See our range of packaging articles. You can find packaging for storing small items here. We also have a variety of packaging for packing jobs. Browse corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, zip lock bags, plastic and acrylic pots, boxes, buckets and tubs.



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Packaging for decoration and storage

Whether you need packaging for storing your own bits and pieces, or whether you need it to wrap something nicely, you can find exactly what you need at Creativ Company. We have a wide selection of packaging that is perfect for small and large creativity projects.

You can find everything from bubble wrap to gift tags, zip bags and cardboard for hanging. Our packaging is therefore perfect whether you want to showcase your own creations or store your materials for creative projects.  

Storage for bits and bobs

You probably know the challenge of having all sorts of small things lying around that don't really have a proper place, or somewhere they can be without getting lost. Or perhaps you have an extensive collection of beads and jewellery parts that should be kept separate, but still end up being stored together.

If you're familiar with one of these two situations or one like it, you can definitely find the solution here. Among our wide range of packaging for small items, you can find a pot, box or bag that fits exactly the bits and bobs you need to store.

If you'd like to keep all your small boxes or bags in one place, you can find a larger box or similar that you can keep your bits and pieces for packaging in.  This way, you can keep all your bits and bobs in one place, but they'll be stored separately so they won't get mixed together.

Cardboard boxes, plastic containers and acrylic jars

At Creativ Company you will find a large selection of packaging. You can find materials for packing larger items if they need to be shipped or sent. For example, this could be corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap, which can be adapted to the exact size you need.

You can also find gift tags so you can write who the package is for, if it’s a gift, and you can also just use the tags to make a note of what’s in the packaging for yourself.

If you need packaging for small items, you can find a large selection of plastic containers and acrylic jars in many different sizes and shapes. Some of the containers and jars have screw caps, others have tight-fitting lids that don't need screwing on. Others have a loose lid that is not properly secured.

If you need packaging for storing your jewellery making materials, for example, it might be a good idea to buy containers or jars with lids that are securely attached. Otherwise, you risk getting beads and other jewellery materials all over the place. It would be really annoying having to spend your time tidying up all the bits and pieces instead of using it to create beautiful jewellery.

Remember that you can also find larger boxes and cardboard boxes to store your small acrylic jars and plastic containers, so you can keep everything in one place. Then you'll also have space for your tools in the box, along with the containers and jars.  

Professional packaging for homemade jewellery

Are you looking for packaging that you can use when presenting your homemade jewellery in a professional way? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can find a large selection of plastic boxes and cardboard cards designed specifically for this. The cards and boxes have holes at the top so they can be hung on hooks and look great.

They fit all sizes perfectly - from small, delicate piecesof jewellery to larger, statement pieces. You can find cardboard cards for beautifully hanging necklaces and bracelets or earrings.

If you need to send your jewellery or want to give it as a gift, you can also find packaging suitable for this purpose. You can find small cellophane bags and stylish plastic boxes that are perfect for packing and sending your jewellery in.

Non-jewellery packaging

Of course, you can also use our packaging for many other things apart from jewellery. In reality, it's up to you what you want to store in these small plastic containers and acrylic jars. Not to mention the zip bags, which can be used for so many different purposes in everyday life. For example, the small bags are useful if the children want to bring crispy onions in their packed lunches, but don't want them to become soft. Voilà – pop them in a small zip bag and off they go.

Perhaps you have other creative projects that will find a small container or jar useful. Or maybe you need to store or give Christmas decorations to someone special. Our small plastic boxes are sure to be perfect for the job. You can see through them so you can see the beautiful things in them, and they keep their shape so the contents won't get crushed. This is an excellent idea if you've made something fragile  that needs looking after. 

Bring peace and extra value to everyday life with creative expression

One of the best things about being creative, regardless of what it is, is the space it creates for peace and and immersion in hectic everyday life. That's why it's also important not to force your creativity. It should come naturally when there is space for it, and then you can enjoy it to the full. Either alone or together with others – perhaps together with your children.

Children are great at being creative because they don't have the same limitations as adults. It’s great to see children express themselves freely. When you’re creative, you open up places in your brain that make it easier to solve other problems as well. Creativity has a positive impact on your whole life and existence.

Try to be creative outside. Let the sounds of nature or city, if you live in the city, inspire you to be creative. Can you build a forest or a town in cardboard? Or paint on stones or leaves? What about pressing flowers and making beautiful cards or pictures for the wall?

And remember, being creative is supposed to be fun! 

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