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Tailor and sewing scissors are extra-sharp scissors suitable for cutting through one or more layers of textiles. Our range includes professional tailor scissors from Fiskars. Choose from many lengths and handles as well as left- or right-handed models.



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Tailor scissors and sewing scissors for your creative projects

Scissors are one of the things that no creative souls can do without when decorating, sewing or embarking on a slew of other creative projects. Scissors are indispensable in any craft room, which is why it's worthwhile choosing a good pair.

Scissors aren't just scissors, because when it comes to crafting, scissors shouldn't just be able to cut things. They also need to be able to cut neatly, so that the lines in your Christmas decorations or whatever appear crisp and beautiful.

That’s why good tailor scissors are often essential for making attractive things, and a good pair of scissors is thus a worthwhile investment for all creative souls. There's nothing worse than working with scissors that aren't sharp, and if you have to do a lot of cutting, blunt scissors can also cause you pain in the hand and fingers.

That's why choosing good, sharp scissors is always worth it, which is why we've assembled our selection of quality scissors for craft use right here on this page. Here, you'll find a broad selection of the classic tailor scissors, which offer high ergonomic comfort and sharp blades, making them an excellent choice for cutting into many different materials. You can also find smaller precision scissors and sewing scissors, which are perfect for precise cutting.

No matter what you choose, you're guaranteed professional, high-quality scissors that can be used by experienced crafters and beginners alike. At Creativ Company, we have chosen to carry Fiskars tailor and sewing scissors to ensure you get a quality product from us that you can enjoy using for many years.

Top quality tailor scissors from Fiskars

A classic pair of tailor scissors offers you large scissors that are easy and comfortable to hold. At any rate this is the case with our range of Fiskars tailor scissors, which are characterised by their high quality and ergonomic comfort. That’s why we’ve chosen to sell Fiskars tailor scissors, so you can be sure to get a pair of scissors that meet all your requirements.

Fiskars tailor scissors are powerful scissors with sharp and durable blades that can be used for a little bit of everything. Not only can they cut beautiful, sharp lines through thin materials such as paper and single layers of fabric, but they're also strong enough to handle thicker fabrics and several layers of thin cardboard, for example.

When you choose Fiskars tailor scissors you get versatile scissors that can be used for most purposes, making them a safe choice for any crafter. Fiskars tailor scissors are also designed to be comfortable to use. In addition to having ergonomically designed handles, many of the scissors from Fiskars are also equipped with soft-grip handles for even greater comfort.

So you can snip away without worrying about whether you’ll get a pain in your hand after a long day of cutting, because with Fiskars tailor scissors, all the details that are important to you as an avid crafting enthusiast have been considered. This is a great advantage when you have to cut a long length of fabric, for example, or when you have to cut out many identically shaped paper strips to use for Christmas decorations.

Left or right-handed?

Although professional tailor scissors can be used by both experienced crafters and beginners, there's still one thing to be aware of when buying new scissors. Tailor scissors are made in two different types: those for right-handed people and those for left-handed.

As a left-handed user, you'll find it difficult to use right-handed scissors, as they're specially designed to fit well in the right hand. If you're finding right-handed scissors a bit of a struggle, try using a pair of left-handed scissors instead.

If on the other hand you work best with your right hand, right-handed tailor scissors will naturally be the best choice, as this ensures the best results for your creative projects.

Here at Creativ Company you can find both right and left-handed tailor scissors, so it's important to be aware of this if you're planning to buy tailor scissors from the selection on this page.

High precision sewing scissors

A pair of tailor scissors is a good choice when you need to make long, straight cuts in fabric or paper, as well as when you're cutting through thicker materials and several layers. It can be a challenge however to use tailor scissors to cut smaller, more detailed cuts, for example in waves or rounded shapes.

If you also need to cut out small things for your creative projects, it's probably a good idea to invest in some sewing scissors as well. The reason for this is that these scissors are smaller with slim blades, which are easier to manoeuvre in a small amounts of space.

This could be in connection with Christmas papercuts, for example, when you need to make fine, small details, or in any other creative project where you need to use scissors for very precise cuts.

Here, the narrow, sharp blades and the pointed shape of the scissors make it easy to get into holes and corners, so that you're never limited by your tools when you get a good idea for a detailed cut-out.

What are you going to cut?

Armed with a good pair of scissors and with a selection of materials on the table in front of you, there are almost no limits to what you can make. If you're still in search of a good idea of what you can do with tailor or sewing scissors, you can browse through our extensive catalogue of ideas and get some inspiration for your next project.

The idea catalogue is filled with detailed guides on how to make different decorations and much more. Each idea also contains a detailed shopping list so that you can easily get started on your next creative project and make some beautiful decorations for your home.

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