Wire, including silver wire and metal wire

Large selection of silver and metal threads and wire for homemade jewellery. You can find jewellery wire, silver wire, brass wire, sterling silver wire and memory wire here. Choose from jewellery threads and wires in many different colours and thicknesses.

Take good care of your jewellery

  • Store jewellery in a jewellery box
  • Remove jewellery when playing sports, taking a bath, sleeping and cleaning
  • Avoid getting hairspray, perfume, lotion, etc. on jewellery



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Make your own beautiful jewellery

There’s nothing quite like beautiful jewellery when it comes to making your outfit elegant and personal. Jewellery adds character, so it’s not surprising that many people love to wear it every day.

That’s why you probably also use jewellery quite frequently. But what do you do if you can't find what you want in stores’ selection of jewellery? If you want to create a personal style that suits you, the selection in stores may not appeal to you, and therefore you should try to make your own jewellery. By making your own beautiful designs, you can create some pieces that perfectly suit you and all your favourite colours, etc.

You can also start making your own jewellery if you want some beautiful and stylish jewellery at a good price, or you can start making jewellery if you just can't help but be creative.

There are many good reasons to start making jewellery, but no matter your motive, you must of course have the right materials to get started. Different types of thread are essential for everything from earrings to hair bands and necklaces, and every jewellery project therefore starts by choosing good thread that will hold the entire piece of jewellery together.

That’s why we’ve put together a wide range of thread for your jewellery making projects on this page. Here you will find thick metal thread, elegant silver thread, practical jewellery wire, strong jewellery thread, and much more, so you always have good opportunities to find a thread that suits your project.

Stylish silver thread for your jewellery

If you want to go all-in on making some beautiful and stylish jewellery that easily matches store jewellery in quality and design, you should choose some beautiful silver thread. Silver thread is metal thread that is silver coloured, so you get a beautiful and shiny surface that is perfect for jewellery.

Silver thread is also easy to shape, and it is a strong material. For example, you can use silver thread for your earrings, as the thread can be used to hang beads or the like. Here, the beautiful silver colour of the thread will shine through, giving the jewellery an elegant look.

You can also make beautiful rings using silver thread, or you can use the beautiful thread to decorate leather bracelets and much more. There are so many options when using silver thread, and therefore it's great to have some in stock if you love to make your own jewellery.

Strong jewellery thread for strong jewellery

Jewellery thread has many good qualities when it comes to jewellery making. Jewellery thread is first and foremost flexible, and thus easy to work with, so you can use the thread in exactly the same way as you would use normal sewing thread. Therefore, jewellery thread is easy to get through small holes, and makes it easy to handle the very small details.

In addition, jewellery thread is a strong thread. Of course, you can't sew a bracelet using normal sewing thread if you want a piece of jewellery that will last a long time, because sewing thread is simply not strong enough. However, jewellery thread is strong, and this is the reason why it can easily hold the details of your bracelets and similar jewellery together, even if they're subjected to different kinds of stresses during daily use.

Jewellery thread is therefore a great choice for your jewellery projects, as you will need a flexible thread that is easy to sew with, but at the same time can be used for a bit of everything. For projects like that, you can't use a thicker metal wire or silver wire, as they are too stiff to handle the tiny details.

Jewellery wire is available in many different colours.

Jewellery wire is another useful product for jewellery making. Jewellery wire typically has the same thickness as metal wire and silver wire, but it still differs from metal wire. Jewellery wire is made up of many small single strands that are twisted, while metal or silver wire is just one strand.

For this reason, wire is a great choice for a project that requires wire that can be bent and shaped into a solid shape, such as making earrings. But what happens when you want a more flexible wire that comes with the same strength as metal wire?

Jewellery wire is the perfect choice here, as the many single strands make the jewellery wire strong, while the actual construction of the many single strands means that a jewellery wire is flexible like a string or rope.

This is an advantage if, for example, you want to make a necklace or bracelet, and you want the jewellery to be shaped according to your wrist or neck, as this will create a more natural look. Also, in other projects where you need the same properties, jewellery wire is the safe choice.

That’s why jewellery wire can be used for many different things, and why it’s always a good idea to keep a roll of jewellery wire at home if you love making your own jewellery.

Find good ideas for your next jewellery project

If you would like to start making your own jewellery, or if you are looking for new challenges within jewellery making, you are always welcome to check out our catalogue of ideas. Here we have collected a wealth of exciting and fun projects that you are free to start working on.

You will find projects for all kinds of different jewellery, and therefore you will certainly also find a great idea that suits precisely the type of jewellery you want to make. You'll find a wealth of ideas for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, and much more.

All projects contain detailed guides on what you need to do to create the piece, and you will also receive a shopping list so that you can start on the project quickly and easily.

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