Macramé cord and macramé rope

Large selection of knotting and macramé cords for kumihimo and macramé projects. Here, you'll find cotton cord, nylon cord and macramé cord as well as cord made from satin and polyester. Choose from many different styles, colours and thicknesses. You can also find starter kits and classroom sets for macramé.

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Our wide range of knotting yarn, macramé cord and accessories

Cord and yarn perfect for knitting are referred to as knitting, macramé or kumihimo. You will be able to knit exciting things with the vast majority of yarns and cords on this page, regardless of what they are called.

It is not just cotton that is used for knotting. You can also find cords and yarns of faux parachute lines, satin and polyester. Whether the product is called yarn, cord or rope does not refer so much to the thickness, but rather to the quality. Yarn is typically matt and soft, while cord is smoother. Rope can be rough, and may resemble twine.

Our selection includes yarns, cords and accessories, as well as knotting sets in either macramé or kumihimo styles. No matter which knotting project you would like to start with, we hope that you will find the perfect yarn.

It is entirely up to you whether you just want to buy yarn or cord, or whether you want to buy yarn and cord plus accessories such as a kumihimo disc or a knitting board. However, you can benefit from choosing the right type of yarn, cord or rope for the planned project. Once you know what you want to knot, you can better choose the right quality, colour and thickness.

What is the difference between macramé and kumihimo?

In general, the macramé and the kumihimo are the same. Both methods involve tying different products together by creating a mixture of knots and weaves. The big differences between the two methods is that macramé uses four cords, whereas kumihimo uses eight. The word kumihimo is Japanese and means 'joined threads'.

Regular macramé knotting can either be done freely without tools or you can use a board that looks like a clipboard. This board gives you a good work surface, with some clips at the top to which you can attach your knotting.

Kumihimo knotting is a little more complicated, and it can therefore be more difficult tomanage. For kumihimo knotting, it is essential to use a kumihimo knotting disc. Unlike the macramé board, the kumihimo disc is round and has a hole in the middle from which your knotted objects will hang.

The choice is entirely up to you. If you are a beginner to knotting in general, you do not have to shy away from the more advanced projects. We sell starter kits for both types of knotting, and you can also find leaflets and books with knotting patterns and guides.

Why should you work with knotting?

It is healthy to use both your hands and head. When you do hands-on work, you vary the use of your body, and you can therefore better avoid things such as mouse injuries. This is useful if you sit a lot at a computer.

Variation of the working position is also very good, and the advantage of knotting is that you can both stand up or sit down. You can just take your handicrafts with you. If you’re doing something more advanced, it can be an advantage to work at a table, but you can easily do it whether you are sitting or standing.

Other advantages of working with knotting are that it is something that virtually everyone will be able to figure out. It only requires that knots be braided and tied. Apart from the yarn itself or the cord and any knotting board and a pair of scissors for cutting the cord/yarn, no tools are required.

It is also a relatively inexpensive hobby, and you can easily do many exciting things in a quite simple way.

Our idea catalogue is full of good ideas for knotting

Bracelets, bags, wall hangers, Christmas decorations, pot hangers, dreamcatchers and much more. There is almost no limit to what you can do with knotting. This applies regardless of whether you use the macramé or kumihimo method.

In addition to the specific ideas above, you can find more inspiration for knotting in our idea catalogue. You can easily think outside the box and come up with something yourself, but if you don't know where to start, look specifically for macramé ideas, but you can also have a look in our blog. Our blog offers many different topics, including inspiration and guidance for getting started with macramé.

Other ideas for what you can make by knotting yarn:

  • Macramé Knotted Shopping Bag
  • Wooden Bead Bracelet
  • Knotted cord lampshade
  • Pretty knotted bracelets in satin cord
  • Macramé knotting cord keychain

Some of the items mentioned here require several pieces. They could be things like bamboo rings or key rings. You can easily take on a knotting project that requires nothing more than the yarn/cord itself, but when you combine knotting with other products, you can make really exciting things.

Advantages of buying cord intended for macramé knotting

As a starting point, you can tie things from all kinds of yarns, cords and ropes, but some things will not last as well. To be more or less certain that what you knot will have a good durability, choose yarn, rope or cord specifically designed for knotting.

When you knot and braid, it wears the material, and you may therefore find that it cannot last. When you choose heavy-duty macramé cord, you get a durable product that you will be able to use for even the most demanding things, e.g., shopping bags that are exposed to high weight and frequent use.

Here at Creativ Company you can buy many other things besides yarn, cord, rope and accessories for macramé and kumihimo, including items related to projects shown in our idea catalogue. On the individual idea pages you will be able to see a list of the products necessary to complete the items.

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