Metal rings and metal wire

Here, you'll find a wide selection of metal rings and wire for decorations, advent wreaths and flower arrangements. Under 'wire' you'll find bonzai wire, floral wire and stub wires, as well as metal rods and hangers. Our decorative wire in metal comes in several different thicknesses.



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Let your creativity run wild with metal rings and wire

If you love to get into your own creative projects at home, metal wires and metal rings are two things that offer so many opportunities. In addition, wire is a crucial element in many DIY projects, for example when decorating. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a stock of metal wire of different thicknesses and colours in stock, so that you have something to choose from when you are about to start making this year’s advent wreath, for example.

The same applies to metal rings, which offer a wealth of opportunities for creative expression in a wide assortment of different projects.

That is why we have put together our wide assortment of metal rings and wire on this page, where you can find everything you need for your creative projects for Christmas and other times of the year when you want to enjoy yourself and create unique solutions to make your living room, child’s room or any other room more personal and warm.

At Creativ Company, we have made sure to select various high-quality metal rings and wire, for you to choose from, for example:

  • Bonzai Wire
  • Winding wire
  • Wire
  • Wire rods
  • Metal rings
  • Metal hangers and more.

What can you do with wire?

As mentioned, different types of wire are an important part of many hobby projects, and if you love to be creative, you will find that only your imagination sets the limits of how you can use wire.

For example, wire is an important element when it comes to floral arrangements. If you want to make your own beautiful bouquets from the garden, metal wire will help you to keep everything together, making it easier to assemble a fantastic bouquet with all the beautiful colours you love.

Metal wire is also good to have on hand for other decorations and Advent wreaths, as it is strong and easy to work with, which is why it has a good ability to hold together a straw or spruce wreath, for example.

In addition, wire is a good material for bracing, which may be necessary for those who love to decorate their home with homemade dolls and want them to have lively arms that stand out on all sides and do not fall lazily along the body. In the same way, wire can be used to stiffen the legs of dolls and other comfy creatures, allowing them to stand on their own, for example on the window sill, and generally giving them more vibrancy in the body.

Which wire should you use?

As mentioned, wire can be used for many different things, and as we sell several different types of wire here at Creativ Company, it may be difficult to choose the right type of wire for your project.

Therefore, it pays to examine the different properties of the different types of wire that we sell here on this page.

For example, if you’re looking for a wire that’s soft and easy to work with, but keeps its shape well, bonzai wire is the right choice. Bonzai wire is made of aluminium, which is why it is also a beautiful wire that comes in several different colours and patterns, so you have ample opportunity to find a wire that suits your project.

If, on the other hand, you only need to use a strong wire to hold together an advent wreath or a floral decoration, steel wire or flux is always a safe choice.

You should also consider whether the wire will be a visible part of the final project. If your wire will be visible in an advent wreath, for example, you must also think about colour and materials so that the wire fits well into the decoration.

Here at Creativ Company you will always find the metal wire you are looking for, and you can find a wide choice of colours, for example, silver and gold. Even when it comes to length, thickness and material, we have something for you, and you should therefore not hesitate to look through our selection if you need some metal wire for your next hobby project.

Many options with metal rings

If you’re going to start a different hobby project than the one your metal wires can be used for, take a closer look at our selection of metal rings. Metal rings are also one of the things that provide a wealth of opportunities for those with a creative mind and a knack for using their hands.

Whereas wire is good at tying things together and bracing various homemade figures, you can use a beautiful metal ring to throw yourself into the process of homemade mobiles, dreamcatchers and other hangers that will look great on one of our beautiful metal rings.

For example, you can buy a metal ring with a gold colour that will shine nicely in the light from your lamps, and will be the perfect frame for the things you want to hang. You can hang your metal ring vertically or horizontally, and only your imagination sets the limits for what you can create with one of our beautiful metal rings, which you can find in different sizes and different colours.

Be inspired by our large idea catalogue

At Creativ Company, we make a virtue of delivering everything you need for your hobby projects. That also includes everything within metal rings and wire, both of which offer many opportunities for a creative soul.

If you still need a little inspiration for what great things you can create with wire and metal rings, you are always welcome to look in our idea catalogue. Here you will find plenty of good ideas on how to pass a Sunday with a pleasant family project, so you can bring more creativity into your everyday life and create a unique and personal home. 

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