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Browse our large selection of sticks and construction sticks for small-scale hobby, modelling and construction projects. Here, you'll find everything you need for your creative construction projects. The materials are easy to work with, and even the smallest members of the family can build with construction sticks.



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Make fun models using construction sticks

Do you like building small models like houses and cars? Or perhaps you prefer to construct whimsical hanging decorations or mobiles? Then you’ve come to the right place. You can make so many different things using wooden sticks and other construction materials.

Construction sticks are suitable for both small art projects and bigger hobby projects. If you're up for a big project, you can try making houses and other small buildings from construction materials. You could even build a whole town with cars, people and animals. Or you could make a farm with lots of different animals, or create a wintry Christmas landscape filled with tiny elves and decorate it with cotton wool or artificial snow.

Everyone in the family can help build models and enjoy using construction sticks. The sticks are fun for children to experiment and play with. If you spend a few hours sitting and playing with the sticks, you'll find you can make many excellent creations.

Some sticks can be assembled without any adhesive materials, while others need glue to stick together. A glue gun is ideal for this. It's really easy to start an art project using construction sticks, as it doesn't need a lot of tools or materials.

Make homemade decorations using construction sticks and flower canes

These construction sticks, canes and other pieces can be used to make much more than just buildings, however: you can also use them to make simpler projects such as hanging decorations. There are a number of ways to make an ornament suitable for hanging. For example, you can take four sticks and use them to form a frame. If you want to make a triangular frame, you only need to use three sticks. If you have some string, you can wrap it around the sticks to create a cobweb. You can also decorate your frame with some paper cuttings, attach some string for hanging and your decoration is ready to be hung from the ceiling or on the wall.

When working on construction-type craft projects, combining a number of different materials can provide you with even more possibilities. For example, there are many things you can make if you have both regular construction sticks and the thinner flower sticks. You could make your own miniature swing, for example. If you plan to build a mini town, you can create a playground that includes a swing made from construction and flower sticks. You can also make fences, gates and ladders from the two kinds of sticks. - Everything a miniature town needs.

Make fun figures from cardboard tubes

If you prefer to make figures rather than buildings, then cardboard tubes are ideal. You can create lots of fun figures using these simple building blocks. And you don't even need to have a lot of materials to make some really cool, original pieces. You can get really far just using cardboard, card or paper, some plastic eyes and some glue . Pipe cleaners or fabric are also useful materials for making figures.

Now, it’s all about letting your imagination run wild, because there are no limits to the characters you can create. You can start with a specific holiday season, for example. If Christmas is coming up, try making some yuletide-themed figures. You could build a snowman using an empty toilet paper roll, for example. You can paint the roll white or glue some white paper around it. Make a paper hat for the snowman and a small scarf out of fabric. Toilet paper rolls are also great for making other figures, such as a pixie, reindeer or Santa. If it’s Halloween, try making some spooky monsters using cardboard tubes. How about cutting out some scary teeth from a sheet of paper and gluing them onto the tube? If you love animals, there are also many opportunities for creative projects. You can make penguins, bees and much more. If you'd like to use the tube for something practical once you've finished decorating it, you can leave the top open and use the tube for storing pencils or ballpoint pens, for example.

Playing and making things with cardboard tubes is an activity that most children will enjoy. But the whole family can join in with the fun and try making figures out of cardboard tubes.

Construction materials in both wood and metal

At Creativ Company, we have a wide range of construction materials in both wood and metal. We stock wooden construction sticks and flower canes suitable for both children and adults to work with. They are easy to assemble and build things out of.

If you prefer working with wood materials, we offer a large selection. We have construction sticks, flower canes, wooden blocks and buttons suitable for use with a wide range of craft projects. You can also get floral picks, which are ideal if you like to make flower decorations, for example. Another thing we stock is toothpicks, as these can also be used for craft projects, e.g. if you want to make miniature structures.

If you prefer to make things out of metal, you'll find a good selection here, too. Find metal rods and metal bases to use as a framework for a wealth of projects. For example, you can design your own figure in fabric, clay, wood or paper and attach it to a metal base and rod. This gives a slightly more rustic appearance than you would get from using wood.

Large selection of sticks and construction items

When you're looking to order construction materials, sticks and canes, you'll have to decide how many you need, in what sizes and whether you want them to be plain or in a particular colour. You can get different packs depending on how many materials you need. There are packs for crafters planning a small project as well as for those who are about to embark on a big project.

As you can see, there are many different projects you can throw yourself into with sticks and other construction materials. If you need further inspiration, we have a huge idea catalogue where you can find the ideal project for you to get started on. Unleash your imagination and start a new project with construction sticks.

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