Masking tape and decorative tape

Special tape for decorating gifts, cards and paper. Check out our wide range of masking tapes and decorative tapes. Buy deco tape in a wide variety of motifs, colours and patterns. Also available as glitter tape, design tape and gaffer tape with beautiful patterns.



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Masking tape and decorative tape

Masking tape is the same as decorative tape. It can also be called Washi tape, as the idea originates from the beautiful tape from Japan.

Whatever you choose to call it, it refers to the beautiful decorative tapes that are available in an incredible number of versions, and are used for a great many exciting and beautiful projects and solutions. Masking tapes are available with motifs and text, and they are available in beautiful plain-coloured versions. Cactus, hearts, Christmas motifs and Christmas texts, invitations, dogs, flowers, stamps, wax seals, and so much more. You can find wide or narrow decorative tapes, and you can even find tapes that are like lace borders. If you can think it, you can find it.

Masking tape – the new trend

The trend of using masking tape and decorative tape may still be relatively new in Denmark, but it is a massive trend abroad. And there is reason for that. The possibilities are vast when using decorative tape.

Our special tape can be used for almost anything. You can make beautiful artworks on your walls or even on the floor. Maybe you want to make a hopscotch track on the living room floor? You can easily use our pretty and colourful duct tape for this. It is easier to remove than paint, and is less messy than chalk on the floor. When hosting a children’s birthday party in the rain – fear not. 

Get creative with exciting special tapes

Whether you prefer colourful, patterns or single colours, you can find special tapes that will tempt you to be creative. Have you thought about how everyone’s laptops look identical? Why not decorate your own computer with beautiful and creative special tape? In this way, you will always be able to recognise your own laptop.

If you have a lot of boxes and storage cases holding your creative projects, or any of your other belongings, a smart and quick solution could be to mark the boxes with different coloured tape. In this way, you can always find exactly what you need. You can even write with the tape, if necessary. Just cut off small pieces and create letters with straight lines. Or maybe your boxes just need to be striped? Only your imagination limits what you can use your decorative tape for.  

Decorate your walls, furniture and porcelain

But why stop at boxes? You can use masking tape to decorate anything you like. For example, if you have a lot of boring, plain-coloured folders lying around. Take them out and give them a makeover with masking tape in beautiful colours and motifs. Perhaps one of the folders needs a beautiful lace edging? Or the other folder could use a large stamp? You can also completely cover a folder with different kinds of tape, or you can give it a whole new look by using the same decorative tape to create lots of stripes.

You can also go all the way and give your furniture a beautiful makeover. Add a new colour to your chair legs, or decorate shelves and drawers with beautiful patterns. The beauty of masking tape is that it is easy to remove again. So you can have stylishly coloured legs, and then choose to not have them look like that anymore. Then you just peel off the tape.

As a precautionary measure, we recommend that you try the tape first in a hidden area, before applying the tape to your entire piece of furniture, or anywhere else. The tape should come off nicely, but rather be on the safe side.

If you have any porcelain, cups or bowls that you think are becoming a bit boring, you can easily spice them up using decorative tape. Just be aware that they may not withstand being washed in the dishwasher. But that doesn't really matter. Because then you have the opportunity to decorate the porcelain again.

Maybe you’re throwing a party and need a good idea for table decorations. You can also easily use masking tape for this. If necessary, drag the tape along the tablecloth as a runner, or give each place its own colour. Then you can colour coordinate with your porcelain, glassware and cutlery. This way, guests can also recognise their drinking glass for the rest of the evening. Or how about letting the guests decorate the table themselves? Place a selection of pretty, fun, beautiful, stylish decorative tape on the table and leave it up to the guests on how to use it. Perhaps you have more than just table decorations that need a round of special tape?

Are you into scrapbooks?

A perfect opportunity to use the masking tape is to create scrapbooks or bullet journals. Then you can use the special tape to decorate your notes and scribbles. A little decoration on the pages can really do a lot for the design of a scrapbook or diary. And of course, this also applies to the cover of the book.

You can find masking tape that matches the style you want to achieve in your scrap book or bullet journal. You can find pretty and romantic, or retro-like tape. You can also find stylish neon tape or tape with glitter. And of course the classic tape with lace borders. There’s nothing that says cosiness and closeness like lace.

You can combine the styles yourself and decorate your books. After all, nobody says that one has to use the tape in long straight pieces. You can also cut it out to fit your project.

Personal and homemade invitations for birthday parties and weddings

If you’re throwing a big party and sending out invitations – the kind you send in the post – if you want to make them yourself, our special tape is perfect for this.

You can choose the tape that best matches your theme, and then you can decorate your invitations, and perhaps the envelopes, using the tape. In this way, they become uniform and beautiful without you having to draw or write everything by hand. It’s stylish, beautiful and efficient. And there’s something special about a homemade invitation. It exudes energy and love, and who doesn't want a piece of that?

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