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We have a large selection of ice lolly sticks and matches for hobby and model building. Find several different types of ice lolly sticks here in both light wood and EVA foam as well as in a wide variety of colours.



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Unfold your downscaled building skills with ice lolly sticks

One obvious thing you can use ice lolly sticks for is model building. Engineering, architecture and design also have an impact on small 'buildings', so even though the building has been scaled down, many of the building principles are the same.

However, wooden ice lolly sticks can be used for many things other than building models. You can find more inspiration for the use of ice lolly sticks, matches, and the like further down in the text.

We sell a wide range of ice lolly sticks and other wooden sticks, such as matches and EVA foam ice lolly sticks. Of course, wooden ice lolly sticks are also a fixed part of our range, as they are very versatile and can be used for things other than ice cream.

Among the products here in our webshop, you can also find packs containing several different small items, as well as large items. These packs will include at least one of the types of small sticks, but most often these will be wooden or EVA foam ice lolly sticks. Packs containing many different items are perfect for a school class, or for the highly efficient and hardworking hobby enthusiast.

When it comes to wooden ice lolly sticks, you can typically find them in several different lengths. We sell both short and long models, and this makes it possible for you to make many different things.

Ice lolly sticks A special wooden stick

Today we take ice lolly sticks for granted because they are a by-product of an already eaten ice cream. There are many different types of ice creams with sticks today, and some brands like Magnum have their own special ice cream sticks. Other brands use the regular straight ice lolly sticks, that just have rounded edges.

The ice lolly stick is typically made of wood and was invented back in 1923. The inventor of the ice lolly stick in its current form is unknown, but the forerunner of the ice lolly stick was invented and patented in 1922 in the USA.

The special thing about this is that it was a Dane who invented the stick. It makes sense, because Danes are just crazy about ice cream. So the ice cream stick is therefore rooted in Denmark. Another Danish ice cream success story is Magnum, which is still produced today by the company Frisko, which is owned by Unilever.

An ice lolly stick is useful to have and, instead of collecting ice lolly sticks from eaten ice cream, you can just buy ice lolly sticks that are ready to use and clean, as there has not been ice cream on them. This saves you both a lot of calories and a lot of money on getting ice lolly sticks, as you don't have to buy ice creams and eat them just to get the ice lolly stick.

Wooden ice lolly sticks and other products for many different things

Whether you want ice lolly sticks in unpainted/uncoloured wood or some painted in bright colours, we have it all. In addition to the different colours, we also have ice lolly sticks in different sizes and materials, as well as match-like small sticks in either uncoloured or coloured wood, and packs of different products.

All the products have advantages, but what you need will determine what is the best choice for you. If you want to make models using ice lolly sticks made of painted wood, these are available. Similarly, you can also build a model using ice lolly sticks in unpainted wood.

If you choose sticks that have already been painted, you do not have to spend time and money painting them yourself. But if you buy sticks in unpainted wood, you can decide which colour they should have, and you can also decide whether only some of them should be painted. Then you can paint exactly the number of sticks you need, and in the exact colours you want.

The match-like sticks on the webshop are not real matches, as they do not have a sulfur head. This is an advantage, as you do not need to cut off the sulfur head from real matches. Small sulfur-free sticks are also safer to use, as young children don't risk catching on fire by striking the stick against a matchbox.

What can you use ice lolly sticks, wooden sticks and matches for?

As mentioned in the introduction, we offer some specific ideas on what you can create with the products on this page. In our catalogue of ideas, you will find ideas on how to use ice lolly sticks, wood sticks and matches (without a sulfur head).

Ideas from our extensive catalogue of ideas include things such as:

  • Japanese lantern made of ice lolly sticks
  • Ice lolly stick fortress
  • Superheroes made from long wooden ice lolly sticks
  • Café and interior decor using ice lolly sticks
  • Stacked Christmas figurines using colourful wooden sticks
  • Beautiful plate angels
  • Card mosaic
  • A box of coloured matches

Our catalogue of ideas is regularly updated with new inspirational ideas. Ideas rarely disappear, so if you see something you are thinking about making, you don't have to rush to buy the things you need before the instruction disappears.

You also have the opportunity to print out the guide and then do the DIY project later, but you can be sure that both the idea and the products needed to do it will be found on our website at a later stage.

You can safely buy your wooden ice lolly sticks, matches, and other products from us

Our webshop is under constant development and optimisation, and we often get new products in stock on the webshop. Even though our webshop changes a lot over time, we retain the  essence of our company. We place great focus on you as a customer and on our suppliers, as well as manufacturers and employees.

When you shop with us, you can pay safely and securely with a wide range of credit cards, and as a private customer you can also pay using MobilePay. If you shop as a business/wholesale or institution, you have some slightly different payment options, but they are all safe for you to use.

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