Small clothes pegs

Large selection of small and mini clothes pegs for decorative use and for making gifts. The small clothes pegs are available in neutral light wood or painted in different colours. Choose between packs of up to 100 mini clothes pegs.



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A wealth of creative possibilities with clothes pegs

Most people know clothes pegs as those little gadgets we use on laundry day. The practical clips are perfect for hanging up the wet laundry. You can be sure that your clothes will stay firmly on the line no matter how hard the wind blows with a bag of clothes pegs.

What's less known is that these pegs can be used in many other contexts than just laundry. Clothes pegs are handy to have for a wide range of different purposes – wherever something needs to be hung or attached, in fact. This also applies in the crafts arena, where practical clothes pegs offer a ton of opportunities for getting creative.

In fact, clothes pegs are so popular with crafters that it's possible to buy pegs that are specifically designed for creative projects. These pegs are much smaller than traditional clothes pegs, which allows you to use them to attach small decorations with fine details, where normal sized pegs would simply be too big and heavy. The typical clothes peg for craft projects is therefore somewhere between 25 mm and 35 mm, which lets you choose the right-sized pegs for your project.

Clothes pegs for crafting also come in a wealth of attractive colours, so you should always be able to find clothes pegs to fit your theme. All our clothes pegs are also made of light wood, so you get a nice clip that you can paint yourself if you wish.

Naturally, we sell all these different small clothes pegs here at Creativ Company. You can find small clothes pegs, decorative clips and gift clips for all your creative projects. You can buy small clothes pegs in small packages in a specific colour, or you can buy large packages with a selection of all the different colours, so you have something to choose from next time you need a clothes peg for a creative project.

Use clothes pegs as part of your gift wrapping

Clothes pegs really do give you a lot of opportunities to be creative. Clothes pegs, decorative clips and gift clips are not made for any specific purpose when it comes to crafting, so it's just a matter of letting your imagination loose and putting them to use creatively.

For example, you can use clothes pegs as part of your gift wrap, where the clips are used to close in a present. If you want to be a bit creative for Christmas or a birthday and wrap your gifts in a different way, you can replace the traditional wrapping paper with a gift bag. A gift bag is a great way to wrap a gift that will stand out from the other packages under the Christmas tree. Naturally, a gift bag needs to be closed, and a clothes peg is a simple and elegant way to do this.

A gift bag closed with gift clips hides the contents in the same way as a normal gift in wrapping paper, but the clips are easier to remove, letting you open the present quickly. It also means that nothing is ripped apart when opening the gift, so that both gift clips and gift bag can be used on another occasion. That’s why gift clips and gift bags are also a good choice for anyone wishing to encourage their friends and loved ones to recycle their gift wrapping.

There are lots of other possibilities with gift clips , for example an advent calendar where all the elements of the gift packaging can be put away and used again next year.

Small clothes pegs as decorative clips

Small clothes pegs are ideal for attaching things that you don't want to stick together with glue. This could be in a decoration where you want to make it easy to remove various elements at a later point, or it could be for place cards, where you can use the small clothes pegs to attach the cards to drink glasses, for example.

Or, you can use them in a decoration by hanging Christmas hearts and the like on branches in a simple, elegant way. Here, the small decorative clips guarantee that whatever you hang up will stay firmly put while also being easy to take off again – just like with the laundry.

At the same time, the pegs are not only practical, but also have a decorative purpose as well. Decorative clips are a fun, contemporary way to hang your decorations, and you don't only have to use them when you need to attach something.

Decorative clips in an array of different colours look beautiful and can easily be used as decorative elements in all your creative projects.

Find inspiration for creative projects with clothes pegs

Have we mentioned the many possibilities for being creative that you have with a selection of colourful clothes pegs on the table in front of you? If you put your mind to it, you’ll surely find a wealth of things you can use clothes pegs for when it comes to both gift wrap and decoration.

The small clips are fun to use and fun to look at, and they help make any decoration a little more informal, as the sight of the cute clothes pegs will surely bring a smile to most people's faces.

So there are many good reasons to include small clothes pegs in your creative projects. What will you start with? If you need an idea for a creative project involving small clothes pegs, you're always welcome to take a look in our free idea catalogue.

Our catalogue of ideas is freely available to everyone, and here you'll always find a wealth of exciting projects that you can start or be inspired by. The projects range from ideas for gift wrapping with clothes pegs to Halloween decorations, so you can definitely find a fun project with small clothes pegs that will suit your taste. All the projects also come with detailed guides, so it's easy for everyone to get started on something fun and exciting.

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