Browse our range of bells for creative projects, children’s toys and much more. Choose from different ranges of metal bells in assorted colours and sizes. The bells have a hole at the back for easy hanging/stitching.



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Jingle bells are decorations not reserved for Christmas

When you say 'bells', you might also say 'jingle bells', and before you know it, you or someone else has broken out into the famous Christmas song. Bells can do much more than just add their name to a song and make a noise when shook, however.

You decide for yourself what you want to use these small bells for. At Creativ Company, we focus on the individual, and we don't value any of our customers more highly than others. Everyone is welcome to buy products from us, and everyone is welcome to use the bells as they wish.

Bells will probably always be part of the Danish Christmas tradition. They look so cosy hung on the Christmas tree and as decorations in other places as well.

Have a browse of our webshop and see if you find a pack or two of bells that you like, and perhaps order a few other things while you're already shopping. This saves you both time and money. If you spend over a certain amount then you can get free shipping, but if you buy less than that and it doesn't weigh that much, then you can have your order shipped for less than DKK 50.

A good selection of metal bells

We sell many different bells, but in most cases the small bells are made of metal, as this material is very good for making a pleasant ringing sound when the bell is shook.

For example, we sell small bells made from both shiny metal and painted metal in our webshop. You can find ones with both matte and shiny surfaces, and the bells come in packs of various quantities. Some packs contain just a few bells, while others have several hundred.

This can save you money if you need a great many small bells, but it can also makes sense just to buy a couple of smaller packs, if that's all you need. The choice is entirely yours, and you know best how many and which type you prefer.

When you want to see more information about a specific product, you can click on the product page. Here, you'll be able to see specifications for the product itself, but you'll also be able to see suggestions for items that are often purchased together with the selected product, just as you can find some creative ideas for how to use the individual product.

What can you use bells for?

If you think outside the box, there are many different things that bells can be used for. As we're already mentioned, bells are not reserved for the Christmas season.

While the small bells make great decorations on their own, you can also combine them with other products tovmake a wide range of creative things. This ranges from Russian stacking dolls, cuddly toys with sound and percussion instruments to hanging Christmas decorations, wind chimes and mini scrapbooks hung from mobiles.

Perhaps you can find inspiration in the list below:

Please note that not all bells are suitable for all types of finished creations. To see if a specific type of bell can be used for what you have in mind, you can check if the idea is mentioned on the individual product’s page. You can also just do what you want. There are many more ideas as to what you can use metal bells for than those mentioned here.

Can bells be used as toys?

As you can see from the list of creative suggestions for what bells can be used for, there are also several things for children. The small bells can thus be included in toys for your child. Whether your child wants toys or room decorations that include bells, we're sure you'll find an idea that appeals to both you and them.

You can spend a few hours out of your busy working day, at the weekend or during the holiday making toys for your child. You can enjoy many good hours getting creative with things like wrap dolls and rhythmic toys/instruments.

Bells are generally intended as decoration and not toys, so you should make sure your child is old enough to be able to play with toys with bells on them. The bell can come off or the child can pull it off, and they can put it in their mouth, thereby risking getting it stuck in the throat.

As long as your child is over a certain age then it should be fine for them to play with bells and bell toys, but if there are small children in the household, you should make sure that the bells are always kept out of the reach of little hands.

Buy your bells and much more at Creativ Company

We don't only love creative things, we're also wild about things that can make a little noise and contribute positively towards building a cosy atmosphere. Bells are certainly no exception. Creativity is our keyword here at Creativ Company, and we are pleased to share our passion for metal bells, other bells and toys with you.

As we sell many other products than just bells, you are always welcome to browse our website. You can find good inspiration in our idea catalogue, and you are also always welcome to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

When you do business with us, you can rest assured that you’ll get good products at great prices, so that you can enjoy your free time doing a lot of different creative things. It’s obvious to throw yourself into several creative projects, but you can also focus on one thing and immerse yourself in just that.

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