Hobby scissors and universal scissors

Browse our wide selection of hobby and general purpose scissors for many different purposes. The scissors cut most types of hobby material such as paper, card, cardboard, text etc. Choose between several lengths and handles as well as right/left-handed scissors.



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Craft scissors and general purpose scissors for all kinds of purposes

Many people who work with creative things need a pair of scissors, and some of these people need both scissors and cutting knives, but it is rare that you need a cutting knife without needing a pair of scissors. That’s why we consider craft scissors and general purpose scissors to be basic equipment. Cutting knives are of course also basic tools for passionate paper hobbyists, but it is difficult to do anything without scissors.

In short, if you do practically anything creative, you need a pair of scissors. Scissors are indispensable when cutting tape, curling ribbons for gifts, cutting wrapping paper, and all sorts of other things.

Moreover, scissors can do something that some cutting knives cannot, and that is that they can cut more sheets of paper at a time than a cutting knife, and most scissors are also suitable for thicker fabrics and other thick materials, whereas cutting knives require a slightly thinner layer to cut through.

A wide range of scissors for hobby use

Here on our webshop, you will find a large selection of scissors. They all share the fact that they are suitable for creative things. This applies whether they are called craft scissors, general purpose scissors or block scissors.

The scissors come in different lengths, and you can also choose between different brands. In addition, there is a difference between right-handed and left-handed scissors, and you can also find special scissors, such as general purpose scissors with a non-stick coating, which makes it easier to work with tape and other things that otherwise stick to the scissors’ blades.

You can choose between scissors with equal-sized finger rings, and scissors with larger and smaller finger rings. Many of these have slanted sides on the finger rings, which means that they feel good in your hand, are therefore easy and comfortable to work with.

Right or left handed?

Most Danes are right-handed, and our society has adapted to this. In the past, they tried to get left-handed people to write with their right hand instead, as it was considered to be more “correct”, and being left-handed was referred to as being awkward-handed.

Today it's different, which is fortunate for those who are left-handed, and for those who are equally good at using both their hands for fine motor skills. Fine motor skills fall into place as early as when the child is in the foetal stage, and their preferred finger to suck on indicates which hand will become their dominant hand.

Fortunately for both left and right-handed people, scissors are available for both hands. If you’re one of the lucky ones who cut equally well with both hands, you may want to a pair of scissors that doesn't distinguish between one or the other. We sell both left and right-handed scissors, and you can also find scissors for both hands.

What can you use craft and general purpose scissors for?

Only your imagination can really limit you. Scissors can do so much more than just cut. They can also be used to curl ribbons and as paper cutters. If you hold the scissors slightly open and feed it through thin paper, you will get a line that is not serrated. However, there is no guarantee that the line will be straight. If you are good at keeping both the scissors and the paper straight, you will be able to make the line more straight.

You can cut many different things using craft scissors and general purpose scissors. Some of the materials you can cut include paper and cardboard, as well bubble wrap, fabric, papier-mâché and thin plastic.

If you would like specific inspiration on how to use craft scissors and general purpose scissors, please see our catalogue of ideas. You can also see whether there are any specific ideas listed on the individual product page. Alternatively, you can start by reading more below.

Find inspiration for using scissors in our catalogue of ideas

cissors can also be used to cut Color Decor, which we also sell in our webshop. Color Decor is very versatile and can be used as decoration on many different objects. When you want to create designs in Color Decor, you need good scissors. For example, you could use general purpose scissors from our webshop.

The first specific example is that you can decorate plates with cupcake motifs that you cut out of Color Decor.

Other things you can do include:

  • Mobiles with fun shapes, such as letters
  • Wreaths of Easter cutouts
  • A large, glowing star made from paper bags
  • Fun masks made from sleeping mats
  • Christmas baubles with straw silk paper and glitter

Keep your scissors sharp

Using your scissors a lot can make them dull. The blades on your scissors work just like knife blades, so you should expect to sharpen them occasionally. If you buy cheap scissors, you can just buy a new pair when the old ones have become worn out. But if you have a favourite pair of scissors that you would like to keep, you will benefit from having a scissor sharpener as well.

A scissor sharpener is special and different from a knife sharpener, as it typically has a groove with a slightly funny shape. The two ends of the groove are slightly staggered, making them perfect for sharpening scissors blades.

Buy your craft scissors, general purpose scissors and scissors sharpeners from us

At Creativ Company, there is no limit to how young or old you need to be in order to have fun cutting and pasting, and doing many other creative things. You are welcome to be our customer regardless of your age. You just need to be 18 years or older to buy items from our webshop. The exceptions to this are if you have become legally empancipated before your 18th birthday, or if you have received your guardian’s permission.

We welcome everyone into our physical store, and we are pleased that our products reach all types of people regardless of age, gender, religion, etc.

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