Figure beads and children's beads

If the children are going to make their own jewellery, they can use our children’s beads and character beads. You'll find a wide selection of beads in every imaginable shape. Choose from many colours, shapes and mix sets for hobby, kindergarten and school use.

Take good care of your jewellery

  • Store jewellery in a jewellery box
  • Remove jewellery when playing sports, taking a bath, sleeping and cleaning
  • Avoid getting hairspray, perfume, lotion, etc. on jewellery



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Beads in all kinds of colours and shapes

There are hardly any beads that we don't have in our assortment. We have beads in all the colours of the rainbow, and in many crazy and quirky motifs. Among other things, you will find beads for children shaped like dogs, pandas, royal crowns, flowers, apples, skulls, cubes, and so much more.

The beads are cheap – but be careful, you can quickly become addicted to them – and your collection will probably grow bigger and bigger. Feel free to buy a large pack and mix the beads freely, so you have a few different beads to choose from for creative projects.

The beads can be used by both adults and children. Looking for something different than motif beads ? Click here to find all of our many different beads. We have mixed a large selection of letter beads, natural beads, wooden beads, and glass beads. Try mixing these beads together with the shaped beads to create a playful and colourful look. 

Make colourful jewellery for the whole family

Of course, it’s a great idea to start making jewellery for the whole family. Because we have such a large selection of beads, it is possible to personalise the jewellery.

The shaped bead all share a playful design – with both colours and motifs. The shaped beads are for those who dare to stand out from the crowd and play with different styles.

Find inspiration below, in our suggestions on how to make pretty jewellery for the whole family. The perfect birthday or Christmas present.

  • Make a bracelet for a big football fan. Is there someone in your circle of family and friends who loves football? Then it’s a good idea to make a bracelet with beautiful football beads. You could, for example, combine them with other neutral beads in the fan's favourite club colours – e.g. yellow and blue for a loyal Brøndby fan, or black and red beads for a loyal FCM supporter.

  • Make a necklace for an animal lover. We have a huge selection of animal beads, so there is plenty of opportunity to create a beautiful piece of jewellery for an animal lover. Choose their favourite animals and combine them with neon beads or some other colourful bead shapes.
  • Make a beautiful pair of earrings for Grandma. You can never have too many earrings – especially not the homemade kind. Your grandmother (or mother-in-law, best friend) is guaranteed to have a favourite colour. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a pair of earrings in this particular colour. The recipient will be delighted to receive a piece of jewellery that is unique and personal.

The possibilities are endless when using our shaped beads. Don't forget to also buy the remaining jewellery items, such as chains and jewellery tools. Of course, you can find all of these in our range.

Psst... now that you’re already creating jewellery for the whole family, remember to make some for yourself too, to give your jewellery box a small lift.  

Create decorations for children’s birthday parties and other festive events

Of course, shaped beads and children’s beads can be used for much more than just creating oretty jewellery. They can also be used in your home decor or for large festive events.

  • For example, you can attach beads to string, and then hang these around in the party tent or by the windows. Feel free to follow the theme of the party, if there is one. For example, it may be a children’s birthday party with an animal theme, where beads shaped as the world's animals will be great for decorations. Afterwards, you can use the decoration in the child’s room, which will add a breath of fresh air to your decor.

  • The shaped beads can also be attached to drinking straws to create a festive look – and the kids will find it very funny. Not only is this entertaining, but it is also practical, as the children will always be able to find their own glass again.

  • The beads can be used in decorations. Place the beads at the bottom of a tealight or vase, for example, as this will add a playful look to the decorations.

It is also a good idea to use the beads as part of your entertainment. For example, hold a small creative workshop for the youngest children, where they have the opportunity to make their own pretty jewellery. It’s good entertainment, and the children will also enjoy having made their own unique jewellery, which will quickly become their favourite piece.

The beads can also be used for ordinary play. When children get these fun and whimsical beads into their hands, they will quickly find a way to play with them that will give them great entertainment value.

Children's beads – but for all ages

Just because they're called children's beads, it doesn't mean that the beads can't be used by many different age groups and are only for children. But the reason they are called children’s beads is partly due to their relatively large size, which makes them easy to grip. They are not the type of beads to just slip out of the smaller children’s hands.

But the beads can also be great for people who struggle with mobility in one way or another. Several of the beads are angular, which makes them easier to hold. So these beads can be great for people who have reduced mobility or problems with fine motor skills. This gives this target group the best conditions for continuing to engage in some exciting and creative projects.

Creative projects that contain shaped beads are relatively easy to access. You can decide on the level of difficulty you want your creative project to be.

Search our extensive catalogue of ideas, where you will find even more inspiration from our exciting and beautiful ideas using shaped beads. For example, in the catalogue you will find an example of how you can make your own unique mobile using shaped beads, which make the perfect babyshower gift. There are plenty of projects to throw yourself into – which is why it is almost a must to have a good portion of shaped beads in your home, so that you always have something to do during dull and grey afternoon hours.

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