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Large selection of wooden articles and discs for use in decoration and table settings. You'll find a range of wooden discs in various types of wood, sizes and looks. Plus, we also sell wood mixes with rustic branches for decoration, as well as bark pieces and bark slices.



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Wooden articles for all your creative projects

Wood is a beautiful material with a warm, natural look, which makes it perfect for all types of creative projects: Christmas decorations, with different types of wooden articles as ornaments around your calendar candle, or with diagonally cut wooden pieces with lovely wee Christmas faces painted on them.

The possibilities of wood are many when it comes to creating beautiful objects for the home at Christmas, for other holidays and for the rest of the year, when you just want to decorate your home with a beautiful material.

That’s why we’ve put together our wide range of wooden articles in various sizes and types of wood on this page. You will also find a large selection of useful wooden discs, which provide many creative options for Christmas and other decorations.

You can also find branches with a raw look, pieces of bark for decoration and much more wood that you can use to create some warm, cosy, incredibly beautiful decorations in your home.

Many options with beautiful wooden discs

Wooden discs come from branches of varying sizes cut to flat pieces, so they give you a large, flat surface with plenty of creative possibilities. The light surface inside the wood is a perfect canvas for different creations, while the flat and wide shape is also practical in a wide range of other creations.

For example, you can make a beautiful trivet or similar item by gluing many small wooden discs to a surface for a beautifully natural kitchen item. You can also use a birch wood disc as a practical and stylish base for your homemade figures, for example.

For Christmas, wooden discs also give you many options. They can be painted as fun elfen heads and hung on the Christmas tree, or decorated with other Christmas motifs such as hearts and stars. You can also use the flat and round shape of the wooden discs as bodies of beautiful animals to hang up in a child’s room.

The possibilities with wooden discs are many, and it is therefore just a matter of letting your imagination run wild. You can also make beautiful wooden place cards by writing your guests’ names on the discs, or you can use the discs to create table decorations with different motifs for the large party table.

Wooden discs are a nice, practical writing surface, so you can also use them as name tags. If, for example, you would like to label your boxes in the hobby workshop in order to better keep track of everything, you can write the names of the items on wooden discs and attach them to your boxes so that you are never in doubt about where to find what.

Wooden discs are a very decorative way to create order, and it is a method that you can also use elsewhere in the home where you need to name different items. Wooden discs can also be used as a name tag on the front door, where you can write all the family’s names on the light wood to create a stylish, personal welcome to your home.

How should you decorate your wooden items?

You have a wealth of options when it comes to decorating wooden discs and other wooden items. If you would like to write an eye-catching text with a raw look, you can start with your electric burner and write exactly what you would like to write, with high quality and good results.

Wood is also easy to paint in all kinds of different colours. You can go a long way using normal hobby paint on your creations, as it  will result in a nice surface on wooden discs and other wooden items. For example, wooden discs are also easy to make beautiful prints on, as you do with rubber stamps and normal hobby paint.

You can also decorate your wooden discs with a marker if you want to draw small details on a pixie face or any other colourful decoration.

Wood is also easy to glue onto. With a tube of hobby glue, you have plenty of ways to change the look of wooden discs, as you can glue small eyes and add a wealth of other lovely wee details, which will make your creations even more lively and exciting to look at.

There are many options for decorating on wooden discs and other wooden items, and you can certainly come up with a good idea that is not mentioned here when you sit down to decorate wood.

Get an idea for a nice wooden decoration

The options with wooden discs and other wood items are many when it comes to making different decorations for your home. You can use wood for Christmas, for the party table and for normal everyday life, when you want to be creative and make something beautiful.

With our wooden articles, you are guaranteed a beautiful result, because wood is a gorgeous material that never disappoints. That’s why it is just about getting started and being creative, because you can surely create something beautiful with wooden discs or other wooden items.

If you need a good idea to get started, you may also take a look in our idea catalogue, where we have gathered a wide range of different ideas for using our different wooden articles. You will find ideas for Christmas decorations, table decorations and much more that involve the use of wood, and you are always welcome to take a look when you need some inspiration for a creative project.

All our projects in the idea catalogue come with detailed guides so that everyone can easily contribute to making some beautiful, exciting things in wood.

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