect if your hair tends to stick out, or if you want it to look styled.

Here at Creativ Company, we sell a comprehensive range of hair decorations, such as hair clips, hair bands, hair elastics, hair claw clips, and snap clips. All the products are intended as either hair decoration or as a practical way of managing your hair.

A wide range of materials have been used for the hair decorations in the webshop, and include both plastic and metal objects. Each item has a simple appearance, making it discreet if used as is. But because of their neutral design, they are also perfect to decorate. That means that you can personalise your hair decorations and make them look exactly how you want them.

If you’re looking for a specific type of hair decoration but you haven't been able to find it, feel free to contact us to find out if it’s something we can get for you.

Hair clips for both children and adults

We do not prefer one specific age of customers over another. You are welcome to be our customer regardless of your age. Hair clips and other hair decorations are perfect for all ages, and we want to be the place where you find the exact hair clip or claw clip that you want.

If you are an adult and would like to decorate your own barrettes, you can easily do so by buying one or more barrettes, and then buying the decorative items you would like to use separately. Children can also easily get items from our range, and they are also more than welcome to personalise their hair decorations. However, it may require that they get help from an adult, as it is necessary for an adult to buy the products.

We are ready to advise you, and you can contact us by telephone or in writing. Or you can visit our physical store in Holstebro.

Cute and neutral hair bands

Hair bands are typically for girls, as they usually have longer hair. However, no one says a boy can't use a neutral hair band if he has medium-length hair. A hair band can be both pretty and, at the same time, prevent your child from getting hair in their eyes.

Hair bands can also easily be used as part of costumes if the costume is a butterfly or another animal with antennae. Good alternative uses for the hair bands in our shop are as reindeer antlers or a strip of large, colourful flowers, which only require some homemade or ready-made decorations that you can attach.

Because the hair bands have designs that are either cute or neutral, they can be used for a variety of different things. You can easily buy a girly hair band and just paint or decorate it so you no longer see the original colour. The possibilities are almost endless, and you can probably think of many more ideas of things you can do with the hair decorations from our webshop.

Hair decorations in neutral colours

When it comes to all the hair decorations in the webshop, you can either use things as they are or modify them by decorating them. We place great focus on creative things, and therefore it is important for us to have a good selection of neutral hair decorations that you can personalise to be exactly the way you want.

There are neutral hair decorations, such as simple white hair bands, simple hair clips with a metal/silver grey look, and black hair elastics. But you could also be lucky enough to find hair bands in bright colours, such as red, pink, blue, green and purple, just like you can also find hair claw clips in simple, stylish colours with an advanced design.

Whether you prefer simple, neutral or colourful is completely up to you. If you have a little bit of everything, you can mix 'n' match. You could get some hair decorations that you decorate yourself, and some that you use as they are. Hair decorations with a stylish and simple design are perfect for when you're relaxing at home, while the colourful, advanced and detailed hair decorations are ideal for parties.

Our catalogue of ideas is bursting with good ideas

We’ve already mentioned some ideas in the section above, but if you haven't read those sections, or if you just want more ideas, you are more than welcome to sit back and find more inspiration here. Our catalogue of ideas is bursting with many great ideas, and you are free to choose whether you want to follow the instructions step-by-step, or whether you want to explore your own alternatives.

Our catalogue of ideas is intended as a valuable resource to light a spark of creativity. Our passion for creative hobbies and DIY is in full swing, and we can't wait to share this knowledge with you.

Our catalogue of ideas has several approaches. You can either:

  • Search for a specific product in the search field and then choose to view the ideas.
  • Click on the catalogue of ideas and browse the subcategories manually.
  • Be inspired by specific ideas for each product from the product page.

In our catalogue of ideas you can find good inspiration for the use of hair clips, hair bands, hair elastics, hair claw clips and snap clips.

Help your child make their own hair clips and bands

As children are not always safe when handling things, and perhaps not particularly cautious either, it could be a good idea to help your child when they make their own hair clips and hair bands.

Many of the ideas in our catalogue of ideas require glue or other adhesives, and as messes can easily happen, you may want to help your child to glue on the decorations, or at least make sure you are close by so that you are ready to step in should your child need help. With a little help, children can do the same things that adults can.

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