Buy badges in clear plastic, ideal for inserting photos and similar. Badges are also suitable for decorating with markers.



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Spice up your daily life with personal badges

Everyone’s opinions are important, and if you want to send a discreet message about the things you're passionate about, then a badge is an obvious choice. A badge is a smart little sign that can be attached to clothing.

You can wear it on your jacket or coat, on a shirt or T-shirt or perhaps on a bag, where it's easy for other people to see and read any message if you place the badge around eye level.

We've gathered together all our products related to badges here on this page. This makes it easy for you to get an overview of the options available. There may be advantages to buying a few more than you need, as badges can get lost. That way, you always have one to hand when you feel the inspiration calling.

We always strive to stock a good selection of both badges and badge-making accessories, but if there's something we don't have, please contact us to see if we can get it for you.

Badges are ideal for anyone who likes to be creative and make a statement that they'd like others to see. There are many ways to use badges – both for decoration and for practical purposes.

Our range of badges and accessories

We stock badges in a variety of package sizes, so it's up to you whether you just want to buy a small package with a few in it or whether you prefer a large package with a lot of badges.

Often, the price per item will be less when you buy in bulk than if you purchase a smaller amount, but if you don't need many then it's completely okay to order a lower quantity.

If the large package is too big, you can also opt to order a couple of packages with less items in them. It's down to you to figure out how many badges you need.

Please note however that the badges in the large and small packages may differ, and there can be a difference between the ones you need. If you want to make your own small signs with a badge machine, it's possible that there will be one specific type of badge you need to use. In general however these badges measure 5.5 cm as standard, which is an ideal size for a wide range of purposes.

We sell both badges and badge-making accessories. An example of these accessories could be a badge machine, which is something we also love. Other relevant accessories could be felt-tip pens and paint, but you are welcome to visit our webshop and explore one or more of the other product categories.

What are the benefits of having your own badge machine?

The obvious advantages of having your own badge machine is that you can save money, time and energy by making badges yourself compared to paying a company to produce a certain amount for you. Another advantage of having your own badge machine is that you can enjoy the creative freedom of making things yourself.

Everything is easier when you have the right equipment, and even though it takes some time to make badges yourself, this is a practical and enjoyable activity that you and your family, friends or colleagues can do together.

If you have a badge machine at home or at work, you're free from the effort of having to order some as well as having to wait for them to arrive or dealing with the complaints if they're not exactly as you hoped they would be. When you make your own badges, you have full control over the finished product.

A badge machine works by pressing together the various parts of the badge and, as this requires a certain amount of force, it's not normally possible to pull the badge apart and redo it. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a lot of badges, so there’s plenty more to work with if you do them wrong.

If you only need a few badges and are not interested in making your own then it's probably not such a wise investment to buy your own machine, but if you use a lot of badges, either privately or in connection with your work, then the cost of a badge machine can be well worth it.

So, what can you use badges for?

The most obvious things to use badges for are political messages and statements of one's own opinions in connection with new initiatives in society. One example would be during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, when it was possible to get small signs with a short text that informed others that the person wearing the badge was exempted from wearing face masks.

Other obvious applications for using badges with slightly older children is to let them 'play scout' and get a new badge each time they achieve a different skill. Naturally, children, young people and adults who are members of a scout pack can also use badges and attach them to their clothes when they master something new.

Last but not least, these small signs can also be used as decorative objects. For example, by equipping a badge with a nice little motif of a flower or an animal it can then be used as a piece of jewellery. After all, there's really not that much difference between a badge and a brooch.

Some little facts about badges

A badge is a small piece of flat metal with a needle on the back. They're usually round, but can also come in other shapes. Badges have typically been used in political campaigns and demonstrations. Today, badges can be used for many different things, and you can unleash your creativity and use them for whatever you want.

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