Buy wet floral foam for decorations, bouquets and flower arrangements. Green Oasis is a floral foam that soaks up water like a sponge to preserve the life of flowers. Oasis is used with flowers and floral arrangements that need to stand in water. The foam blocks can be easily cut with a knife.



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Oasis Floral Foam for all your decorations

Oasis is a well-known name for everyone who loves to make green decorations for Christmas and other holidays. Oasis Floral Foam is simply the most practical tool when spruce boughs and much more need to be gathered and attached to a small area, and the green part of the decoration needs to be kept alive for a couple of weeks.

Oasis Floral Foam is soft, flowery foam that you can easily stick things into, just as you can with clay, and therefore an oasis block is well-suited to all types of decorations for various holidays.

It is naturally the right choice when you want to make a beautiful floral decoration with both fresh and dried flowers and other plants.

Oasis is thus an indispensable part of every crative soul's inventory. With a good supply of Oasis blocks in the cupboard, you always have something to look at when you want to make a decoration, and once you have started using Oasis, you will not want to use anything else.

That’s why we’ve put together our Oasis assortment on this page, where you can buy the classic blocks for your projects.

What is Oasis?

 Oasis Floral Foam a hard foam that is easy to work with, which makes it ideal for all types of decorations. The foam is soft enough for you to easily stick a spruce branch or flower into it, while at the same time it is hard enough to hold them firmly in place in the decoration.

Oasis is also a light material, which can easily stay in the cupboard forever when it has not been exposed to water, so you don't need to worry about it drying out, etc. as you would when working with clay.

Retains water well, to the advantage of green elements

Another very big advantage of using Oasis instead of clay, for example, is that an Oasis block is very good at retaining water. Oasis Floral Foam keeps the water inside in a completely different way than other materials.

An Oasis block will actually absorb the water, which means that the water will not just settle at the bottom of the decoration. The Oasis block will absorb the water and distribute it evenly throughout the block, so that all parts of your floral decoration will receive an adapted volume of water.

Therefore, an Oasis block is an indispensable element in any Christmas decoration or floral decoration that includes green elements. Flowers and green branches, fade quickly if they do not get water, making an Oasis block a good choice.

You just need to water your decoration once in a while, and then your Oasis block will make sure to quench the thirst of even the plants at the very top of the decoration. 

When you want to use Oasis for a floral decoration, just remember to water-saturate it in advance. A water-saturated Oasis block is completely filled with water in all holes, making it a smart prerequisite for inserting flowers, for example.

To water-saturate your Oasis block, simply place it in a bucket or other container of water. The block just has to float on the surface, because if you try to press it underwater, it will end up with air holes inside and therefore will not be able to supply enough water for your flowers and other green elements. In other words, your Oasis block should be allowed to draw in water by itself, and it doesn't actually take very long.

You know that your Oasis block is ready when it has sunk to the bottom of the bucket, and then you can immediately start arranging flowers in it or using it  in another creative decoration project. A water-saturated oasis block will retain the water for a very long time, and it is also ready to quickly absorb new water when you come by with the watering can.

Square decorations? Not necessarily

Another advantage of an oasis block is that you can easily cut it to the exact size and shape you need. So, you don't have to limit yourself to making floral decorations in the Oasis block's original square shape.

You can also easily combine several oasis blocks to create a completely new shape. For example, you can cut several different oasis blocks and put them together as a wreath, for this year’s Advent wreath or another round decoration.

Oasis Floral Foam is easy to cut, so you can always quickly create a shape that suits your project with fresh flowers and other green plants.

Be inspired for your next project with Oasis

An Oasis block can be used for all types of decorations containing fresh, green plants, e.g., Christmas decorations or flower centrepieces to enliven the table when you are hosting, or any other project where you want to create something beautiful with green plants.

If you need inspiration for getting started on a beautiful floral decoration, you can look at our idea catalogue, where we have gathered a wealth of good ideas on how to make decorations with Oasis. You can always look at our ideas when you want to get creative with flowers, for example, but need a good idea to get started. In our idea catalogue, you will find detailed guides on how to proceed, so that you can easily get off to a good start and reach your goal. 

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