Large selection of chains to make your own jewellery. Browse bead chains, metal jewellery chains, gold-plated and silver-plated chains, necklaces, anchor chains, link chains and snake chains. Choose from different colours, shapes and patterns.

Take good care of your jewellery

  • Store jewellery in a jewellery box
  • Remove jewellery when playing sports, taking a bath, sleeping and cleaning
  • Avoid getting hairspray, perfume, lotion, etc. on jewellery



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Which chain is your favourite?

Our selection of jewellery chains is extensive, and there’s something for everyone. You will find the chains in different thicknesses and lengths, so you can customise them as you like, and fit them with a lock yourself. Of course, you will also find some chains that are ready to use with a fitted lock.

In our range, we have different types of chains – but with a predominance of bead chains, which are a very popular choice for both necklaces and bracelets. We regularly update our range of chains, so keep an eye on the site.

Silver or gold plated?

Are you a fan of gold or silver? Most of us have a preferred shade that takes up the most space in our jewellery box. Whether you choose a gold-plated or silver-plated version, we guarantee you top quality. If you’re in doubt about which chain to choose, take a look at your skin tone and see if silver or gold suits you the best.

There are three different undertones to the skin: cold, warm and neutral. If you have a warm undertone to your skin, you will often have peachy or golden pigments. On the other hand, if you have a cold undertone, your skin will have red or blue pigments. A neutral undertone is a mix of cool and warm.

If you have a cool undertone to your skin, silver jewellery will suit you the best – whereas gold jewellery will suit people with a warm undertone the best. Of course, this is just a recommendation, and you should decide on the colour that you find the most attractive. Maybe you want different chains that are both gold-plated and silver-plated?

If the colours need to pop more, you will of course also find a selection of coloured chains to spice up your homemade jewellery.

A creative jewellery workshop

It is very popular to make your own unique jewellery, and this can be done in a multitude of different ways. If you’ve tried making jewellery before, you’ve probably already got a lot of ideas. If this is your first time making your own jewellery, it is a good idea to look through our extensive catalogue of ideas, which is packed with interesting and creative ideas. We guarantee that there's something for every taste and skill level.

Making jewellery can quickly become a cosy tradition – either alone or with others. We highly recommend both. When you create jewellery on your own, you stay fully focused and find a special inner tranquillity, which can be the perfect break from every day life. On the other hand, when you create jewellery with others, it can be an incredibly enjoyable project in which you can share your experiences and knowledge.

A creative jewellery workshop can be an excellent project for e.g. birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties, or just a normal Thursday afternoon. Of course, every jewellery workshop has a wide range of beads, jewellery pieces, and jewellery tools. You can of course find all this in our large webshop.

Spice up your jewellery box with homemade jewellery

Jewellery can be expensive when buying in stores. But with our selection, you are fortunately able to create your very own unique jewellery pieces that will really brighten up your jewellery box.

You can make bracelets, hair clips, ankle chains, earrings, necklaces and much, much more with the help of our jewellery chains. Our DIY jewellery catalogue of ideas contains more than 150 great ideas. There might be an idea or two that you want to try out.

The jewellery chains can be adapted to the recipient’s size, and it is always possible to cut off an extra piece if the bracelet or necklace becomes too big or small over time.

You may have experienced this: searching for the perfect piece of jewellery for your newly purchased outfit. But you can't find exactly the bead or pendant that matches the outfit's shades. Fortunately, here at Creativ Company we have a wealth of beautiful beads in all kinds of colour nuances. This gives you ample opportunity to find and create a piece of jewellery that fits perfectly with your outfit.

Of course, it’s also a great idea to make a piece of jewellery for someone special. It’s one of the most personal gifts you can give. Because you can choose the recipient’s favourite colours – and select a jewellery chain that suits them the best.

Develop your creativity with help from the Creativ Company

Making and creating jewellery requires a certain amount of patience, as some dexterity is required. You need to focus on what you're doing – and in this way you can create the most beautiful result.

Being creative is something completely unique. It can provide a fantastic break from your busy working life, and in this way provide a little contemplation in your every day life. When you throw yourself into a creative project, you can quickly let go of thoughts and just be present in the moment.

You can make jewellery in thousands of different ways, and the most important thing is just to let your imagination run wild and see where it ends up. Nothing is wrong or right when you throw yourself into creative projects. Because there is no right or wrong method, so you can do it exactly as you wish.

Of course, besides jewellery making, you can also engage in other creative projects using chains. The chains can also be used for making some beautiful Christmas decorations, or for ornaments that need a chain. Our chains are relatively neutral in their design, and therefore do not steal too much focus from your small homemade artworks.

If you have any questions about any of our chains or enquiries, you are of course welcome to contact our skilled customer service, who is ready to help you with large or small questions. 

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