School glue and all-round hobby glue

Find our wide range of school glue and all-round hobby glue below. Versatile and water-based, these adhesives provide a clear and strong bond on stone, glass, wood, textiles, paper and EVA foam. Good, strong glue that can be used by both children and adults.



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A glue for every craft project

Glue is one of those things that's used in so many different creative projects. When you need to stick two things together, glue is often the easiest and best choice. This is why it's important to have a good selection of glue in stock if you're serious about your crafting.

Because glue isn't just glue, it’s a good idea to have a wide range of different products, so that you can always find the adhesive you need when you start a specific project.

That’s why we’ve assembled a wide range of glues for your creative projects, so you can find all the varieties of glue you could possibly want here on this page. You'll find both ordinary hobby glue and school glue, which are both good choices for many different craft projects.

You'll also find other types of glue, such as vinyl glue, which is a good choice when you want to stick paper, wood, textiles and much more to a smooth surface. This type of glue is also a great choice for decoupage, as it dries extremely clear. 

Finally, wood glue is also a good choice if you need to stick two pieces of wood together. Wood glue is a very strong adhesive that can withstand more than you think, which makes it a reliable choice when you need to create a strong bond between two large pieces of wood that need to bear considerable weight, for example.

Reliable and versatile hobby glue

Versatile hobby glue is the creative's best friend. Hobby glue can be used to stick almost anything, which is why it's probably the first thing you reach for when you need to glue together two surfaces.

Hobby glue can be used for all your creative projects involving paper, card and cardboard, and is also a safe bet when it comes to other materials such as wood, stone and glass. There are almost no limits to what you can attach with a good tube of hobby glue, which makes it the ideal choice for all types of decorations when you need a reliable glue to hold all the various elements firmly in place.

Hobby glue can also be used to attach most types of surfaces. This includes smooth and porous surfaces as well as absorbent ones. In addition, hobby glue is one of the few adhesives that works well on moss rubber for long-lasting results. Moss rubber can be a tricky material, and if you've ever tried to work with moss rubber yourself, you will probably have experienced that not all types of glue can attach this otherwise attractive medium. But hobby glue adheres firmly, making it the ideal choice if you're hoping to make beautiful figures with moss rubber.

Hobby glue is also easy to work with, as you can apply it directly from the bottle. And once the hobby glue is dry, you have a solid glue join that will last for many years. And because it dries clear, it won't ruin your decorations if parts of the glue become visible.

Safe kids' glue 

When you’re working on projects with children, glue is also a sure hit that provides a wealth of opportunities for young creative minds. Glue is fun to work with for children, because it really is quite amazing how a liquid from a tube can become rock hard in a short space of time.

But when there are children involved in various creative projects such as Christmas papercuts and so on, safety must naturally come first. Some adhesives are actually toxic and therefore dangerous for children to get onto their skin – not to mention in their eyes and mouth.

It's therefore wise to choose a safe school glue, as you can be sure that this adhesive won't contain any substances that can be potentially harmful to children – or adults for that matter.

All our kids' glue on this page is water-based, which means that the glue does not contain ingredients that are harmful if inhaled or in contact with the skin. So you don't need to worry when buying glue from us and can get started on your next creative project with the whole family, even if there is glue involved.

That said, of course it's still a good idea to keep school glue and kids glue away from eyes and mouths. If school glue does come into contact with your or your children’s skin, however, you can rest assured that it's not dangerous. School glue is also soluble in water, so you can easily wash the glue off creative children’s fingers if necessary.

Looking to get creative with glue? Get inspired with our idea catalogue

There's not much you can't do with hobby glue, kids glue or school glue. Glue is a great product for all crafters, as a good glue allows you to stick almost any materials together or attach it to almost any surface.

The creative possibilities with glue are endless, and as long as you have glue and a selection of other products such as card, stones and wood on the table in front of you then you can make almost anything you can imagine.

But maybe it sounds a little confusing with so many options? If you need a specific idea of what to make using school glue and similar products, then it's a good idea to check out our catalogue of ideas, where you'll find a wealth of exciting suggestions for what you can create with glue.

Here, you'll find plenty of good, creative ideas for Christmas decorations and much more, which is why it's an excellent place to look if you need inspiration. All the ideas come with a comprehensive guide on how to get started and complete the project, and as all the projects include a shopping list, it's very easy to get started on an idea from our catalogue.

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